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Derm iwc chinese delegation rc presentation 30 nov 09


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Derm iwc chinese delegation rc presentation 30 nov 09

  1. 1. 2
  2. 2. 5% Total average annual water consumption 2% 2% is about 4,500 GL/a 4% 10% Agriculture Household Water supply, sewerage and drainage services Manufacturing11% Mining Electricity and gas 67% Other industries Source: ABS 2006
  3. 3. Institutional to ensure Reform to definecommercial relationship viability of between damwater service Planning Reform owner, provision customer/water user and regulator to ensure certainty, security, transparency and confidence on planning outcomes/processes Pricing Entitlements Reform Reform to define ‘product’ and ‘price’
  4. 4. State Development and Public Works Organisation Act 1971(SDPWO Act) –Integrated Planning Act 1997Environmental Protection Act 1994South East Queensland Water (Restructuring) Act 2007 –Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999
  5. 5. (1) Water Conservation Programs• WaterWise Schools education program• Home and Garden WaterWise Rebate Scheme (completed)• Home WaterWise Service (completed)• Business water efficiency program• Target 140 residential campaign and other QWC restriction targets(2) Rural Water Use Efficiency Initiative• An industry + government partnership that supports irrigators to improve on-farm water management practices and reduce their off-farm impacts• Industries involved: sugar, fruit and vegetable, cotton and irrigated grains, dairy and nurseries(3) Great Artesian Basin Sustainability Initiative (C’th/State)• Stabilise aquifer pressures and minimise wasted water resources in the Great Artesian Basin, through control of discharge from uncontrolled bores.• Replace open bore drains with piped water reticulation systems.(4) Statewide Water Metering Program• Fundamental element of water reform• Up to date information, consistent standards, and new technologies
  6. 6. (1) Water Accounting• Development of rigorous water accounting to support the water reform agenda, including informed planning and management decisions• Pilot project - Pioneer Valley catchment(2) SEQ Urban Water Security Research Alliance• A 5 year, $50 million alliance between Qld Government, CSIRO, UQ and GU• Reliable, safe and innovative wastewater recycling, stormwater use and aquifer storage/use(3) Queensland Climate Change Centre of Excellence• Developing tools and approaches to enhance flexibility and adaptation• Improving capacity to include climate change in our models(4) Northern Australia Land & Water Assessment• A Commonwealth project to support the Task Force that is examining potential sustainable development of land and water resources in Northern Australia(5) Other Alliances and Collaborations• Centre of Excellence in Water Recycling (Brisbane), eWater Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), CRC Irrigation Futures, CRC Cotton Catchment Communities, Singapore MoU