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This is a presentation describing PlansForUs now and where it might go in the future. It is an exploration in anti-stealth business creation.

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PlansForUs Presentation

  1. 1. PlansForUs “Creation through Collaboration”
  2. 2. Company Purpose Support teachers and improve the education of students through the efficient capture and distribution of information between teachers.
  3. 3. Core Problem K-12 teachers do not have enough time in the day to find and develop contextually relevant teaching tactics. In fact, K-12 teachers cite the lack of planning time as one of their top 5 reasons for leaving teaching.
  4. 4. Sub-Problems • Is a teaching idea worth sharing? • Accessing the long tail of teaching experience requires that we overcome this question/discomfort • What information is valuable to me? • An abundance of teaching information forces teachers to make judgments as to its relevance, in the process losing much of their planning time.
  5. 5. Status Quo • Create your own • Online lesson plan repositories 1. Use search to find a lesson plan database 2. Sort plans, identify what works 3. Download and edit the plan • School provided lesson plans • Do whatever the lesson says • Peer teachers • Meet after school, during overlapping periods or over lunch
  6. 6. Solution It must be simple • Start with small contributions of content • Connect the work of teachers to their personal and usage profiles • Connect those profiles through a social network • Directly edit all plans and teaching ideas at PlansForUs • Push relevant content to teachers via email or RSS • Write anywhere, publish to PlansForUs
  7. 7. Why Now? My wife asked me to help with a problem and... • ~2.3 million new teachers needed in the US by 2012 (NCES) • Record enrollment in K-12 schools through 2015 (NCES) • 50% of teachers leave after 5 years • A $3.8 billion problem (NEA) • 97% of classrooms are connected to the Internet (NCES) • Effects of NCLB continue to ripple through education • Innovative teacher-centric social entrepreneurship focused on K-12 education (DonorsChoose, KIPP, Teach for America)
  8. 8. K-12 Schools vs Southwest Airlines • • Southwest Airlines K-12 Education Corporate Hierarchy Hierarchy-Current Employees Government/ Shareholders Students/ Customers Customers Shareholders Teachers/Employees How do you satisfy shareholders first?
  9. 9. K-12 Hierarchy- Southwest Style • • Great teaching is great K-12 Education-Evolution customer service • Replacing employees is expensive Teachers • Shareholders care about Students results Government • Note: Shareholders could also include parents, administrators or even employers
  10. 10. Market Opportunities • Advertising • More than 60% of teachers surveyed* spent over 5 hours/week lesson planning • Professional Development (PD) • PlansForUs is a channel for PD providers to cost-effectively reach teachers • Educational Software • Sell open, customizable and integrated web applications at standardized prices • Generate value through exchange and analysis of participant data across organizations • Software Distribution Platform • An open platform where educational software providers find users *-PlansForUs Survey, November 2006
  11. 11. Size of Markets We are either Direct Competitors or Channels in these markets • Advertising • 4 million K-12 teachers in US • 65 million K-12 teachers worldwide • 60% of teachers spend over 5 hours lesson planning a week • K-12 Professional Development • $1,300/teacher spent on PD annually as of 2005 (Simba Information) • Educational Software • K-12 Learning Management Systems • $140 million market-9% market penetration (EduVentures) • K-12 Instructional Software-Classroom based • $1.1 billion as of 2006 (QED) • K-12 Administrative Software • ~$1 billion as of 2006 (QED)
  12. 12. Competition • Direct Competitors in Lesson Planning Company Strength Weakness Great Brand, Big Dev Yahoo Teachers Not launched Team, Infrastructure Non-profit credibility, K12 and Higher Ed focus, Curriki Integrated editing, Teaching Large learning units, Content base Contextual relevance Large lesson plan User interface, Contextual HotChalk database, Classroom relevance, No integrated integration editing • Other Competitors would include:, TeachAde, TutorOm
  13. 13. Product Timeline • Launch Beta-Start Learning • July 2007 • Micro-contribution tool-We’re learning • January 2008 • Enhanced Social Networking-Improving • February 2008 • Move out of Beta-Still learning • April 2008
  14. 14. Product Focus • Inspired by Google and Twitter, we focus on the simplest possible experience that will add value to the individual and when aggregated, to the collective • Support simplified information sharing to access long tail • Focus on efficient discovery of contextual teaching ideas
  15. 15. What is PlansForUs Editor Page
  16. 16. What is PlansForUs Other’s Lessons
  17. 17. Business Model Find the Wedge Point and Expand Subscription Progression of Business Expansion Educational Educational Software Sales Channel Web Apps Distribution Revenue Source Advertising Professional Development Distribution Lesson Planning Network Networked Q&A Save Teacher’s Time
  18. 18. Founders Steve Yeung-Founder and Head of Technology •MaxMD-Project Manager and Software Engineer-Constructed real time domain name registration system •Tamale Software-Software Engineer-Design solutions for improving workflows at hedge fund clients. •Carnegie Mellon 2004-MS in Electronic Commerce, Concentration in Production Management •NYU 2003-BS in Computer Science with Honors, Minor in Psychology •Moved to NYC from Hong Kong at age 8
  19. 19. Founders Tyler Fonda-Founder and CEO •Married to an amazing 1st grade teacher teaching in New York City’s Public School system •MaxMD-Developed and implemented new business strategy •DiMassimoGoldstein-Brand Strategist and Account Manager- Focused on implementation of new media in brand strategy •Colgate University, 2001-BA in Political Science •Founded the Fiver Young Professionals Advisory Committee •Finished Paris and NYC Marathons-Best time 3hr23min
  20. 20. Financials If you’ve gotten this far and are considering an investment in PlansForUs then we’ll send them to you because.... • We are seeking seed stage investors to help us build a great business • Email Tyler: tfonda at plansforus dot com If you have feedback on our assumptions, strategy or any other thought please send us an email.