MCVP International Internships                                         2012-2013                           Specific Questi...
Internship accreditation  show on                                                    posters/flyers/site that the Univers...
o NST on GIP : develop new initiatives    c. R&R :          o The LCs that reached their planning with receive a recogniti...
Brazil                           GCDP is based on the project Global Citizen.                                            ...
Communication strategy                                        GIP/GCDP                                                    ...
2011-2012 growth strategyIn order to grow more, we need to develop our processes.The strategy is based on the key strong p...
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Specific questionnaire


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Specific questionnaire

  1. 1. MCVP International Internships 2012-2013 Specific Questionnaire1. Present your strategy on how to decrease the delivery time and how to increase the realization rate on GIP in AIESEC Romania for the following term. Bottlenecks Strategy to eliminate them Internal audit (until april 2012) – analyze processes, elimate bottlenecks and efficient processes Implement GS & Career Planning for every EP Evaluation after 1 month of each EP Set GIP Recruitments on the right timeline (e.g. – GIP Spring Recruitment – selection in April in order to raise EPs in April)  Weak implementation of OGX Flow Supply and demand analyze tool and macro EP profile  Wrong expectations set with EPs provided by MC Recruitments set after matching peaks Develop national matching strategies with VPs:  EPs selected that don`t match the e.g. – Platform access to GIP EPs - 6 months profile - Platform access to GCDP EPs – 3 months  Lack of supply and demand - Discounts for EPs that match on partnerships  Lack of matching strategies - National matching campaigns – support with  Lack of human resources and guidelines, partnerships and booklets implementation - For lack of human resource I propose: I. Self-matching preparation for EPs II. TMP/TLP for EPs – team that have JDs and objectives to match in a certain GN/Cy2. Taking into consideration the underperformance on Educational and Technical Traineeships, please create a strategy on how to ensure growth in quality and quantity and LC involvement on ET and TT realizations. In your opinion, what are the elements that limit AIESEC in Romania to be performant on ET and TT and how will you solve these issues? Bottlenecks: Solutions:  Mentality that GCDPs are more easy to Run in the same time GCDP and GIP, in order generate than GIP to generate more numbers  Incapability to transmit a clear and Create the mentality that GIP is the main appropriate message for these 2 student revenue generator for AIESEC RO markets. Compendium proposal: from the total OGX  Lack of focus from LCs thus lack of objectives : 60% GCDP / 40% GIP concrete strategies  The structure of the University year vs. internship peaks Program branding  custom message for each  IT students have job opportunities market  Lack of supply and demand/market analysis Develop national strategies for each “pool” based on R and R system, creating the framework for each LC to adapt according to it`s market Raising standards. Realizing visions
  2. 2. Internship accreditation  show on posters/flyers/site that the University supports the programs Recruitment in spring to attract the ones that finish the faculty and don`t know what to do next, develop our products (e.g. – GIP IT : students first have internship in local companies and after they go in international internships) Implement the OGX new approach strategy I. GIP TT Strategy:A. Market needs: 1. Companies need technical students with project management and team skills 2.Technical students are future entrepreneurs in the technical market and they needleadership and management skills. 3.Increased number of WENA Companies that want Romanian technical students.B. Purpose: Develop leadership and management skills for technical studentsC. Objectives: 1.Support LC to define strategies to attract technical students 2.Define competencies to develop a TT Profile 3.Establish procedures for promoting on national recruitments 4.Establish procedures to match a TT ProfileD. How to approach:1. Market segmentation and product package: e.g. a. For Undergraduates that need XP: GIP TT at TATA Consultancy GIP TT with internships in local companies b. For Graduates who have XP: GIP TT in Cy Partnerships: GIP TT Austria, Finland2. Promotion: Custom message for each segmentation, presenting the benefits o Approach with: AIESEC technical talent : I am an AIESECer o Events and conferences with Technical Companies (you sell acces to youth to them) o External TMP/TLP in companies : internship teams (e.g. Change IT) o Strive for internship accreditation from the University to be more credible.3. Timeline: depending on LC student market reality and international sales peak; on ICX Recommendation: Spring recruitment in April and Autumn recruitment in Octomber/ November4. National support: National alignment on Program Recruitment; Support with market approach education, promo and selection materials; Analyze and track through SONA.5. LC Engagement:a. Presenting the Benefits: o Visibility in student market and corporate market o High incomes generator: from Raising and companies o Increase in quality and quantityb. Educate VPs : o Education plan for VPs on TT market approach o Planning meeting in march with current MCVP OGX and OGX VPs; Raising standards. Realizing visions
