ICEW 2013 Rene Otto - Providing Leadership to influence Customer Experience


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Specialists in short-term insurance, MiWay has a turnover of 1bn RSA achieved in less than five years. See how leadership from the top has built the brand, with the CEO 'owning' CE.

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ICEW 2013 Rene Otto - Providing Leadership to influence Customer Experience

  1. 1. MiWay presentation Providing leadership to influence customer experience René Otto 13 March 2013
  2. 2. MiWay built a company: • With 170,000 clients • Turnover of R1 billion p/a • Over 1,000 staff members • In 4 ½ years About MiWay MiWay is essentially: • A service orientated business • Customer experience is paramount
  3. 3. The MiWay Story 1. The Regulatory Landscape 2. MiWay’s customer experience: three key differentiators 3. Four core values 4. Value of accountability 5. Value based culture 6. How do we know it works? 7. How did we achieve this?
  4. 4. • Consumer Protection Act • Treating Customers Fairly • Good business sense for sustainable success 1. The Regulatory Landscape
  5. 5. 2. MiWay Customer Experience Designed around three key differentiators, namely: • Unique on-line experience • Loyalty rewards regardless of claims made • Client service focus embedded in culture
  6. 6. Culture is based on four core values, namely: • Freedom • Attitude • Energy • Accountability 3. Core Values
  7. 7. 4. Value of Accountability • The value of accountability specifically relates to keeping promises made to our customers. • We have zero tolerance approach to staff who don’t keep promises to clients. • If you can’t get something basic right , you can’t work at MiWay.
  8. 8. 5. Values Based Culture The values based culture, which forms the invisible force that drives behaviour towards colleagues and customers, is inculcated through: • Induction • Peer review (weekly Samurai Sword floating trophy) • All forms of communication built around the four values.
  9. 9. 6. How do we know it works? • – in management’s email in-boxes • Ask Afrika Orange Index Award • Deloitte’s Best Company To Work For • Ombudsman Award • Feedback on Website
  10. 10. 7. How did we achieve this? • Leadership from the top • Actively managing Hellopeter rating • Courageous decision to allow client feedback on MiWay website • Engagement of every staff member via peer review • Making heroes of those who display the right behaviour • Zero tolerance of wrong behaviour
  11. 11. 8. How did we achieve this? • Believing in our people • “It is not the task of leadership to put greatness into people, but to elicit it – the greatness is there already.” – John Buchan.
  12. 12. • CEO needs to ‘own’ customer experience, together with the rest of the team. Its not a function that can be delegated to an Exco role. It requires leadership from the top. • Courageous decisions often lead to great rewards. • Culture drives behaviour. The right culture drives the right behaviour. • Staff engagement is a winning recipe. 9. Narrative
  13. 13. Thank you