National strategic plan AIESEC Romania 12 - 13


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This is the National Strategic Plan of AIESEC Romania.

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National strategic plan AIESEC Romania 12 - 13

  1. 1. National Strategic Plan for AIESEC Romania 2012 – 20131. Mission Statement 6. Complementary Education2. MOS 7. Business Intelligence Models3. National Drivers 8. LC Visits4. National Initiatives 9. National R&R5. National Education cycle 10. MC services
  2. 2. Mission Statement The mission statement should guide the actions of the organization, spell out its overall goal,provide a path, and guide decision-making. It provides "the framework or context within which the organizations’ strategies are formulated." ONE Romania. ACT to achieve our potential. MOS of our mission statement The measures of success are responding to the question: “How do you know if the mission statement was fulfilled?” It is giving the key elements that the organization should focus on. *Engagement remains a stage that is helping us to achieve more ELD
  3. 3. National Driver National Driver KPI of the National Driver  % of growth on GIP I  % of growth on GIP O GIP Growth  % of incomes from GIP Culture  NPS System  # of projects financially sustainable – GCDP I  # of incomes from GCDP O Sales culture  % of growth GCDP o for GCDP  % of growth GCDP i Growth  NPS System  # of unique members working for GCDP/GIP Efficient  # of TMP/TLP with objectives realized TMP & TLP  Retention rate  NPS System National InitiativesNational Driver Description of NationalInitiative 1. Branding Programs aims a professional branding of the AIESEC Programs (TMP,TLP,GIP,GCDP). 2. Local accreditation of AIESEC aims to gather credits from the Universities for our Programs. Also, to run campaigns to get recognition from strategic companies in the All 3 of them city for our membership. 3. GIP legalization – as an initiative driven in order to facilitate the processes of GIP corporate, sustainability and legality.
  4. 4. National Driver Description of National Initiative 4. The National Corporate Sales Team is a national sales task force that reports directly to the MC of AIESEC in Romania. The aim of this team is to increase national sales intensity in specific TN markets and support the national focus of diversifying incoming GIP experiences. 5. The National Raising Campaign have the purpose to align the LCs in AIESEC GIP Growth Romania in raising for GIP I twice a year Culture 6. Market Segmentation - Product Development has the purpose of defining products based on market segments: IT, education, marketing, psychology, engineering, etc. on both Incoming and Outgoing GIP markets. 7. Ongoing Recruitment has the aim of changing the way of approaching our International Programs in order to deliver more international experiences through ongoing positioning, application periods opened constantly and quarterly selection. 8. Scaling up GCDP campaign is a collaborative initiative (II & NCD) having a national frame for LCs to go in sales at NGOs at local level (having materials –product sheets, Selling culture feedback forms, tracking tool and evaluation, promo campaigns) by offering our Non for GCDP Corporate Dev. products and International Internships products. Growth 9. Mobility funds for GCDP has the aim to find new resources for covering the GCDP costs and increase the no of GCDP experiences offered by creating a framework for LCs in order to apply at different funds available (Leonardo da Vinci, ERASMUS, EVS etc). 10. LEAD is a national program that will be launched in 2012 for team leaders and EB members to provide more specific competences and skills to perform bigger results based on our membership quality; LEAD is an upgraded Leadership Development Program that is formed out of three parts: I and myself, I and others, I Efficient 11. Engagement Development is about developing the Engagement program into TMP & TLP a qualitative pipeline for Experiential Leadership Development by implementing the criteria established before. 12. National Mentorship Platform is a natural flow because of the mindset change from coaching to mentoring and consultancy; through this initiative, minimum 10 LCs will be put together for this mentorship platform, having more than 100 mentors for more than 15% of their members.
  5. 5. National Conference cycle TimelineConference Jan Feb March April May June July August Sept Oct Nov DecRock Me 20,23/2012 RYLF 22,25/2012 EuroCO MCC 10,13/2013 SprinCO 21,24/2013EuroXpro LOT 26,28/2013 NC 9,12/2013 IC iTTT 30Aug,2Sept,2013
  6. 6. Complementary Education Webinars: July-August 2012, January-February 2013 soft skills development specialists development National Booklets: SONA Booklet: Specialists Education: July-August Functional Area Meetings: Minimum 3 meetings on Functional Areas (2 of them in National Conferences, 1 of them separated) The dates will be established for each Functional Area. Usage: Every functional area will have its own wiki – knowledge management tool Opportunities Wiki Business Intelligence Models SONA:• Based on 4 programs (TMP – TLP – GIP – GCDP) and the 2 stages (Engagement & LLC)• Built on 2015 KPI (stable until 2015)/ National Strategy KPI (can be modified in each year) and Administrative part (Finance/Communication/Sales) Area reports:• We will use the same model of standards on the areas, but done with each LC individually, as a need of different realities• They will be released by each MCVP and done also with the LCs
