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VSI Berlin - Company Profile


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VSI Berlin - Company Profile

  1. 1. BerlinDuBBingVoice-oVerSuBtitlingtranScriptiontranSlationpreparation of BroaDcaSt materialcorporate SerViceSauDio / ViDeo
  2. 2. VSi BerlinAs the German branch of VSI’s international group,we combine all localisation-related processesunder one roof - dubbing, voice-over, subtitling,translation of multilingual projects, transcription,preparation of broadcast material, video editing andaccess services for television.From trailers to complete channel launches inmultiple languages – we handle all genres andformats. We consider clear communicationand a transparent cost structure to be essential.Our project managers bring know-how and passionto their work, placing great value on efficientprocesses and a smooth operational flow.
  3. 3. VSi groupThe work done by VSI Berlin shows the culturaldiversity and technical scope of the internationalVSI Group. We provide a full range of languageservices — however high the standards set by yourproject in terms of language, artistic implementationor cultural knowledge, we are able to provide aservice appropriate to your needs. You will beassigned a central point of contact at a branch ofyour choice who will see you through the project.Alongside its headquarters in London and ourbranch in Berlin, the VSI Group has other studiosand production offices in Paris, Rome, Amsterdam,Stockholm, Brussels, Barcelona, Lisbon, Moscow,Warsaw, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, Cairo, New York andLos Angeles. We are able to take on projects of anyscale and in any language combination.
  4. 4. DuBBingWe have put together the perfect team so that yourdubbing project sounds authentic and natural — nomatter whether it is a feature film, a series, a promoor a commercial. We work with the best dubbingartists, writers and directors in the industry, makingthe most of what Berlin, the dubbing capital ofGermany, has to offer.Thanks to the close-knit network of our numerousbranches, we can offer voice recordings all over theworld.
  5. 5. Voice-oVerIn addition to selecting the best creative team foryour documentary or promotional film, it is alsocrucial to us that the implementation of your projectis swift and cost-efficient. We are known for ourprompt delivery times and we ensure that you nevermiss a broadcast deadline. At our location in Berlin,we have access to the largest pool of dubbingartists in Germany: 1500 professional dubbing artistsand actors, as well as a comprehensive network ofprofessional translators, writers and directors, whoare able to produce precisely the right sound foryour voice-over version.In cooperation with our international network, weprovide voice-over productions in all languages andall formats.
  6. 6. SuBtitlingWe employ a large number of subtitlers aspermanent employees, in addition to drawing onan extensive pool of freelancers, most of whomwere originally trained by VSI. This enables us torespond to urgent queries with a very high degreeof flexibility. Subtitling for a one-off specialbroadcast during a night shift is just as much part ofour day-to-day business as a DVD production withten target languages. Opera subtitling, mobilesubtitling and subtitling for the deaf and hard ofhearing are also part of our portfolio. Our subtitlesmeet the highest standards and undergo strictquality control. We deliver subtitles in all commonfile formats, record them on tape or DVD, or insertthem into digital clips.
  7. 7. tranSlationWhether it is product descriptions, specialisttexts, websites or PR and marketing material thatyou need, we ensure that our translations areperfectly geared towards your global target market.In addition, if your company requires internalcommunication material, we offer expert adviceand support in the localisation of your annualreports, presentations, contracts, training ande-learning programmes. Every one of our translatorsis distinguished by their wide-ranging expertise,linguistic sensitivity and thoroughness; and ofcourse they only translate into their native language.This applies not only to Berlin but to every VSIbranch. Our international network is unparalleledwhen it comes to multilingual projects.
  8. 8. StuDioSWe have a highly modern infrastructure, in which allwork areas are optimally interconnected and accessa shared memory. You can send us your material ontape, as well as digitally. Thanks to our 100 MbitSDSL Internet connection, large data volumes areno problem for us. Our studios meet the strictestacoustic and technical requirements. All controlrooms and recording studios are fully air-conditionedand benefit from natural light.Thanks to our interior design concept, we havesucceeded in creating an extraordinary workingatmosphere, while simultaneously paying a greatdeal of attention to optimal technical conditions. Theview of the River Spree creates an atmosphere thatis both dynamic and calm, making our studios themost attractive in Berlin.
  9. 9. technical SerViceSWe offer the complete range of services for yoursubtitling, dubbing, or voice-over project in HD andSD. In addition, we provide linear and non-linearvideo editing, graphics editing, standard-definitionand high-definition file conversions and duplicationsat our own in-house facility. Your material isprocessed exclusively by experienced editors andvideo technicians with state-of-the-art technicalequipment.With our encoding and transcoding solutions, weprepare your video material for a very wide range ofmedia, e.g. for TV broadcast, internet, video ondemand, mobile telephones, game consoles andApple iPod/iPad.
  10. 10. Fotos: Stephan Pramme | Grafik: Studio RegularWhat SetS uS apart:• With our dubbing studios and subtitling department under one roof, our services are closely interconnected, allowing us to be extremely flexible• Our efficient project management enables us to address urgent queries very rapidly• We provide a transparent cost structure• The VSI Group has 16 studios and production facilities worldwide• Even though the company‘s history spans more than 20 years, VSI has retained the values of a family enterprise• We have the most attractive studios in Berlin, with a special working atmosphere
  11. 11. BerlinVSI Berlin GmbHStralauer allee 2 B10245 Berlint +49 (0) 30 700 116 00f +49 (0) 30 700 116