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Rigney Sean Powerpoint


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leadership portfolio

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Rigney Sean Powerpoint

  1. 1. Sean Rigney Sports Administration Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania  Abstract  Mission and goals  Education and skills  Experience and Achievements  Autobiography  Philosophy of Leadership Address: 247  Leadership Motivation Gardenia Court  Leadership Role Profile Lititz, PA. 17543  Persuasion skill Phone: (717)569-6742  Professional Code Cell: (717) 587-7470  Service Project  Relationship Development Web: Sean Rigney  Empathy Skill Linkdin Page  Conflict Manager  References 3/21/2008
  2. 2. Abstract The purpose of this portfolio is to display some of the information and tasks that I have completed in my Interpersonal Leadership Skills course which have made me into a better, more well rounded leader. All of the essays have been written to exemplify my qualifications to become a collegiate baseball coach. For example, my mission statement conveys my motivation for coaching baseball, and what my goals are for my players once I begin coaching. In my autobiography, I explain how difficult times in my life have lead me to become a better person and have helped me to understand how to become a better coach. Finally, by having completed tasks such as empathic listening exercises and conflict managing a situation, I understand now what flaws I have as a leader, and the ways in which I can improve myself as a coach and as a man. ePortfolio 3/21/2008
  3. 3. Mission and Goals Coaching Out the Best in People In this essay I will discuss what drives me to succeed and better myself in both the professional world and life in general. Upon the conclusion of my time at Lock Haven University, I wish to have a bachelor’s degree in Sports Administration, which I hope will allow me to pursue a successful career in coaching Collegiate Baseball. My hard work, dedication to excellence, compassion for others, decision making skills, and personal experiences playing collegiate baseball allow me to have a unique edge in effective coaching. Full Mission Statement
  4. 4. Education and Skills B.A. Sports Administration Expected Graduation Date: May 2011 Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania 401 North Fairview St. Lock Haven, PA 17745 Competencies Leadership skills Technology enhanced reporting Corporate video production Sports broadcasting Persuasive speaking Negotiation skills Project management Coaching and athletic development skills Conflict management skills Empathic listening skills Community Service Project manager skills ePortfolio 3/21/2008
  5. 5. Experience and Achievements High School Band: From 2003-2005 I participated in the Manheim Township High School Band, earning the honors of District band first chair tenor saxophone all three years, one of which also being named first chair District Jazz band. High School Baseball: For the 2006 High School baseball season, I was named a Pre-Season All- American pitcher for Manheim Township High School. In addition, I received All-Section, All-District, and All-State honors as both a pitcher and a first baseman. Collegiate Athlete: Beginning in September 2006, I began participating in the collegiate sport of baseball at Marshall University. From Marshall I then transferred to Georgia College and State University, where I was a member of their baseball team from September of 2007 until September of 2008, whereupon I transferred to play baseball at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania in the Spring of 2009-present. Dean’s List: I was awarded Dean’s List honors for my GPA while attending Marshall University in my second semester. ePortfolio 3/21/2008
  6. 6. Autobiography Overcoming the Odds The following essay describes how type 1 diabetes, suffering a severe shoulder injury, and being released from two collegiate baseball programs due to coaching changes have helped shape me into the responsible, compassionate, and extremely persistent person that I am today. Full Autobiography Essay ePortfolio 3/21/2008
  7. 7. Philosophy of Leadership Integrity, Transparency, Dedication The purpose of the following essay is to explain the importance of formulating a personal philosophy for leadership in my chosen career of coaching collegiate baseball. I consider a pertinent coaching philosophy to contain elements which embody the game of baseball; these being integrity, transparency and dedication. An effective coach is one who teaches his players to instill these qualities within themselves while at the same time as their coach abiding by them in everyday life. Full Leadership Philosophy Essay ePortfolio 3/21/2008
  8. 8. Leadership Motivation After taking the motivation for leadership quiz in Bean (2009) I was not shocked at the results which according to the information provided mean that I gravitate towards positions that have a great deal of importance and responsibility. I feel that these results accurately define my leadership motivation. All my life I have always been attracted to challenges, because I feel that if I do not challenge myself that I will not reach my full potential, and the work that I am tasked with will therefore suffer. I feel that it is this predisposition to seeking out challenges that will make me an excellent leader, especially in my chosen field of coaching college baseball. I have found that coaches and teams that shy away from challenges on and off the field usually do not succeed, and I think that as a coach my drive towards completing difficult challenges will be immensely beneficial and will help my team succeed. ePortfolio 3/21/2008
