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Specific questions

  1. 1. Question 1. Create specific selection guidelines for each pool Adapt Communication plan to each target Establish Cy2Cy, LC2LC partnerships Recruit EPs for specific TNs or Recruit EPs and 2010- Re rate – 49% send CVs for targeted raising 2011(until now) –Re rate -45% Specific Country campaigns with main TN 2011-delivery time - 45 days Providers (China Mainland, India – on each pool) Focus on less exploited pools ( Education, Technical) Approach new areas (Industrial Manufacturing – TN provider: Turkey; Pharmacology & Health Care – TN provider: India, Indonesia, Brazil etc.) Create a wiki on which we upload the main documents needed for an EP (how to make your Cv, motivation letter, how to search for a TN, XPP, other EPs, returnees contact details, visa procedures, matching mail etc.) Question 2. I think in Romania we lose focus on these type of traineeships because most of the EPs are focused on the Managerial field and those are the hardest ones to match. As MC together with the VPs its really important to make a market research on each student market to be aware of what types of internships are wanted to contour also our approach. Educational - limitation to approach people prepared to teach a foreign language and no other fields - Fear of the unknown (missing out on the school distribution) - Difference in the children mentality abroad - Financial restrictions (teachers have a low salary in Romania, and they are conscious that they cannot leave the country without any money) Technical – people with technical field are searched in Romania - competition between national market and international one regarding financial revenues - commodity and unwillingness to move to another country - distrust in the program of technical students - Strategy: Targeted recruitments ( EPs recruited for specific TNs) Specific Partnerships (TT: Germany, Belgium, Finland, Brazil; ET: China Mainland, India, Turkey, Brazil, Colombia) Collaboration with specific NGOs, Cultural Centers, Career Orientation Centers,1 Inspectorate etc.Page Sell the technical recruitment to IT companies
  2. 2. Implement the Education Cycle (ET: trainings on presentation skills, audience management etc., TT: trainings from company representatives on hard skills) Get testimonials from big IT companies that recommend the exchange program Offer 2 for 1: preparation (education cycle or PBoX) + internship Offer support for each LC to make a market research and then implement specific recruitment campaigns Capitalize on a specific segment for each LC (ex: Arad – Architecture, Targu Mures – Medicine & Pharmacology etc.) NST has ownership and focus for the objectives 15% Question 3. By talking with the VP OGX I realized that in most cases, the reason why the National Projects were not implemented was the differences of the local reality, timing, past experiences with the student marked and so on. The first and main thing that should be done would be talking individually with each of the VP II from the country and set some clear expectations of what he/she envisions from the term so that there can be established the frame, to create projects of interest for all LCs. Another solution could be involving directly the VPs in the creation process of the projects. By having NST members that are focusing on a specific field they can help the VPs to create the much needed market research, chose a specific area and then the ones interested in that area can create the template for the project that afterwards can be audited by the MC VP. Taking in consideration the new way of working we can implement the same concept here. After having a new national project idea we will search for a project manager and a team to coordinate the whole project ass assure its quality To motivate the VPs also there can be contest – each will have to work according to the new structure so that means internal initiatives – by establishing some national criteria for each (by this we insure the quality of the experience) and seeing which LC achieves the highest percentage of success. Through this each VP might have in his/her hands the future national project and a good case practice. There will be a few characteristics for this: having a project manager for each project or initiative, creating a team for brainstorming, a team responsible for the market research on the local markets, quality team and also reintegration team to insure the continuity of the AIESEC experience packaging. Question 4. Country Initiatives Way of Working Difficulties -Capitalizing on market and -MC focusing on the -Communication focusing on specific countries professional advisory and with VPs difficult -On the DT/ET area crating coaching of VPs because of the big Winter peak tapping supported by -Learning and number of VPs2 country cooperation’s and development role -Visa issues due toPage AP-China investments with India, Indonesia, -Separate MC VP for GIP duration
  3. 3. Mainland Turkey, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and GCDP Kenya, Ghana etc. -Online communication GCDP- - On the MT/TT area smart with VPs and NSTs 1895; supply-demand analysis and GIP-308 major partnerships with Japan, Germany, India and CEE -no specific initiatives – -Communication Tool for - not focusing on realizations due to strong all NSB members with GIP cooperation’s economy and the fact that data entered for each LC - a lot of unused AIESEC as an organization and -Mc and NST have potential mainly in brand is closely associated with strategic planning weekend doing GIP WENA – economics and business every semester campaigns Germany administration -Members focused on GIP GCDP- because of ambitions and focus of 559; people for career development GIP- 243 -People with economic mindset -Focus mostly on GCDP cooperation’s -working mainly with BRIC -Very good -some VPs didn’t countries(Brazil, Russia, India, communication between accept any help from China) MC and LC (Facebook the MC or NSTs Ibero -National Partnerships for GCDP Channel) -VPs that worked Brazil (BRIC +Colombia, Poland, -NST for GIP and GCDP separately Hungary) -4 NST for GIP, 4 NST for GCDP- -National Matching Channel on GCDP + 1 GCDP Manager 1044; Facebook -NST responsible for GIP-324 -Teachers used as promotion implementing the national persons for AIESEC strategies - 2 MC VPs CEE – -In each LC minimum 3 -National conference -Problem with Poland recruitments -Communication based on communication with -Recruitments made on National commission meetings (MC MCs GCDP- Programs(Discover China, Africa, and LC VPs) –each month -Hard to track each 558; Russia, turkey, India and Teach -Requirements for each LC EP GIP- 392 the World(ET)) that need to be surpassed -Partnerships –trying -Business Program for MT and -R&R system to rebuild the Technical Top Talents (TT) -National Time frame for connections -National promotion tools recruitment national -Lack of financial planned sustainability -Personal goal and tracking -reintegration of EPs for each EP done by the MC Strong Tracking VPs for3 every EPsPage -Promo in Universities with -From promo to raising=1 -some VPs don’t
