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Language Learners in 21 Century


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How do we teach language learners 21st Century skills?

Published in: Education
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Language Learners in 21 Century

  1. 1. Language Learners in the 21st Century Presented by Kristina Peters Permission to use from Angela Maiers Mrskmpeters@gmail.comBlog: Twitter: Mrskmpeters
  2. 2. 21st Century…Learner?Worker?Global Citizen?
  3. 3. global awareness effective speaking critical thinking problem solving 21stcollaboration Century 
 adaptability media fluencySkills analytical skills entrepreneurialisminnovation effective writing creativity curiosity synthesis 4
  4. 4. • Imagination• Curiosity• Self Awareness• Perseverance• Courage• Adaptability
  5. 5. How do we teach 21CSkills?
  6. 6. 9
  7. 7. How do we teach 21CSkills?
  8. 8. How do we KEEP 21C Skills?
  9. 9. “All children 
 are born artists . . .
the challenge is to remain an artist 
 as we 
 grow up.” - Pablo Picasso
  10. 10. So….How do we KEEP 21C Skills?
  11. 11. • Name It• Claim It• Sustain It
  12. 12. • Imagination• Curiosity• Self Awareness• Perseverance• Courage• Adaptability
  13. 13. Imagination Imagination is the foundation of all thinking. Without seeing the possibility, we cannot achieve the outcome. Copyright Angela Maiers 2008
  14. 14. CuriosityCurious brainsare activebrains, and activebrains becomesmart brains. Copyright Angela Maiers 2008
  15. 15. Perseverance Perseverance is not only the ability to get done what needs to be done -- but to continue the effort no matter what. Copyright Angela Maiers 2008
  16. 16. Self AwarenessSelf Awarenessis the ability tothink and existinside --and outside ofourselvessimultaneously. Copyright Angela Maiers 2008
  17. 17. Courage Success is the by-product of taking risks, not letting fear hold us back, and taking the plunge Copyright Angela Maiers 2008
  18. 18. AdaptabilityThe world opensup for adaptablelearners, approaching eachtask andchallenge willingto be a beginner. Copyright Angela Maiers 2008
  19. 19. Curiosity
Million Dollar Conversation 23
  20. 20. • Name It• Claim It• Sustain It
  21. 21. Claim It!
  22. 22. 1. Who Do You Admire?2. What Trait/ Characteristic Sets Them Apart?
  23. 23. What’sYour CQ? Copyright Angela Maiers 2008
  24. 24. What’s Your CQ?1.  I ask questions in class.2.  My questions are simple and easy.3.  I feel comfortable asking difficult questions or leaving questions I ask unanswered.4.  I can identify curious people.5.  I believe curiosity is important
  25. 25. Genius QuestionsWhat if…? Is ______ the reason for…?I wonder why…? Can…?If…? Would you rather…?What is it that…? What would it take to…?When is it…? Why is it that…?Who could…? How is ____ like _____? Is it possible to…? If I ______, could_____?When is…? Does it matter if…? What could happen if…? How can…?If it were possible…? Is it right to…?Are there…? I wonder when…?Why is…? I’m wondering if…?How…? How could it…?Where did…? Why are…? Do you…? What is your opinion about…?
  26. 26. Put your questions out there 33
  27. 27. • Name It• Claim It• Sustain It
  28. 28. What happens when a teachershows students pictures of acountry halfway around the worlddestroyed by anearthquake and tsunami? THEY FIND A WAY TO HELP 35
  29. 29. •  March 14: I showed my students the before and after pictures of Sendai, Japan•  March 15: THEY brainstormed a list of ways to help•  March 16: THEY wrote a letter asking the principal to start a change drive; THEY made a video saying why they wanted to help Japan; THEY blogged why they wanted to help Japan 36
  30. 30. 37
  31. 31. 38
  32. 32. •  March 17: THEY made posters for the entire school to make students aware of their efforts•  Change Japan Change Drive would launch March 28 39
  33. 33. 40
  34. 34. Change Japan 
Change Drive 41
  35. 35. •  March 28: Change Japan video was put on school announcements and on school homepage THEY labeled the containers THEY distributed the containers and presented the information about the Change Japan Change Drive 42
  36. 36. Change Japan
Change Drive Explanation 43
  37. 37. •  April 3: Change Japan goes viral thanks to Angela Maiers 44
  38. 38. THEY connect with 
 real world 45
  39. 39. 46
  40. 40. What does this project prove? KIDS ALREADY HAVE THESE 21ST CENTURY SKILLS OR HABITUDES…
  41. 41. Give them a voice…
 Ask the questions…
 Get themconnected with the real world and see what happens… Mrs. Peters 2nd Grade
  42. 42. Some tools to help
 along the way…•  Skype •  ELL Checklist•  Glogster •  Genius Question•  Google Docs bookmarks•  Wordle •  Dropbox•  Realewriter ••  Audacity •  Flip Camera•  Voicethread •  Digital Camera•  Slideshare •  GarageBand 49