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Liverpool John Moores University's strapline for our students is Dream, Plan, Achieve. During this interactive workshop, we intend to share our experiences of how we successfully deployed Blackboard Mobile Learn across the institution through 'dream', 'plan' and 'achieve' stages of implementation. We will cover our:
• Pre-implementation drivers (dream)
• 'Soft', rapid but meticulous launch (plan)
• Post-implementation evaluation and responses to promote adoption (achieve)
Throughout the presentation, we will invite participants to share their views or experiences from their particular perspectives, as existing users or those contemplating Blackboard Mobile Learn implementation. These will be captured and shared back to the room using the Socrative app. We hope that everyone who attends will find the workshop worthwhile and that it will promote further discussion after the session.

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  • AlexSeptember 2010Mobile Projects -
  • Do you have the Blackboard Mobile Learn app?If so, what were the key reasons for choosing it?
  • Initial 1-year trail from Jan – Dec 2012Soft, meticulous launch27 working days from approval to launch14 working days from installation to release to students technical and user evaluations by end March 2012 ‘staggered launch’ – support staff, academic staff, students
  • Simple - don’t overhype expectationsSpread it wide – university staff/student homepages, social media, staff email, Blackboard front page, 10 pop-up displays with QR codes for different devices distributed in libraries and around the campusesRe-purpose resources – Blackboard Mobile Learn Adoption Kit for International ClientsShare ideas – locally nationally
  • Give us one top tip for launching
  • Alice change blobs
  • Alice
  • Image of what we did
  • alex
  • groups - access via device vs access via desktopWhat were the main aims of this small scale research?Understanding students ICT approachBy using the affordances of Mobile technology, leveraging time and engagement for their study while on placement rotationExplore the key tools within BB Mobile20% students didn’t own a smart deviceSeveral students owned more than one device (phone and tablet)Use of a module study skills module – practical course, tends to be the module least engaged with.Interview early themes came out - not Location: There doesn’t appear to be a trend towards using handheld devices on the go for education with this group.Devices: A majority of students have got access to devices (both mobile and fixed). They did not choose the device based on its educational ability or flexibility though. They appear to have been more concerned with such things as price, portability, looks and brand. This appears to be the case for computers and handheld devicesTeaching: The groups both want face to face teaching to be the predominant feature of their programme, but the mobile group did highlight a number of issues which appear contradictory and worthy of further discussion – they use YouTube, they worry about internet access not being available, they don’t want too much PowerPoint but too much technology is bad! Social networks: Most students use them. They see a place for them in terms of communication but not socialising in education – they want a distinct barrier between us and them. They do not want Blackboard to be linked to social networks but do use it before Blackboard! Is it worth looking at Blackboard and its potential to enhance its social abilities or should we be looking to stop trying to achieve this. Engagement with online tasks has been consistent. The discussion boards tasks and blog talks have been completed by the majority of the group. However, the mobile test for revision (last one before xmas) was poorly completed( 4). Partly due to tutor error.Feb: final tasks and exit focus group
  • My dreams
  • Blackboard Teaching and Learning conference 2013

    1. 1. Dream, Plan, Achieve with Mobile LearnAlice Bird, Head of Technology Enhanced LearningAlex Spiers, Learning Technology Developer
    2. 2. Alice Bird Alex SpiersHead of Technology Enhanced Learning Technology DeveloperLearning Academic Enhancement UnitAcademic Enhancement Unit Liverpool John Moores UniversityLiverpool John Moores University @alexgspiers
    3. 3. Dream 5
    4. 4. • Student Experience• LJMU App – Campus M• Mobile Projects 6
    5. 5. 1: Does your institution have BB Mobile Learn?2: What are your key drivers for change?
    6. 6. Plan 8
    7. 7. Launch Installation (Test mode)Approval to acquire Develop support resources Academic Staff Support Staff Develop publicity resources Students Research Bb resources App testing Develop comms. strategy CustomisationT W T F M T W T F T W T F M T W T F M T W T F M T W13 14 15 16 19 20 21 22 23 03 04 05 06 09 10 11 12 13 16 17 18 19 20 23 24 25 December 2011 January 2012
    8. 8. Top Tips
    9. 9. – Involve Marketing/Corp Comms– Keep it simple, spread it wide Get your free Blackboard App now!– Re-purpose Bb resources– Share ideas  LJMU Mobile Device Forum  Bb Mobile UK User Group 11
    10. 10. 3: What top tip would you recommend when launching?
    11. 11. Achieve 13
    12. 12. Measuring impact – End semester evaluation – Statistical usage analysis – Student awareness (n=302) (Random sample) – Student and staff user surveys (n=159,48) (Downloaded App and logged in)LJMU Blackboard Mobile Evaluation ReportMay 2012: 14
    13. 13. • 4,600+ downloads by end March 2012• Student awareness – 80% compatible device – 50% had used it – 12% unaware Overall user satisfaction Students Staff 15
    14. 14. • Student likes – Quick and easy access – Anywhere access (including in the classroom) – Checking announcements, discussion posts, etc• Student needs – Improved generic mobile support• Staff needs – Development in approaches for mobile learning 16
    15. 15. Other activities?Activity 17
    16. 16. Promotion for new students in Sept– Before you arrive websiteStatisticsStaff support– Mobile Device Support Forum– Guides & Help– Case StudiesBlackboard UK Usergroup 18
    17. 17. What did we do?• Paramedic example (n=15)• entry questionnaire - ICT skills• Focus group - Themes• Study• Mobile vs PC – online tasks completed on placement (6 in total) – discussion boards – blogs – tests• still on-going
    18. 18. Still to do…?
    19. 19. - My Grades- Staff engagement- Pedagogical support- Speed of change 21
    20. 20. 4: If you are using it, share one thing that your students use BB Mobile Learn for?
    21. 21. Links toResources 23
    22. 22. Blackboard Mobile Learn Report Learn Tech@LJMULearntech