TIE Magazine #3: TWZ


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Further growth for EDI in Austria: ‘In modern business, the automated exchange of messages – Electronic Data
Interchange (EDI) – has become an indispensable link. Only flexible software solutions that are stable and reliable are good enough for this.´ (Florian Winkler, the
managing director of TWZ Vertriebsgesellschaft m.b.H)

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TIE Magazine #3: TWZ

  1. 1. Text Cees Steijger ~ Photography TWZ BUSINESS INTEGRATION Further growth for EDI in Austria ‘In modern business, the automated exchange of messages – Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) – has become an indispensable link. Only flexible software solutions that are stable and reliable are good enough for this.´S o says Florian Winkler, the Christian, who founded TWZ in 1987. From the very valued by our custom- managing director of TWZ start, TWZ focused on EDI, and later on e-commerce. ers,” says Florian. The Vertriebsgesellschaft m.b.H, At that time, electronic data interchange was already TIE Messaging Portal isthe fast-growing EDI specialist based pretty well established but it really took flight with used mostly by TWZ’sin Seekirchen in Austria. EDI has now the advent of the Internet in the nineteen-nineties. larger customers. “Thebeen TWZ’s core business for more That Christian Winkler was ahead of his time shows Messaging Portal is athan twenty years. At TWZ, a small in the rapid growth of the company, which also now very stable EDI productteam of five specialists serves no less does business with customers in Germany as well as with a programmablethan 300 customers throughout the with small and large customers in Austria itself. “Our browser interface andentire country, including familiar strength lies in specialisation,” says Christian fully enables you to usenames such as Unilever Austria, Sony Winkler. “We offer the entire range of electronic data the EDI application as aDADC Austria, Boehringer Ingelheim, interchange, including the implementation of server application.”Porsche Infromatik and many others. conversion and communication software, developingTWZ works out of a futuristic, interfaces between existing Enterprise Resource Plan- Extra require-inspiring office - an architectural ning (ERP) systems and, of course, ments TWZ sees ‘Flexibilitylandmark that looks out over the valley cooperating with the ERP supplier. the EDI market inof the beautiful Salzburger Seenland Because of our 100% specialisation in Austria continuing toand is only fifteen minutes by car from EDI, we have built up considerable grow. In order toSalzburg, the city of Mozart. The knowledge and experience over the is the basis maintain its leadingcontrast between this natural decor years and we’re now generally seen as position in this growthof tranquillity and space and TWZ’shigh-tech business could not be greater. the EDI leader in Austria.” TWZ’s specialisation in EDI has of our market, TWZ has focused mainly onAhead of his time We spoke to also resulted in an excellent reputation as a partner with suppliers of ERP cooperation innovation. And this is also a necessary moveFlorian Winkler and his father systems. “We invest a lot in the relationship with ERP software with TIE’ because the market is developing rapidly. The suppliers that now want to carry out way of doing business large-scale projects in collaboration and the method of operating are changing, with us,” says Florian Winkler. “We mostly due to the influence of the Internet. can do that because we are able to For example, take electronic invoicing, implement state-of-the-art EDI which is also making rapid advances in software that’s tailored exactly to Austria. The Austrian Tax Department is specific ERP projects. This flexibility imposing extra requirements for this is also the basis of our cooperation method of invoicing. For example, a closed with TIE Kinetix, which dates back network must be used for EDI and the to 1994.” invoice must have an advanced electronic Originally TWZ exclusively used signature or other way of guaranteeing the TIE Quickstart solution for all that the invoice is authentic. The EDI small and medium-sized customers. provider must supply this. “We have to Since the beginning of 2010, all TWZ’s continue to innovate,” says Florian. “And customers have received TIE’s new we’re happy that our partner TIE actively SmartStart solution. “This EDI anticipates changes and enables us to be software is very advanced and provides always ready to satisfy the requirements a fantastic user interface that is highly set for modern EDI.”P14 ~ 2011 ~ TIE