  3. 3. o NST on GIP : develop new initiatives c. R&R : o The LCs that reached their planning with receive a recognition. II. GIP ET strategyI propose the same strategy as GIP TT with some little differences: A. Market needs: 1. There are few job opportunities for these kind of students 2. Lack of opportunities to develop experience 3. New trend in AIESEC International D. How to approach 1. Market segmentation and product package: a. GIP ET – Develop future trainers b. GIP ET – International education program Strive for accreditation from Universities and Minister of Education.3. Taking into consideration the lack of Outgoing National Projects in AIESEC Romania, how willyou ensure the management and change of this situation and the LC engagement in implementingOutgoing National Projects? In my opinion, there are 2 National Projects that must be implemented next year: GIP and GCDP. Why?: Because we have to position them in the market. Another national project with a differentbrand will create confusion among students, a good example is the Erasmus Program. How?:  Create similar framework to National Projects:  Align timeline for promotion  Promotion method is made by each LC  Align message – national support  Selection date is set by each LC – national support  Align Induction – national support  Each LC chooses what market to approach.  For each pool deliver a specific message (e.g. – GIP TT – IT companies)LC Engagement:  Planning with VPs the terms  Education for VPs  Benefits: visibility, money, delivery time, partnerships, numbers, grants. 4. Present the initiatives, way of working with the LCs, difficulties and performance of the TOP AIESEC countries of each GN on GIP and GCDP outgoing in maximum 2 pages. Country Data Czech Republic  GCDP is based on national partnerships  Lack of segmentation on GIP  Recruitments on GIP are random  No national projects  Induction: preparation with companies and NGOs  Structure: OGX does the whole flow with promotion and selection, they receive cross-functional preparation from COMM and TM Raising standards. Realizing visions
  4. 4. Brazil  GCDP is based on the project Global Citizen.  GIP on Global Talents Program  3 OGX MCVPs: GIP,GCDP and X+L  LC strategy is based on MC strategy  Strong X+L strategy: EPs have TLP in country partnerships  Structure: Different strategies for GIP/GCDP  VPs from other CY in NSTs Poland  They used market segmentation and product package and develop new programs such as: Business Program,Technical Top Talent, HIV/AIDs.  The Recruitments is very flexible, at minumun 3 months.  National Projects: Discover Program and Teach the World  National Partnership on National projects: Discover Russia, Discover China etc.  Lack of TT realizations China  CEEDership Program in partnership with India: they send a CEED to raise TNs for their EPs  Reintegration program with companies for their GIP EPs  LC strategy is based on MC strategy  EPs are oriented to self-matching through TMP/TLP XP Egypt  National Projects: Business Stop,Cure, Discover with National Partnerships  Market segmentation and education for VPs and members on each market.  2 LCs bring 200 GCDPs 5. How will you ensure as MCVP of AIESEC in Romania that the International Internships LC VPs conduct their attributions on the Student niche on their local markets?From my experience, if there isn`t focus then, it`s not going to happen.Implementation plan: 1. Engage VPs through MBO (management by objectives) tool: set KPI and plan the term on priorities per quarters/months. 2. Develop campaigns for each priority on the right period (e.g. – Internship Accreditation Campaign in august – September, developing a tracking system, portfolio with recommendations from Universities etc) 3. NST members to keep track on each LC For long-term market research, I want to develop a partnership with Catalyst Solutions. They deliverin many cities the Employer`s Guide. Like this year, we could have a page in the Guide with ouropportunities and by helping them deliver the guide in every city, we could use the information from theiranalysis. The delivery could be assured by finding students who are willing to do this for an amount of cashoffered by Catalyst. 6. How will you manage the communication strategy of AIESEC Romania on GIP and GCDP taking into consideration the local and national recruitments campaigns, projects, initiatives and campaigns? Raising standards. Realizing visions
  5. 5. Communication strategy GIP/GCDP CSF 3. LCs Message alignment Objectives: CSF 1. Program branding CSF 2. Message guideline 1.Planning meetings with my Objectives: for LCs VPs(live or skype) 1. Branding the 2 programs Objectives: 2. Education packages with MCVP COMM/Media delivered with MCVP COMM Agency 1. Program brand toolkit (a. Program definition, b. Logo, for VPs and specialists of both 2.Develop a one-year c.General message, d. Value areas. communication plan for proposition for each category of 3. National support for national GIP/GCDP with MCVP stakeholders, e. Message recruitment campaigns (media COMM filters - e.g. we don`t promote and online communication job opportunities) campaigns/ comm materials, EP Profile etc 4. Tracking monthly through SONA indicators7. Analyze the performance on outgoing GIP & GCDP in the last 3 years in AIESEC Romania. How will you ensure a constant growth in quality and quantity on both GCDP and GIP on the following term? Strenghts: Strenghts: Strenghts: 28,25 % growth AIESEC XP Packages TATA Consultancy International strategy Partnership partnerships Good communication AIESEC XP Package 2011-2012 2009-2010 with VPs strategy 2010-2011 OGX national projects initiatives Functional NST International positioning Functional NST (education cycle for Sharing on procedures members, TTT for EPs) and know-how Weaknesses: X+L growth: 87 % Weaknesses: Realization rate ( 43%) growth Implementation of Lack of national Overall growth over 56 projects national projects % Tracking of national Decrease in MT Weaknesses: Realizations projects Lack of national Few Partnerships projects Unrealistic planning for Bottlenecks in TT LCs realizations Few partnerships Raising standards. Realizing visions
  6. 6. 2011-2012 growth strategyIn order to grow more, we need to develop our processes.The strategy is based on the key strong points from the last 3 terms and it`s designed to implement what isnecessary for the future terms Market positioning Implement HR processes LC Education • Program branding • Internal audit on processes • Develop Education • One-year communication (until April) Packages for VPs, specialist plan (national recruitment • GS & Career Planning for and members : - campaigns, projects, online) every EP with LCD: Strategic • Market assessments • Develop recruitment process management - with COMM: Brand management, direct • Pool diversifacation with Alumni/companies marketing, market • Align recruitments on every assessment etc quarter depending on market and international peaks • -with TM: Processes implementation ( Talent • X+L Strategy Planning, Talent GS & • HR Planning on each Career Planning, Talent program Education and Training etc.) • Develop education programs • with myself :) - platform (ICPS, DPs) procedures, • Reintegration raising,matching, reintegration , partnerships etc. • Knowledge management: wikis,bootklets • Education on approaching each pool: DT. MT, TT,ET etc. Raising standards. Realizing visions