  4. 4. wealthy students week really want to -Targeted resuitments on -Departments structures on cooperate supply&demand recruitment on a specific -most of the VPs MENA – -Recruitments on niche don’t know how to Egypt Partnerships(Discover india, -very close working do OGX Brazil, Latin America, Europe) together(5 LCs in Egypt: 4 -some VPs don’t GCDP-361 in Cairo, 1 in Alexandria) know how to anayze -MC operational, help with the DAAL files strategies -Cy2Cy Partnership(India, -Not a very good -Visa process(for Turkey) communication between Europe mainly) -Optimization of work on MC and LCs -Lack of universities for continuos -MC main responsible for communication from MENA – promotion of GIP and targeting the development of the the national to local Tunisia requested profiles VPs(ex: provides coaches level and vice versa -A culture of ”How to sell OGX” for them) GIP-119 is built in the country -The method of working -Integrated Global Exchange with LCs is based on the Program in packages of private combination of several universities in Tunisia competitions and good tracking of work Africa – -Cooperation with Brazil -online channels -Visa problems Nigeria -People sent in Africa -work with NST -Communicatin with -Campaign for CEE -tracking and coaching of LC VPs GCDP-159 VPS GIP-34 Question 5. What I feel that is applicable to each LC VP is that besides the internal motivation and attachment to the area you need to give a bit of flavor to the whole process. R&R system each Quarter or Month for the most performant VP (ex: Ra, Ma) A more strict tracking on their activity (done by the MC VP or NST) Exchange Prize (at RYLF and NC) Personal connections they lead to better professional chemistry => support from one VP to the other (they can be done by Team Buildings, non-formal Skype meetings, conferences – national ICPS etc.) Goal Setting, one on one discussions Specific deadlines (ex: ongoing recruitment – in the 15th of each month checking how many people applied and how many were selected during the past month). VP 2 VP – each VP should talk individually with all the other VPs and share GCP, frustrations, future initiatives etc. to stimulate communication and bonding. Most successful internal initiative/ project4 A national preparation plan (marketing, promotion, selection, CV screening etc.) so thatPage each VP is prepared to fulfill every responsibility in the JD
  5. 5. Get more connected to the international network, sharing with GCP Countries (ex: AIESEC Romania and AIESEC Brazil – put local VPs in contact with the other VPs and establish concrete points they need to learn about) Find a coach from other country for each VP Offer strategic support for VPs, present opportuitites, new trends, realization peaks on each pool etc. Question 6. I would like each LC to be able to be as creative as they desire while creating communication campaigns or strategies on the International Internship area. My only concern would be for them to transmit the correct information at all time and to the specific target. As I see the communication strategy needs to have a central amount of information from the MC – it might be that not all VPs have the preparation on this area so they need a basic start up point. The information will be so created in order to be easily adapted to specific needs and here I am talking about specific activities of each LC. Furthermore the strategy will be adapted to each main field so that it can be easily folded on any specific needs. Another important point in the national communication strategy is to convert the information to be transmitted on each of the means of communication chosen (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, News articles, Press releases, Yahoo groups, sites etc.) Question 7. 2009 – 2010 GCDP Re – 51, GIP Re - 141 Strengths Weaknesses - growth on OGX results (28, 25 %) - tracking of national projects - international cooperation’s - realization rate (43% due to high number of initiatives of OGX national projects Available EPs from other terms) - strong OGX culture - implementation of the national project’s(MT - functional NST (tracking national projects, based-difficult to create collaboration) responsible of international collaborations, - overselling to the partnering countries, of the auditing) LCs’ EP providing capacity 2010 – 2011 GCDP Re – 123, GIP Re -169 Strengths Weaknesses - Packaging of the AIESEC experience - MT/TT pools uncovered by the Packages - X+L/L+X growth - Lack of National Projects - Good relation & communication with the LCs - Few partnerships for MT/TT - Overall growth - Returnee Conference cancelled, due low - Functional NST(education cycle for the confirmation rate of returnees members, TTT for the EPs, selection and induction materials)5Page 2011 – 2012 GCDP Re – 114, GIP Re - 86
  6. 6. Strengths Weaknesses - Strong communication between VPs & MC - National initiatives that couldn’t be applied to VP each LC - Tracking system for each task - Leisure tracking - National Partnerships - Low Re on Educational & Technical - Growth on GCDP GCDP: Internal Recruitment Targeted recruitment before the summer peaks (June-July and August–September) Project Partnerships Star ranking for each LC (questionnaire for former EPs about the quality of their exchange) Promotion of qualitative projects or countries all year round (Campaigns: “Spend your winter/spring break in…”, Edison –Czech Republic, Myself My World -turkey, Zivo Bez Granica –Serbia etc.) World Café (Trainees + Returnees) Constant update on the blog Live from…-EPs that are in exchange make a video talking about what they are experiencing GIP (besides the ideas above mentioned): Create a national document with information about the international internship program distributed to all LCs (it can be customized, but it assures that the correct information is distributed at every level) Constant promotion of the GIP focused on online channels and partners Internal Initiatives (on specific pools – with national template depending on the peak and local reality) Have a responsible at the national level for the international cooperation’s that tracks the deadlines, activities and delivery for both sides of the partnership Make national ICPS together with Returnee Conference -> helps with the motivation of the EPs, setting of expectation, for the returnee it might be the catalyst for a ReRa6Page