ICEW 2013 Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones - Building the Brand and Influence of Social Media


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Wilfred is the only black farmer in the UK, who has used social media and entrepreneurial skills to build a well-known brand in the UK stocked in all major outlets. He is an inspirational speaker with a social conscience.

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ICEW 2013 Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones - Building the Brand and Influence of Social Media

  1. 1. ICEW 12 – 13 March 2013 The Maslow Hotel, Sandton, Johannesburg
  2. 2. The Black Farmer Range
  3. 3. Available in all UK supermarkets
  4. 4. • My Background – Raised in poverty in Jamaica and then Birmingham – Lived and worked in inner cities – Aspired to a life working in the English countryside - bringing urban and rural communities closer – Career in food (BBC TV + Marketing)
  5. 5. • Why The Black Farmer? • Devon neighbours adopted the term to describe the rare phenomenon of a black man in British farming
  6. 6. • My strategy – Maverick brand, challenge the status quo – To be the No 1 premium branded pork sausage in the UK market – the Gold standard – Promote Gluten Free commitment – Develop a real relationship with our consumers
  7. 7. • I was the new kid on the block • There was serious competition from established big brands • David to their Goliath • The Black Farmer had to be better and offer more: – British meat – Gluten free – Proactive social initiatives
  8. 8. 1. What our company stands for is as important as what we sell 2. More than just its products - our brand should look to offer hope Two important ground rules for everything The Black Farmer does:
  9. 9. Consumers want to engage with real people. Gone are the days where you can hide behind a corporate structure. Think Richard Branson, think Bill Gates The Black Farmer brand is the embodiment of me and my life story. People are buying into my beliefs and behaviour. I owe them honesty, transparency and genuine communication
  10. 10. I love my consumer • My consumer is my sales force • I take time talking to them • I look after them - Every email, letter and phone call to The Black Farmer is responded to personally and everyone gets something for taking the trouble to get in touch with us … a coupon, mug or T shirt
  11. 11. I involve them in trying to get listings…
  12. 12. I give them money can’t buy offers… …a holiday on The Black Farmer’s farm …a signed copy of The Black Farmer cookbook
  13. 13. The Black Farmer has embraced Social Media It is the perfect platform to develop strong personal relationships with our consumers
  14. 14. • The Black Farmer has – Daily contact and interaction with consumers – More fans and followers than any other premium sausage brand – Facebook: 9137 fans – Twitter: 4010 followers – YouTube – we post videos of life on the farm, new products, recipes on our website and YouTube for all to share
  15. 15. • Run a programme of competitions – Signed cook books – Holidays at the farm – Money off coupons
  16. 16. • Twitter – We identify relevant conversation streams and intercept with useful information about The Black Farmer brand • Coeliac • Gluten free diet • Sausages – Responses are appreciative and engaging
  17. 17. • Media – The Black Farmer most high profile brand – Year long schedule of talks and personal appearances – Sought out for comment on food, farming and entrepreneurialism – TV, Radio and editorial contributions – Regular award winner