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Plant A Tree Today Foundation (PATT)


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Plant A Tree Today Foundation (PATT)

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Plant A Tree Today Foundation (PATT)

  1. 1. Plant A Tree Today Foundation (PATT) “Saving the Planet One Tree at a Time” ANDREW G. STEEL Chief Executive Officer THE TREEDOM GROUP
  2. 2. Who are we? • UK registered Charity (Since 2006) • Registered Thai Foundation (Since 2009) • Project supporter: donor / fundraiser/ Implementation partner • Work primarily in Thailand, completed projects throughout S.E. Asia • Malaysia • Vietnam • Sri Lanka • Indonesia • India • South Africa (Table Top Mountain)
  3. 3. PATT´s Mission• Raise Awareness on environmental issues• Implement reforestation projects• Assist with climate change mitigation• Environmental Education “ Saving the planet one tree at a time”
  4. 4. Aims of our projects• To plant native tree species to restore the forest for conservation and sustainable use of people as well as to improve soil quality• To contribute to climate stability through carbon sequestration in the forest, above and below ground biomass• To develop area for schools and communities to use as a recreation site and an outdoor education facility
  5. 5. Village Development Programme (VDP)A simple but effective way to; • Help the environment through• Eradicate Poverty reforestation• Create Sustainability • In exchange for planting and• Tackle Gender Equality protecting the trees, capital is• Prevent Urban Migration donated to villagers to establish a• Combat Climate Change micro-credit cooperative bank • Micro-credit can be a powerful tool for poverty alleviation • Villagers are required to care for the forest and replant any dead trees or risk having funds withdrawn from the bank
  6. 6. VDP- Tree Planting and Rural Development in BanNoen Thong village, Buriram, Thailand• Planting over 12,000 native trees• Partnering with well-known local development organisation PDA• Nursery implemented and managed by youth committee• Working closely with the community to plant, maintain, and protect the forests• Community cooperative bank established to provide micro-credit loans to villagers• Funded through trees for offsets
  7. 7. Six Senses:Reforestation Project• PATT Foundation, Equitech and Six Senses Resort & Spa has engaged to implement one of Asia’s largest reforestation projects launched in August 2011.• 330,000 seedlings of 30 different tree species to be planted annually• Bought from 200 different small village nurseries.• 90 local villagers from three hill tribes and 200 military officers were engaged in the planting.• Offsetting up to 180,000 tonnes of carbon emissions per year• 84% of Six Senses carbon footprint is air travel• Forest restoration using framework species• Local community involvement
  8. 8. Reforestation projects :Khao Yai, Sap Tai and PATT Nursery• Thailand’s oldest and one of the country’s largest national parks• A UNESCO World Heritage site• A substantial and important tropical forest ecosystem• Sap Tai - Forest Restoration and Environmental Education• PATT Nursery Map of Khao Yai National Park
  9. 9. Forest Restoration Project:Phra Padeang• The largest green pocket area close to Bangkok Planting site Song Kanong• Addressed by the Time Magazine as “the best urban oasis of Asia” in 2006• The land for tree planting is State land dedicated to environmental development and conservation• This land is situated in communities and has a very special characteristic• Rebuild natural forest• Take action against climate change (Trees absorb carbon dioxide, while releasing oxygen. Forests act as carbon sinks and 1 tree can store between 500kg – 1t of CO2 over its lifetime
  10. 10. Education program• School tree nursery program, set up nurseries in 17 Int. schools and 14 Thai schools (Bangkok, Khao Yai, Chiang Rai)• Run a successful school holiday program Eco- Kids• Run over 60 field trips for schools in Bangkok• Run climate change & forest workshops in over 25 schools• Undertaken workplace staff training for several companies e.g. Chivasom, Jebson and Jesson.• Duke of Edinburgh Award -PATT Foundation can Facilitate or Co-ordinate your D of E
  11. 11. Why Companies choose to work with PATT PATT has great media appeal and PR value
  12. 12. Internationally recognized • UNEP: Billion Tree Campaign • UN Environment Programme • UN International Year of Forests 2011 • Development of joint global portal • United Nations SEED Award
  13. 13. Our Partners
  14. 14. Latest Project: Help us to rebuild the forest 200 Rai forest restoration located Mae Na Park Chiang Mai• Forest restoration 200 rai• Forestry research 35 rai• Area 3 Wildlife pre-release facility 100 rai• Non timber forest product (NTFP) production 800 rai• Education centre – built on the reservoir•Community Facility
  15. 15. Mae Na Park Poverty alleviation – through job creation and development of viable second revenue streams. Environmental protection – through sustainable agro- forestry & biodiversity management.Environmental education and research – the use Animal release – rehabilitationof each of the above projects as both classroom and phased release of smalland research resource for international and local animals back into their naturalThai schools, as well as to educate villagers from habitat.beyond the immediate area on the financial and Animal Conservation & Wildlifeenvironmental benefits of collaboration between Trafficking - the protection ofcommunities, local and international businesses animals in the wild andfor the mutual benefit of all involved. education on wildlife trafficking.
  16. 16. Why ……… “We do not inherit the planet from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”
  17. 17. THANK YOU ANDREW G. STEEL Chief Executive Officer THE TREEDOM GROUP