  7. 7. LC VisitsThe new format will be: - Each MCVP will be MC Consultant for at least 1 LC - There will be minimum 3 LC Visits delivered throughout the term - The objectives of LC Visit need to settled with MC OD and LCPs National Rewards and Recognition Award Description This award aims to encourage the development of the training area in AIESEC Romania. Through this we want to ensure that the members have a good experience on this specific area and Best LTT Award that they are very good prepared so that they can support the Rock development of the LC they are in and the development of the entire AIESEC Romania network. Also, we want to encourage them to think of training as a career path, as well. ME Through this prize we appreciate and recognize AIESEC members that were in a performing team with objectives Best Team Award realized and that have fulfilled the quality standards for TMP and TLP. Through this award we appreciate and recognize the LC that managed to achieve their ambition and have a growth on GIP GIP I Growth Award incoming by providing qualitative experiences to the stakeholders engaged in this program. Sales Product Development Award Through this award we are recognizing the sales Performance for Q2
  8. 8. Award Description This award is meant to recognize the performance on exchange and to the LC that: Will define the Value of the Exchange experience in developing the individual/Society and how to capture and showcase this. Exchange award The LC that will answer to the question "What else can the exchange program be if we would engage and develop every young person in the world?" with specificRYLF Stars Award actions. This prize aims to appreciate all members that performed in implementing different processes. Alumni This award recognizes the ability of an LC to implement LLC fully (H4TF and Alumni Development Relations), perform on them as well as contribute to the National Drivers. Sales Through this award we appreciate and recognize the LC that managed to educate Performance members in order to be performing, to have healthy processes in sales in order to Award achieve the targets and contribute to the LC budget by involving the partners. Through this award we appreciate and recognize the LC that managed to involve Stakeholders more and more stakeholders in AIESEC because in order to provide more Management experiences to our stakeholders we need to engage them in AIESEC. In this way Award AIESEC becomes the first choice partner and a youth voice. Handing in this award, we appreciate and recognize a LC that registers performance, health and efficiency in all the areas. We are looking for one LC that can stand as Excellence Award role model for AIESEC Romania with good case practices for the entire national network. Award Description GIP Growth This award is given to the LC that will have a healthy growth on GIP, both incoming and outgoing. GCDP Growth This award is given to the LC that will have a healthy growth on GCDP, both incoming and outgoing. Efficient Members Through this award, we encourage the LCs to develop moreNC Development Award qualitative TMP and TLP experiences in order to be more efficient and to perform better. Sales Performance Award As in RYLF Market Reach Award Handling in this award, we are recognizing the reach of the external market that the LCs are covering by its internal operations. It is about the efficient usage of the resources towards markets, by delivering quality and impact. Network Contribution Handling in this award, we are recognizing the results in contributing Award towards the National MOSs and the way of delivery of these results by showing collaborative behaviors in the national and international network Efficient Members Through this award, we encourage the LCs to develop more Development Award qualitative TMP and TLP experiences in order to be more efficient and to perform better.
  9. 9. MC Services Towards the whole organization Towards the LCs1. Stakeholder management 1. LC development  AI representativity  Data analysis and reporting (monthly)  Government relations - accreditation of  Recommendation for strategy development the AIESEC Programs (Q)  Alumni management (BOA, BOA  Consultancy for EBs (MCVP-VPs, MCP-LCPs corporate)  LC visits (LCD plan)  Network management  Management preparation for EBs ( through2. Financial management the education cycle)  Financial administration  LC Management tools  Internal/external audit 2. Strategic development  Investment management  Market analysis (before recruitment)  Policies and regulations  National planning (NC, MC plan)3. Legal management  National project development and  Internal (enforcing compendium, management legislation, bids, data privacy)  Long-term planning (MC plan)  External (legal cases) - in case anything  Global alignment (campaigns) happens the MC teams is accountable in  Developing communication plan front of the law 3. Conference management4. Communication  Agenda management  PR-external (brand management) - in case  Conference management of a communication crisis, audit the  Risk management education cycle campaigns, management of the national 4. Operations management projects brand(recruitment, Money Sense,  Tactics development (FAD, FAD initiatives) Grow)  Education and training  Brand - Branding AIESEC Romania in the  Data analysis and recommendation monthly international network, Branding the  Quality management (ICB) AIESEC Programs, branding new national  National CRM projects  Policies & regulations ( GIP, GCDP, TD,  Trademark Finance, Sales, Communication, Expansions) 5. Organizational management  Organizational structure (JDs for MC and consultancy for LC EB)  National support teams  National R&R System 6. National & International Partnerships  managing the national and international partners  managing the international partnership