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Habitude Lesson: Courage - Fear Gradient


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Courage is a Habitude. Using this Fear Gradient will help teach one aspect of the courage habitude - facing fears

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  • Hello, I am currently an educator in training developing a lesson plan on fear, and I am thankful to have found this inspiring slide to incorporate into the constructivist / transpersonal style I am formatting.
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Habitude Lesson: Courage - Fear Gradient

  1. 1. A Habitude Mini-Lesson FEAR GRADIENT
  2. 2. “ You can do nothing worthwhile without courage. Courage enables us to manifest something real out of a dream. Talent and skill need courage. There is no other way to reach your potential.” Angela Maiers Classroom Habitudes The Habitude of Courage
  3. 3. What Is Courage?
  4. 4. “ One courageous step at a time. We Develop courage by doing courageous acts.” - Aristotle
  5. 5. The Best Cure for Fear is Action
  6. 6. Courage in the Classroom?
  7. 7. Fear of Criticism = “Root” Fear
  8. 8. Ignoring Fear only Gives Fear More Power
  9. 9. Small Actions are Still Actions
  10. 10. Fear Gradient
  11. 12. I Can’t Do This!
  12. 13. I Can Do a Little Of This Though
  13. 14. I Can So Do This!
  14. 15. Fear Gradient
  15. 16. Encourage Others to Face Their Fears Together, We’re Smarter – & Stronger
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