General Information and Resources - Green Churches and Earth Care


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General Information and Resources - Green Churches and Earth Care

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General Information and Resources - Green Churches and Earth Care

  1. 1. Simple Sustainable Steps Why Do We Care? General• Promote worship services dedicated to the moral obligation for creation’s care, including Earth is our home. We are part of this world and its destiny is our own. We, as Information Earth Day services. people of faith, are called to join with• Recycle materials used on the church others to halt practices that fuel global and Resources warming/climate change, to instigate property. sustainable alternatives, and to mitigate• Form a group in your congregation to the impending effects of climate advance environmental awareness and disruption. Our faiths dictate that we sustainable practices. Join the Sustainable must commit to a renewed reverence for Sanctuary Coalition. all life, all creation, and all existence.• Discourage disposables and encourage members to use durable tableware such as We affirm the following norms of social plates, metal utensils, and mugs. and environmental responsibility:• Offer environmental education programs JUSTICE: We must create right for children, youth, and adults. relationships, to ensure for all members of the earth community the conditions required for• Involve youth of the church in environmental their flourishing. actions and programs.• Conserve energy: SUSTAINABILITY: In covenant with o Conduct an energy audit to enable en- humanity and all other living creatures, we are ergy efficiency and conservation. called upon to be responsible for our truly o Encourage members to reduce energy long-term impacts. usage resulting in economic savings. o Consider renewable energy sources BIORESPONSIBILITY: All species such as solar power. deserve a “fair share” of Earth’s bounty. Our mission is• Purchase responsibly. Buy recycled paper products and non-toxic chemical cleaners. SOLIDARITY: We are committed to the to encourage sustainable global common good.• Support fair trade and sustainable living initiatives in faith farming practices by buying, serving, or HUMILITY: We recognize the limits of communities. selling fair trade coffee and other products. human knowledge, technical ingenuity, and moral character.• On your grounds, o Grow native plants, grasses, and ground (Paraphrased from the United Church of Christ’s “Open Letter to For more information, contact: covers to conserve water and ensure Church and Society,” and the Unitarian Universalist Association Statement of Conscience on “Threat of Global Warming/Climate successful landscape. Change.”) or Jerry at 913-568-4250 o Avoid toxic pesticides, herbicides, and 3/07 fertilizers. o Compost organic material, e.g., leaves, lawn clippings, and food scraps.
  2. 2. Resources for Faith Examples ….Communities All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church St. Paul United Methodist ChurchThe Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Kansas City, Missouri Independence, MissouriLife • “Eat Your Values” lunches • Landscape conversion to organic • Earth Flag flown practices • Recharge and recycle batteries • Butterfly and hummingbird gardensEarth Ministry • Sponsor documentary films and created by church youth forums • Organic composting facility • Information on recycling, hazardousEco-Justice Ministries Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church waste disposal, and cleaning alternatives. Overland Park, KansasEvangelical Environmental Network • Paper and aluminum recycling by youth to fund mission trips Shawnee Mission Unitarian Universalist • Use recycled paper in the church ChurchThe National Council of Churches office Overland Park, Kansas • Energy efficient upgrades • Stream clean-up participation • Bridging the Gap Earth Day WalkNational Religious Partnership for the St. Andrew Christian Church participationEnvironment Olathe, Kansas • Paper recycling • Conservation display prepared by • Straw bale construction (Hearth Room) youthPresbyterians for Restoring Creation • Natural landscaped areas • Building use policy The United Methodist Church of theThe Regeneration Project/Interfaith Power & • Fair Trade Coffee ResurrectionLight Leawood, Kansas • Parking lot run-off reclamation ponds • Energy efficient HVAC with remoteReligious Witness for the Earth control • Paper recycling Solar panels on roof reduce use of power from the grid • Landscaping with native plantsUnitarian Universalist Ministry for Earth Village Presbyterian ChurchU.S. Environmental Protection Agency Prairie Village, Kansas; • Motion-activated lighting search for congregations • Computer reclamation ministry • Environmental educationFor the K.C. Metro area: Bridging the Gap • Purchase recycled paper, non-toxic chemicals, and alternatives to Styrofoam We should think of our resources not as having been left to us by our parents, Printed on Recycled Paper Photo Courtesy of Unity Church of Sussex, NJ but as having been loaned to us by our children. --A Kenyan Proverb