Real World Challenges in SharePoint 2013 Search


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  • User segmentation
  • Understanding the components is importantUnderstanding the relationships and connections is the *most* important
  • RecallPrecision
  • “Join” by…FilterRefinementDisplaySort/Order
  • Resource: Configure properties of the Search Box Web Part in SharePoint Server 2013 (
  • Search is like a Window, not a security hole
  • New analytics processing component analyzes content in the search index and user actions that were performed on a site to identify items that users perceive as more relevant than others.Number of ViewsNumber of ClicksOverall item usageRecommendationSocial distance…
  • Real World Challenges in SharePoint 2013 Search

    1. 1. Real World Challenges in SharePoint 2013 Search AG N ES MO L N AR IN D EPEN D EN T C O N SU LTANT, EC M & SEAR C H EXPERT AG H Y@ AGHY.HU
    2. 2. Introduction – Agnes Molnar International SharePoint Consultant • 10+ Years SharePoint Experience • Information Architecture & ECM • Search SharePoint Server MVP • 6 Years SharePoint Server MVP • Speaking at Conferences around the world • Books, White Papers, Articles Contact • E-mail: • Blog: • Twitter: @molnaragnes
    3. 3. Search Experience in SharePoint 2013
    4. 4. Understanding the Search Flow Result Type Result Block Data Source Content Source Result Type Result Block Data Source Query Rule Data Source Query Rule Result Set Content Source metadata Data Source Query Rule Content Source Local Search Index Indexing Federation Remote Search index Refinement Panel Result Source Result Source Hover Panel Display Templates
    5. 5. Content Inventory SharePoint content (2013, 2010, …) ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ Intranet Department sites Project sites Internal KB File shares ◦ Sales repository (RFPs, proposals, etc.) ◦ Marketing documents (DMs, brochures, etc.) Web sites ◦ Company public web site ◦ Professional Know-How Web Sites (finance, IT, development, etc.) ◦ Common interest (stock, management, etc.) Exchange Public Folders ◦ Internal communication Business Data ◦ Direct Database access ◦ Web Service Custom connector ◦ SAP data ◦ CRM data
    6. 6. Types of Crawling Full Crawl Incremental Crawl Continuous Crawl
    7. 7. Search Federation
    8. 8. Crawl or Federate? – Where to get the content from? Crawl + Use Local Index: ◦ Pros: ◦ Full control over the index (crawl schedule, metadata included, etc.) and ranking model ◦ Results can be aggregated into one result set ◦ Common refiners (facets) ◦ Cons: ◦ Needs resources for the crawling process ◦ Needs storage to store the index Federate: ◦ Pros: ◦ Doesn’t need resources to crawl / store the index ◦ Cons: ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ Live Internet connection is required No control over the index No control over the ranking model No real aggregation with other result sources
    9. 9. Sorting the Results – Relevance Ranking “I’d like to see ALL the relevant results.” vs. “I don’t want to see anything that is not relevant (to me, in this context).”
    10. 10. Sorting the Results Custom Ranking Model ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ In complex scenarios When a new property has to be added to the model When more properties have to be included with weights On premises only Global Query Rules ◦ Sort by one or more Managed Property OR Apply a Ranking Model ◦ On premises and in O365 ◦ Available on different levels
    11. 11. Metadata in Search Crawled property: metadata extracted from the documents/items during the crawl. Managed property: mapped to crawled properties, controlled by Search Admins, helping users perform more efficient and successful queries: ◦ Refiners ◦ Displayed in Search Results ◦ Sorting Properties
    12. 12. Metadata in Search Crawled Property Managed Property Usage Refiner Author Display on Result Set CreatedBy Author Display on Hover Panel From Sorting by
    13. 13. Metadata – Entity Extraction in SharePoint 2013 How to get metadata if there’s no metadata? Entity Extraction • The process of tagging a document based on its content, by extracting its content and looking for matches in a dictionary Challenges/Limitations: • • • • • • Dictionary based word matching (Key, Display Form) Word extraction versus “real” entity extraction No entity types No entity hierarchy No integration with Managed Metadata Term Store Still hard to maintain
    14. 14. Using Managed Properties In Query Rules Refinement Result Type & Display Template 15 On Hover Panel © DEVintersection. All rights reserved.
    15. 15. Using Managed Properties Crawled Properties are created during crawl Managed Properties are filled in with values during crawl Planning Metadata is critical! Don’t create more Managed Properties than you need (or will need) Create/change all Managed Properties that you need (or will need) in a bunch Crawled Property inventory ◦ What we get from the source system? Managed Property inventory ◦ What we have in the index? ◦ What else we need? ◦ Missing mappings
    16. 16. Search Analytics “How to Improve the Search Experience?”
    17. 17. Search Analytics in SharePoint 2013
    18. 18. Search Analytics – Examples
    19. 19. Search Analytics – Examples
    20. 20. Governance Governing Search is essential No real support on the Admin UI Use Scripting Define responsibilities Define the process of taking actions Involve the end users
    21. 21. Want to Learn More? Blog: Twitter: @MolnarAgnes The Essential Guide to Enterprise Search in SharePoint 2013 (free e-book) Search Circle (subscription service for Search Managers) SharePoint Videos – online trainings: White Papers, online webinars and trainings for IA and Search Managers
    22. 22. Questions H T T P://AG HY.H U AG H Y@ AGHY.HU @ MOL NAR AGNES