TIE Kinetix Magazine #3


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In this Issue:
- Synergy between Technology and Experience: An Interview with CNET Content Solution's VP, Sean Murphy
- TIE Kinetix new Partner Program: A Win-Win for Growth
- Capgemini chooses TIE EDI platform exclusively for retailers
- Newco Food Retail opted for TIE Kinetix tailor-made solution

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TIE Kinetix Magazine #3

  1. 1. Synergy Bon Appetit between Technology Online meals from and Experience Newco Food Company An Interview with CNET Content Solution’s VP, Sean Murphy A Win-Win for Growth TIE’s new partner program Number three ~ 2011Capgemini selects TIE EDI platform ~ Content Syndication with Siemens ~ Behind the Button 2
  2. 2. www.tiekinetix.com Would you like to boost lead generation and maximize sales throughout the partner community? Now you can! Content Syndication Platform Business Integration Platform E-commerce Platform Content Syndication with TIE Kinetix Are you a channel marketer looking to reactive your channel community? Easily increase and optimize lead generation and online sales through your e-tailers and channel partners faster and more efficiently. For more information, go to http://contentsyndication.tiekinetix.com. TIE Kinetix is an award winning, global leader of supply chain solutions. Our innovative content syndication, e-commerce and business integration technology allows our customers to minimize the energy needed to connect partners, deliver content and obtain profit faster and more efficiently. TIE Kinetix holds more than 23 years in business and continues to develop and implement international e-commerce and SaaS standards today. TIE is a listed company with offices in the United States, Australia, France and the Netherlands. For more information, visit www.tiekinetix.com.
  3. 3. CONTENT INTRO PartneringCNET 4 Partnering requires a sense of true cooperation, based on mutualP07 Column James M. Dorsey trust and open communication.P08 Zippo Only then can a successfulP09 Column Patrick van Boom working relationship be formed,P10 Newco Food Retail which is profitable for both parties.P12 Capgemini F or nearly 25 years now, we have been supplying software solutions for the supply chain. Much of14 our success is thanks to the stable and long-term orientation of partnerships in our solutions for business integration, content syndication and e-commerce. As far as we are concerned, partnering is all about sharing opportunities and possibilities, sharing challenges and problems, in order to share turnover and profit in the end. This forms also the basis for our strategic alliance with the Swedish software specialist Medius.TWZ We have enjoyed successful strategic partnerships for many years, such as that with Epicor, the ERP specialist with more thanP15 Behind The Button 20,000 clients worldwide. In this TIE Magazine, we shall be introduc- ing you to another important partner: CNET Content Solutions, part ofP16 Siemens CBS Interactive. In the cover story, Sean Murphy, Vice President and General Manager of CNET Content Solutions, tells of the long-termP17 News & Gadgets partnership with TIE Kinetix. For Sean Murphy, the cooperation with TIE Kinetix is an essential commercial and technological component in the management process, a component that enables CNET to hold a competitive market position. Masthead TWZ from Austria is another partner with whom TIE has worked for many years. On page 14, owner Florian Winkler explains howPublication TIE Kinetix, Hoofddorp, TWZ works with us to react to change through timely anticipation,Netherlands ~ www.tiekinetix.com thus always being prepared and always able to comply with the require-Editor & Management Cees Steijger | ments of modern EDI.Steijger.communications BV Art We attach great importance to good and healthy partnerships,Direction & Design Remco Baars, without which TIE Kinetix would never enjoy such worldwide success. We therefore strive to consistently improve and update our partnerSandra Hellingman | beet-vormgeving.nl program, making it a program which guarantees winners. More aboutCoverphoto CNET Printing Shawmut that on page 7. I hope you enjoy the magazine!Printing Cooperation from Marcel R.Bakker, Wim Sonius | Sonius CreativeImaging, James Dorsey, Ronald Oeges,Jim Larkin, James Martin.© 2011 TIE Kinetix, P.O. Box 3053, 2130 KBHoofddorp, Netherlands. All rights reserved. No partof this publication may be reproduced in any mannerwithout permission of the publisher. Jan Sundelin, CEO TIE TIE ~ 2011 ~ P3
  4. 4. CNET CNET Content Solutions is the world’s leading independent source of product information. With detailed content on more than 5 million technology products in 15 languages, CNET helps thousands of resellers and retailers convert shoppers into buy- ers. From standardized content delivery to hosted services and custom solutions, CNET empowers businesses to maximize the value of product information to improve their customer experience and bottom line. In addition to the cooperation with TIE Kinetix, CNET works with more than 2,100 e-commerce partners, including CDW, Sean Murphy Computacenter, Dabs.com, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Vice President & General Insight, Microsoft, OfficeMaX and PC World Manager CNET Content Solution Business.P4 ~ 2011 ~ TIE
