Marine science syllabus


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Marine science syllabus

  1. 1. Marine Science Syllabus Ms. Kleinke (Ms. K) 904-693-7620 ext. 2234 Room 6C Class Website: www.specialkclass.blogspot.comObjective: The objective of this course is that you (the student) will have a deeperunderstanding that the ocean is made up of unique and diverse properties and organisms; andproperties and organisms are ultimately all interconnected.Course description: This is a very hands-on course that will allow you to better understandthe characteristics of marine life as well as chemical and physical properties of the ocean thataffect marine life. Labs are essential to the progression of your knowledge of marine science.Materials required: writing utensil; calculator, 3 ring binder for notes, articles andhandouts, a composition book that will be used as lab notebook and vocab log.Session Grading Breakdown:Quizzes 20%Tests 30% 90-100% ALab Exercises/ 80-89% BClass Activities 30% 70-79% CHomework 20% 60-69% DTotal Grade 100% <60 F
  2. 2. Behavior ExpectationsWe have high expectations for academics success to prepare you for your life after high schoolwhether you choose to attend post secondary school or enter the workforce. The high expectationsfor academics also mean high expectations for behavior. We have four basic behavior expectations: Behavior Expectation What it looks like Be ON TIME for class Bring all necessary suppliesBe Prepared. Complete your homework Use class time for class work Use appropriate language Do not talk when others are talkingBe Respectful. Respect school property (DESKS and BOOKS) Follow directions Clean up after yourself Participate in classroom discussion Take NotesBe Engaged. ASK QUESTIONS NO CELL PHONES/ IPODS Put your full effort into your assignments Take pride in what you produce and what youWork Hard. learn Make every second countClass Consequences: Students who violate class, school, or district rules and policies willbe subject to disciplinary action.The progression of consequences is:1. Verbal Warning – Informal Conferencing with student.2. Seat Change3. Phone Call to Parent to discuss discipline issue and methods to correct problem behavior.3. Referral to your Assistant Principal. This will be AUTOMATIC in cases of defiance,disrespect, or serious class disruptions.**Severity Clause: If your behavior becomes severe, I reserve the right to skip consequences,refer you to the Dean, and/or remove you from the classroom.**Homework: Since most of the time spend in class on activities and lab exercises, it will berequired for you to complete assigned readings and homework outside of class time. Homeworkmust be turned in at the beginning of class for full credit.
  3. 3. Late work Policy: If you are absent for a class, you can find missed work either on the classwebsite or on the calendar located inside classroom. The missed work is due one class periodafter you return to class. If you are handing in work after the original due date, you MUST fillout a homework excuse note and staple it to your work and place it in the late work folder. Ifyou were present for class when homework was assigned, you may receive a maximum score of70%. (C) for Late Work.Extra Credit: Extra Credit Opportunities will be posted on the Marine Science white board inthe classroom and on the class website. Be sure to check these frequently as they will be updatedas we progress to new topics throughout the year.Tests and Quizzes- Quizzes will be given at the end of each chapter. Tests will be given atthe end of each unit and will be cumulative. A variety of test questions will be given to assessyour mastery of the marine science standards. They may include but not limited to multiplechoice, fill in the blank, short and extended response. Tests and quizzes may be based on notonly the reading but class activities and labs as well. If you miss a test, you must makearrangements with me to makeup the test within a week of your arrival back to school.Classwork and Participation: Since in-class time is mainly spent on activities andlaboratory exercises, regular attendance imperative to fully master the concepts. If you miss alab, which is in the field you must make arrangements with me to go collect data and makeuplab.Progress Reports: are given every 2-4 weeks; however, I do keep grade portal up to date andaccurate, so you may log into your grade portal to check grades anytime.Cheating and Plagiarism: are not tolerated; if it occurs you will NOT receive credit forthe assignment and will NOT be able to re-do the assignment. All Research papers mustinclude a “Works Cited” page listing all the resources that you used to develop your paper so thatcredit will be given to the author of the original work.Learning Recovery: Learning recovery will be offered if the students meets the districtrequirements for learning recovery. Learning recovery consists of a 12.5 page research paperthat will also include a cover page and a works cited page for a total of 14.5 pages. Thetopic for this research paper will be given by the teacher. If you miss 25% or more of classduring the 9 weeks you do not qualify for learning recovery.
  4. 4. To end this, I am really excited about teaching this class this year. My door is always open sofeel free to come to me with questions or concerns you have, if it is after school and I’m nothere; please email me and I will respond.
  5. 5. I have read the syllabus……………………………….Please sign your name below indicating that you have read and understand the rules, policies,and procedures of the class outlined in the syllabus. Take this home and have at least one ofyour parents or guardians sign it indicating that he/she has read it as well.___________________________ ________________________Name of Student (Print) Name of Parent (Print)___________________________ ________________________Signature of Student Signature of Parent/guardian ________________________ Relationship to Student Parent InformationStudent Name: _______________________________________________Period:______Parent Guardian Name: __________________________________________________________Home Address: _________________________________________________________________Home Phone # ____________________________ Work Phone # ________________________Cell Phone # _____________________ Email Address: ________________________________What is the best way and time to Contact you? ________________________________________This is your first homework assignment and is due on Monday August 27th.