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Syllabus earth science

  1. 1. Earth Science Syllabus Carrie Palmer Weber Middle SchoolTeacher: Ms. GillE-mail: Welcome to Regents Earth Science. My name is Ms. Gill and I will be your teacher and guide through the Earth Science curriculum. The Earth Science course is a High SchoolRegents level course, therefore prepare for a fun, interesting and challenging year. If you stay organized, current, work hard, practice good study habits and ask questions you will meet your goals with great success.Supplies: o You need four two inch 3-ring binders, One for each quarter. o You should divide each into 4 sections: 1) Notes, 2) Classwork, 3) Homework & 4) Quizzes/Tests, o Each binder should have a folder for lab work & plenty of loose-leaf paper o A binder pencil case should contain the following: o Three #2 pencils with erasers o Black or blue ink pens o Highlighter o Color pencils o Non-programmable basic function calculator o Glue stickResources: o Textbook: Earth Science- The physical Setting o The Earth Science Reference Table (ESRT) o Barron’s Regent’s Review Book o Class website: Earth Science Curriculum: • Prologue: The Physical Setting • Rocks and Minerals • Energy • Landscapes and the Water • Earth’s Dimensions Cycle • Astronomy • Dynamic Earth • Weather and Climate • Interpreting Geologic History • Surface Processes • Regents Review
  2. 2. Earth Science Syllabus Carrie Palmer Weber Middle School5 Simple Class Rules: 1. Respect yourself, other students, school property, and the teacher at all times. 2. Do not interfere with another student’s right to learn. 3. Come to class prepared with all materials each day, this includes an open mind and and a positive attitude! 4. Class begins the moment the bell rings. All students should be seated in their assigned seats, and working on the “Do Now” when the bell rings 5. Always follow all safety rules in the laboratory and classroom ***These are in addition to all school rules in the School Code of Conduct and Student- Parent Handbook***Grading Policy: All work counts towards your grade. Failing labs must be redone accuratelyin order to sit for the Regents exam, according to the New York State lab hourrequirements. All quizzes and tests will require a parent/guardian signature toacknowledge grades. Tests (60%): about 2-3 per quarter, approximately 150 points each Quizzes (20%): about 5 per quarter, approximately 20-25 points each Labs (10%): about 8 per quarter worth 2-5 points per lab depending on scope of lab. One lab quiz per quarter worth 20 points. Homework (10%): about 15 per quarter, 2 points per fully completed and on time assignment. Late assignments will only be accepted if due to an excused absence.Academic Dishonesty Policy: In accordance with district policy, any student caughtcheating or voluntarily enabling another student to cheat will at the very least receive azero for that assessment. Further action may be sought depending on the severity of theoffense.Parental Role: As a parent your goal is to have your child be successful in both school andlife endeavors. As such, we are a team to help your child succeed and reach their greatestpotential. To facilitate transparency and student success I keep my website up to date.Here both parents and students can see most classroom documents, notes and the testingschedule. If your child is absent they can find daily handouts and activities on this classwebsite. Please feel free to contact me by e-mail or by calling theschool. I will be happy to discuss your child’s performance at any time.
  3. 3. Earth Science Syllabus Carrie Palmer Weber Middle SchoolPlease cut off this section and return this section to class tomorrow.I have read and reviewed this syllabus with my child.Student Name (Please Print)_________________________________________________________________Parent (s) Name (Please Print)_________________________________________________________________Phone Number(s)_________________________________________________________________E-mail address(s)_________________________________________________________________Parent(s) Signature_________________________________________________________________Student Signature_________________________________________________________________