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B4 c catchment present chinese delegation dec 09


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  • 1. General Information And Slideshow Presentation for Chinese Delegation from Australia China Environment Development Partnership December 2009 Presented By : B4CBulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee
  • 2. Who Are We? B4C• Non profit environment group• Formed in 1997• Grass roots group in Brisbane Queensland• Working to protect and enhance the urban environment.• Funding from Ecosystems Services Unit, special purpose grants, sponsorshipSouth East Queensland• is the fastest growing region in Australia• is one of the most biodiversity rich areas ofAustraliaPowerful Owl is a vulnerable species found innatural reserves in our catchment
  • 3. • Brisbane City comprises the Brisbane Riverand over 30 creek catchments.• 10 of these creek catchments have organisedcatchment committees and are assisted withpaid coordinators by Brisbane City Council.• The creek catchments are relatively small.Bulimba Creek is 122 km2 and is the secondlargest.
  • 4. Catchments impacted by urban development,tree clearing, damaging land uses and weeds.Brisbane hasn’t been planned well andinfrastructure, services and inappropriate landuse, including filling and building on floodplains and waterway corridors are a problem. Oxbow area of the Bulimba Creek catchment
  • 5. Bulimba Creek Catchment Map.Covering areas including:•Hemmant•Tingalpa•Carina•Mansfield•Rochedale•Sunnybank
  • 6. Problems Facing Catchments.Human Impacts:•Roads & Powerlines•Tree Clearing – Habitat Loss•Erosion•Rubbish Dumping• Weeds•Mountain Bikes•Domestic animals•Fire•Pollution•4wd Vehicles
  • 7. HUMAN IMPACTS: Roads And Powerlines Infrastructure often follows the green corridor
  • 8. 2007-9 Infrastructure Developments in Bulimba Creek CatchmentPort of Brisbane Motorway Stage 2Gateway Motorway UpgradeEastern BuswayScrub Road extensionWestern Corridor Recycled PipelineBrisbane Aquifer ProjectSalisbury to Kuraby Rail extensionPowerlink upgrade in middle & lower catchment
  • 9. HUMAN IMPACTS: Land Clearing Bushland habitat is cleared for housing, industry, roads, rail, power and water. Loss of habitat adversely affects fauna & flora.
  • 10. HUMAN IMPACTS: Bike Riding Mountain bikes can cause enormous erosion problems that affect habitat and water quality.
  • 11. HUMAN IMPACTS: 4WD Vehicles Before rehabilitation Uncontrolled recreation uses can cause erosion and habitat loss, affecting water quality.Afterrehabilitation
  • 12. Weeds Weeds in bushland are mainly from garden escapees, dispersal of seeds by animals, wind and water. Planting natives enhances habitat.
  • 13. Who Works To Preserve Our Catchment?Community Involvement From:• Strategic Planning – lobbying governments• Environmental Services Unit • Revegetation & Rehabilitation •Weed Control• Bushcare• Community Nursery• Water testing• Displays and public education. Collection of rubbish from area near Hemmant quarry reserve with bushcare
  • 14. Who Works To Preserve Our Catchment?LANDWATCH• Strategic Planning – lobbying governments • Letters and meetings with local, state and federal government representatives • Protecting bushland from development • Protecting waterways • Reporting incidents (tree clearing, special fauna sightings, fauna deaths) • Planning meetings for bikeways, sewer alignment, flood taskforce, park landscaping
  • 15. Who Works To Preserve Our Catchment?ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES UNIT • Revegetation & Rehabilitation • Weed Control Cut and paste to kill vines Plants established and guarded. One year on.Erecting a fence tokeep wallabies awayfrom new plants
  • 16. Who Works To Preserve Our Catchment?CORPORATE TREE PLANTINGLenards volunteers planted 880 native species in one day Westpac Bank Volunteers spreading mulch for weed control Corporate volunteers have assisted with weed control and tree planting for many years. We run about 6 days per year with groups referred through Landcare. Price Waterhouse Coopers volunteer digging holes for plants
  • 17. Who Works To Preserve Our Catchment? BUSHCAREClearing lantana beforeplanting native species Creating habitat for wildlife Habitat Brisbane groups across Brisbane care for bushland and waterway corridors in Council-owned areas. Groups range in size from 5 to 40 members who generally work for 2 hours per month.
