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Modern Knowledge Management


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The classical “share your documents” approach is outdated. We expect the relevant information coming to us – but nothing else, as we want to avoid Information Overload as much as possible. Microsoft’s new Office Graph and Codename “Oslo” are coming to help us – but are they really the future of discovering and consuming information? In this contrarian session, I’m going to introduce the modern Knowledge Management paradigms and semantic approaches, as well as techniques and methods that can be used. As a key takeaway, attendees will understand how to overcome Information Overload in a proactive way.

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Modern Knowledge Management

  1. 1. Modern Knowledge Management Agnes Molnar Enterprise Search Consultant, Founder, MVP Search Explained
  2. 2. Introduction – Agnes Molnar • 8 years MVP (SharePoint, Office 365) • Enterprise Search, Information Architecture • Enterprise Search Consultant, Founder • Worldwide Consultancy, Guidance, Trainings, Workshops • Web: • Yammer: • Community: • Twitter: @molnaragnes • E-mail:
  3. 3. Agenda • Information Overload Challenges • Data vs. Information vs. Knowledge • Enterprise Search • Delve • Office Graph • Modern Knowledge Management
  4. 4. Search is Easy!?
  5. 5. Find is the REAL Challenge!
  6. 6. The Paradox of Content Less Content – Less Value More Content – More Garbage
  7. 7. Information Overload The average person receives 63,000 words of new information every day. Average length of a novel: 64.531 words
  8. 8. Social Overload • Emails • SharePoint • Yammer • LinkedIn • Facebook • Twitter • …
  9. 9. Data vs. Information vs. Knowledge • Data: Facts and figures of the World. Data is not organized. • Information: Contextualized, categorized, calculated and organized data. Has a purpose. • Knowledge: Understanding, experience, insight, intuition and information put into context.
  10. 10. Information Architecture The art and science of organizing and labeling the CONTENT (documents, web sites, blog posts, database entries, etc.) to support findability and usability
  11. 11. Metadata Taxonomy Content Types Sites Lists Document Libraries Folders Document Sets Workflows Content Organizer Rules User Profiles Audiences … Information Architecture
  12. 12. Knowledge Management The process of capturing, developing, sharing, and effectively using organizational knowledge
  13. 13. Knowledge Management People Processes Technology Culture Structure Community Intellectual Capital
  14. 14. Knowledge Management Codification Personalization Rewards Storytelling Cross-project learning After action reviews Knowledge Mapping Expert directories Best Practice transfer Competence management Knowledge repositories Collaborative technologies Knowledge brokers Social software Inter-project knowledge transfer
  15. 15. Search Connects people to the information they need to get their jobs done
  16. 16. Findability vs. Search
  17. 17. Search vs. Discovery
  18. 18. Delve: to carry on intensive research for data or information; investigate
  19. 19. Office Graph An Introduction
  20. 20. Manager Direct report Works with Shared with me Viewed by me Trending around me Presented to me Liked by me
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  23. 23. Search Social Enterprise Intelligence Big Data
  24. 24. Knowledge Management – Work Like a Network
  25. 25. Knowledge = Users + Content + Context Content UsersContext
  26. 26. Thank You! Web: Yammer: Twitter: @molnaragnes / @SearchExplained E-mail:
  27. 27. Ne zaboravite ispuniti upitnike. Čekaju vas vrijedne nagrade!