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Habitudes ITSC-OETC Portland

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What are the traits that our students need to be successful in a 21st century world. Come explore the habits and behaviors that our students already have and need to build upon.

What are the traits that our students need to be successful in a 21st century world. Come explore the habits and behaviors that our students already have and need to build upon.

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  • 1. Habitudes of a 21st Century Learner Presented by Angela Maiers angela@angelamaiers.com
  • 2. Angela Maiers www.angelamaiers.com
  • 3. Meet Haley!
  • 4. •Imagination •Curiosity •Self Awareness •Perseverance •Courage •Adaptability
  • 5. 8
  • 6. “21st Century Skills”
  • 7. How do we teach 21C Skills?
  • 8. 14
  • 9. How do we KEEP 21C Skills?
  • 10. “All children are born artists . . . the challenge is to remain an artist as we grow up.”
  • 11. •Name It •Claim It •Sustain It
  • 12. Name It!
  • 13. 1.Who Do You Admire? 2.What Trait/ Characteristic Sets Them Apart?
  • 14. Imagination Imagination is the foundation of all thinking. Without seeing the possibility, we cannot achieve the outcome. Copyright Angela Maiers 2008
  • 15. Curiosity Curious brains are active brains, and active brains become smart brains. Copyright Angela Maiers 2008
  • 16. Perseverance Perseverance is not only the ability to get done what needs to be done -- but to continue the effort no matter what. Copyright Angela Maiers 2008
  • 17. Self Awareness Self Awareness is the ability to think and exist inside -- and outside of ourselves simultaneously. Copyright Angela Maiers 2008
  • 18. Courage Success is the by- product of taking risks, not letting fear hold us back, and taking the plunge Copyright Angela Maiers 2008
  • 19. Adaptability The world opens up for adaptable learners, approaching each task and challenge willing to be a beginner. Copyright Angela Maiers 2008
  • 20. •Name It •Claim It •Sustain It
  • 21. What’s Your CQ? Copyright Angela Maiers 2008
  • 22. What’s Your CQ? 1.I ask questions in class. 2.My questions are simple and easy. 3.I feel comfortable asking difficult questions or leaving questions I ask unanswered. 4.I can identify curious people. 5.I believe curiosity is important
  • 23. Genius Questions What if…? Is ______ the reason for…? I wonder why…? Can…? If…? Would you rather…? What is it that…? What would it take to…? When is it…? Why is it that…? Who could…? How is ____ like _____? Is it possible to…? If I ______, could_____? When is…? Does it matter if…? What could happen if…? How can…? If it were possible…? What is your
  • 24. SUSTAIN IT!
  • 25. Teacher Habitudes!
  • 26. “IT”
  • 27. Answer “Our” Questions!
  • 28. • ARMONO 46
  • 29. •Imagination •Curiosity •Self Awareness •Perseverance •Courage •Adaptability
  • 30. We Might
  • 31. Realebooks.com
  • 32. •Presentation/ Lessons •Video Demonstrations •Resources •Questions Classroom2.0 Ning
  • 33. Angela Maiers AUTHOR PRESENTER CONSULTANT COACH WORLD CHANGER To learn more, check out www.angelamaiers.com Angela Maiers ©