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Leadership artifact customer service, values, & working styles


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Leadership artifact customer service, values, & working styles

  1. 1. CUSTOMER SERVICE, VALUES, & WORKING STYLES The domino effect of a happy, no ‘I-d’ team. Presented by: Nicole Cartier
  2. 2. A SHORT CLIP . . .
  4. 4. ACTIVITY ONE • Ground Rules: • Personal activity—nothing leaves this room • Silent activity • Consider reflecting personally and professionally as we move through this activity . . . Any others? • Step 1: Organize/ sort your squares into rows by color.
  5. 5. ACTIVITY ONE (CONT.) • Blue • Think about four material items you value the most. Write down one response per square. • Pink • Write down the four people who are most important to you. • They can be family members, friends, mentors, professors, etc., • Only one person per square (i.e. you cannot put “friends” or “family” on one square because this includes more than one person—please be specific).
  6. 6. ACTIVITY ONE (CONT.) • Green • Think about four memories that you always want to have and write them down. • Whether they are good, bad, or tough memories you have learned from, do your best to define them. • What about them led you to becoming the person you are today? • Orange • Think about four goals that you find important to set for your future and write them down.
  7. 7. ACTIVITY ONE (CONT.) • Purple • Write down four places that are important to you; these can include anything from hometowns to residence halls—as long as they are physical places. Now . . . Look over these values for the next few minutes. Think about why they are important to you and the sentiments, memories, or whatever it may be that comes with them.
  8. 8. ACTIVITY ONE (CONT.) • Take away six values. When you take them away, they are no longer a part of your life (i.e. you never met that person or went to that place; you never had possession of that item; you are not working towards that goal). • Take away five more. Same context applies. • Take away four more. Same context applies. • Take away two more. Same context applies. You should be left with your top three values in life: the values that influence who you are on a daily basis.
  9. 9. DEBRIEF (CHALLENGE BY CHOICE) • What values are you left with, and why are they important to you? • What values did you find the easiest to eliminate and why? • What did you learn from this activity? Did you discover anything new about yourself? • Do you think these same values will be as important to you in 5, 10, 20 years? • Did you find this activity easy? What about it was challenging? Let’s transition to the next activity . . . • How do you feel your values affect the work that you do?
  10. 10. ACTIVITY TWO
  11. 11. ACTIVITY TWO (CONT.) Please total your score for each color based on the numbers you wrote for each letter. For example, if, for the first box, box A, it was number 3 in the row, that 3 counts towards your orange score. *Hint: The total of your four scores should equal 50.
  12. 12. ACTIVITY TWO (CONT.) • Blue • Relationship-Oriented • Gold • Structured-Oriented • Green • Cognitive-Oriented • Orange • Impulse-Oriented
  13. 13. DEBRIEF (CHALLENGE BY CHOICE) • How do you feel about your results? Do you agree with them; do you think they’re accurate? • What do you find challenging about working with people with other primary colors? • What does your primary color add to a team? Specifically, what qualities do you feel you contribute to this team? • What do you think are some of the challenges about your primary color? • After looking at some of the characteristics and styles of your primary color(s), what are some of your needs? • With a better understanding of one another and your personal styles, how do you think you can utilize this information to continue to work or improve on working together effectively?