  9. 9. Leadership Role Profile After taking the leadership role profile assessment in Bean (2009), I have determined myself to be a leader who excels in conflict management, motivation, crisis management, and being a mentor and coach. I feel that these results fully embody the type of leader that I attempt to be, and all of the skills that encapsulate these leadership roles can be directly correlated to important aspects of coaching. As a baseball coach, being able to manage both conflicts within your team and crisis outside your team while motivating your team to succeed can allow you to help your players succeed not only on the field but off the field as well. Finally, it is impossible to consider yourself a successful coach if you do not have the ability to be a mentor to your players. This might be the most important leadership role for me, because I not only want to help my athletes perform well on the field, I also want to make them better men off the field. ePortfolio 3/21/2008
  10. 10. Persuasion Skill Understand the Needs of Your Audience The purpose of the following essay is to evaluate my persuasive skills as a leader. I received feedback on the effective or ineffective nature of my methods as well as constructive criticism on how to improve my methods. Upon studying the persuasive tactics and theories of several professionals, I constructed what I thought would be an extremely effective means of persuasion. In order to practice my methods, I presented a speech to my leadership classmates in an attempt to persuade them to join my cause. While my argumentation and persuasion methods were indeed effective, there were still some areas in which I could improve, such as limiting my use of ad hominem attacks and need for an increase in supporting arguments. Full Persuasion Essay ePortfolio 3/21/2008
  11. 11. Professional Code Coaching and Personal Ethics The purpose of this essay is to discuss how my basic moral values have shaped my ethical stances in life. Furthermore, I will shine a light on the importance of morality in my chosen profession of coaching collegiate baseball. For example, Major League baseball players in recent years have lost their moral centers, but had they adhered to principles such as integrity and congruence, the ethical issues that they have faced could have been completely avoided. For this reason the principles of integrity, growth, and congruence will allow for me to better prepare my athletes to succeed on and off of the baseball field. Full Ethics Essay ePortfolio 3/21/2008
  12. 12. Service Project No Child Left Behind The purpose of this essay is to discuss a plan for the Lock Haven University baseball program to give something back to the community. As leaders and role models, players have the unique ability to influence the lives of children. We will use this influence to help steer today’s youth in the right direction; towards achievements in school and away from lives devoid of intelligent meaning. For this project, we as a baseball program have gone into local elementary schools and read to the students there; not only did we read to them, but we also allowed them to ask questions and use the remaining time to convey the importance of school. Full Service Proposal Essay ePortfolio 3/21/2008
  13. 13. Relationship Development Two-way Feedback Leadership authors agree that without the foundation of a strong relationship between a leader and his constituents that it would be impossible for any meaningful work to be completed. I performed the activity of “Ten Questions” with a close friend. This exercise consists of both people engaging in a conversation on what aspects of their relationship are solid and which need work. I chose to do this exercise with a good friend. What I found was that the whole of our relationship was extremely strong, and that no real work was needed to mend it. I have learned from this exercise that as a leader, I will have the ability to keep the relationships that I have with my workers fresh and current. Full Relationship Essay ePortfolio 3/21/2008
  14. 14. Empathy Skill Leading through Emotions The purpose of this essay is to discuss the importance of empathic listening skills to a leader. In order to practice these skills, I teamed up with other leadership students as well as received feedback from my instructor. I was told that I performed extremely well in identifying the problem that the speaker was dealing with and was very good at reading the speaker’s body language and discerning complex messages. Empathic listening is a critical skill that every leader should continually hone, and I will continue to work on mine. Full Empathy Essay ePortfolio 3/21/2008
  15. 15. 1 Conflict Manager 5 Winning in a No Win Situation The purpose of this essay is to define my philosophy of conflict management. In the field of coaching, there are always going to be conflicts to manage, whether they between teammates, between a coach and his athletic department, or teams themselves. According to Moore (1996), “Conflicts may be avoided, talked out, negotiated, arbitrated, adjudicated, resolved by legislation, by political action, or by violent force.” While there are numerous avenues for diffusing conflicts, after completing simulated conflict between two parties and acting as the mediator I have come to realize that as a prospective coach some of the conflict principles that I stress include the Win-Win rule, the Need Fulfillment Rule, and the Workable Agreement Rule. The use of these principles will allow me to effectively neutralize confrontations between aggressors, while at the same time helping each side build a stronger more resilient relationship. Full Conflict Manager Essay ePortfolio 3/21/2008
  16. 16. 1 References 6 Bean, J. (2009). Lessons in leadership. Deer Park, NY: Linus Publications, Inc. Berman, J. L. (1996). Avoiding Workplace Litigation: Los Angeles Business Journal. Los Angeles Cialdini, R. (2001). The science of persuasion. Scientific American, 284, 76-81. Hogan, R. Kaiser, R. B. (2005) What We Know About Leadership. Review of General Psychology, 9, 169- 180. Moore, C. (1996). The mediation process: Practical Strategies for resolving conflict, 2nd ed. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers. Yukl, G., & Tracey, J. B. (1992). Consequences of influence tactics used with subordinates, peers, and the boss. Journal of Applied Psychology, 77 (4), 525-535. ePortfolio 3/21/2008