  • 18. Who Works To Preserve Our Catchment? COMMUNITY NURSERY Volunteers collect seed and propagate over 20,000 native plants each year to be planted in public and private land and schoolsRare plant Zieriapropagated andplanted at Belmont Nursery area has been planted with natives to show residents how it will grow
  • 19. SOUTHSIDESUSTAINABILITY CENTREObjectives• Create a learning centre devoted to theteaching of the principles of sustainability• Provide an easily accessible display centrethat promotes the use of sustainabletechnologies• Provide a benchmark for not-for-profitenvironmental organisations trying to effectbehavioural change in the community• Provide a safe and educational facility forvolunteers• Create a native and indigenous permaculturecommunity garden
  • 20. SOUTHSIDE SUSTAINABILITY CENTRE Sponsors, Partners and SupportersPowerlink own the siteBrisbane City Council Grant for Solar Panels Assistance with Community GardenState Government Low Carbon Diet Grant – workshopsFederal Government Water Grant for tanks to collect rain waterCaltex $3000 per year over 3 years for nurseryTransfield Services $2000 per year over 3 years for nurseryLandcare Holden $5000 for 2 years for permaculture areaWestern Corridor Pipeline $10000 to renovate building
  • 21. Who Works To Preserve Our Catchment? WATER TESTING Regular testing for water quality monitors oxygen levels, dissolved salts, pH, turbidity and phosphorus
  • 22. Waterweed Removal Water hyacinth chokes the wetlandsVolunteers from schools and corporate groups as well as B4C have been battling thehyacinth problem at Tingalpa for ten years
  • 23. Community Involvement BEFORE DURING Salvin Park Rehabilitation at Carindale Over 5000 plants in 5 yearsAFTER September 2005
  • 24. B4C Education Programs • Extensive program of presentations and field tours • Approximately 800 students involved in 2008 • Primary, secondary and tertiary education • Twinning Days with 4 primary schools, rotating through 4 environmental activities • Community days and presentations to organisations - National Tree Day, Weed Buster Week, Clean Up Australia Day, Threatened Species Week • Twinning Program involving schools in Brisbane, Gulf schools and France
  • 25. ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION Senior School Science - Natural regeneration of mangrovesTree planting in schools Wildlife presentation How to throw a boomerang
  • 26. TWINNING PROJECT • Dream River Art Project • Healthy Food Gardens project - secured funding from Sidney Myer Foundation, Landcare Australia , Pat Purcell MP, International River Foundation, Brisbane City Council - set up vegetable gardens and fruit orchard in Doomadgee, Gregory River, Burketown, Mt Petrie & Tingalpa
  • 27. TWINNING PROJECT – Dream River Art Dream River Calendar now in its second year. Art from students from Thailand, France, Brisbane and northern Australia. Sharing children’s thoughts and dreams about a healthy environment.Tingalpa, Brisbane Thailand France
  • 28. Bulimba Creek Environment Fund • Registered fund for accepting donations • Tax deductible status • Purpose is to raise funds to enhance and protect natural areas through • Educational initiatives • Research • On ground rehabilitation • Lobbying governments
  • 29. RECOGNITION OF OUR EFFORTS2009 Landcare Queensland - Urban Landcare Award2005 National Thiess River Prize2005 Healthy Waterways Award – Community Group in SE Qld2004 Healthy Waterways Award – Community Group in SE Qld2004 Australia Day Award – Community Group in Mansfield Electorate2003 Healthy Waterways Award – Community Group in SE Qld2001 Landcare Queensland – Community Group Award 2005 2004 2009
  • 30. From: Your Presenter Will NowAnswer Any Questions You May Have!