  5. 5. Text Jim Larkin ~ Photography CNET/James Martin CONTENT SYNDICATION Exploring the Synergy between Technology and Experience CNET Content Solutions, a division of CBS Interactive is the world’s leading independent source of product information. With detailed content on more than 5 million technology products in 15 languages, CNET Content Solutions helps thousands of resellers and retailers convert shoppers into buyers every day.F rom standardized content The market requirements stand the subtle cultural distinctions delivery to hosted services and for content syndication such as phrasing (e.g. American English custom solutions, CNET services Content syndication as an vs. British English) that convey moreempowers businesses of all sizes to offering has grown, like many other validity between the brand owner,maximize the value of product true online breakthroughs, by partners, and consumers. These are theinformation to improve their customer responding to the needs of vendors, understated differentiators of theexperience and bottom line. retailers and resellers to determine best CNET/TIE partnership that are the A growing need within the practices from marketing concepts to true strength of the solution, not seenconsumer electronics and information the point of sale. After 10 years in the in other syndicationtechnology community is the business of syndicating content, engines.availability of easily updateable, digital CNET’s in-depth know-how and “Our aim When we sit down torich content deployed across the sales experience within the consumer talk with Sean Murphy,channel. This need to better educate electronics channel has helped provide is to provi- Vice President & Generaland drive sales is being met by the them with a clear understanding what Manager of CNETpartnership between TIE Kinetix withCNET Content Solutions. Branded as types of solutions are needed to benefit their customers the most. Vendors and de analysis Content Solutions, about the significance of‘ContentCast’, this CNET ContentSolutions offering has been employed brand owners need a partner like CNET with well-established relationships that enables channel related content today, he resistsby clients such as Lenovo, CiscoSystems, Hitachi, and Intel. Each of within the retailer, distributor and channel community and a comprehen- vendors to discussing the technical minutiae under the hoodthese tech heavyweights now benefitfrom true dynamic content syndication sion of how and what will make a difference with consumers during their understand of the syndicated solution. For him,and the increased value realized bytheir reseller base and end users. The overall on-line shopping experience. As more and more global companies the impact fulfilling the needs of the customer comes first,eighteen-month-old CNET/TIE seek to efficiently drive multi-market and the year and a halfKinetix partnership is now set to fulfill campaigns across diverse digital of their following the partner-the needs of a much wider customer platforms, they truly require the ship between TIEbase and scope of audience. support of organizations that under- content” Kinetix and CNET TIE ~ 2011 ~ P5
  6. 6. CONTENT SYNDICATION cess to that content in a multitude are the metrics and returns that are just of digital locations and the need for now being realized and implemented vendors and channel partners to un- by forward thinking companies. derstand the impact the given content These are the qualifiers in mind is having on their value proposition when driving where and when content through strong data and analytics. If should appear says Sean Murphy, we and other vendors can help deliver “We can help get your content on to against these three core needs, vendors your partner sites; we can help you get and their respective channel partners content onto kiosks within your part- should see a much higher level of ner stores and we can get your content engagement from consumers; engage- onto mobile applications when one ment around product and brand.” of your customers are in a given store looking at your product and want to You mention data and analytics. What access content on it. That to me is theContent Solutions has successfully kinds of challenges are faced by vendors zenith of vendor content syndication.filled that need by leveraging the to understand how their content and Not just about helping customers man-strengths that both companies bring to brands are performing online? age web based content syndication, orthe channel. “As it relates to syndicating and helping content campaigns, but helping them manage a given vendor’s content, what get their content at all the differentSean, how do you see the increased we’re hearing in the market place is, distinct points of sale regardless ofavailability of CNET’s total solutions ‘I need you to educate where an end customer is physically “We can(via syndication) impacting the under- me, I need you to help standing.”lying value for brand owners me understand howand retailers alike? people are engaging How does the TIE Kinetix partnership“For over a decade now CNET Content help with this content.’ It’s play a role in CNET’s overall strategy?Solutions has been focused on scaling not too dissimilar to the “TIE Kinetix represents a key busi-our offerings to meet the ever evolvingneeds of the direct vendor and channel get your problem the publish- ing community faces ness and technology component that enables us to have a competitive marketcommunity. This started with facilitat-ing foundational catalog content and content when selling advertising space. ‘I know I need to presence. TIE’s technology platform enables highly sophisticated contenthas broadened in scope to cover richcontent such as Product Reviews, on to your do this advertising, but I need you to help me ingestion and distribution of all forms of digital content, and their years ofhosted software solutions such as aRecommendation Engine, and the nec- partner understand exactly what I’m getting out of it.’ We experience in the space make for a very strong business partner. In addition to sites”essary Professional Services to ensure have challenged our- the technology and business alignment,proper implementation. The evolution selves to help the vendor TIE is the right kind of partner cultur-of customer needs has shifted yet again community really under- ally, which means our respective em-where it’s as much about bringing in quality 3rd party stand what the content is ployees can and do work well together.”content as it is about ensuring that brand and product doing in order for there Murphy speaks directly about thecontent effectively moves from the vendor to their key to be a long term play investment in TIE Kinetix and thechannel partners. And by fulfilling that need for both the here.” Whether it be excitement at CNET around partneringvendor and channel partner we believe their overall value direct click engagement with a technology provider like TIE.is impacted in a positive manner.” or time spent viewing “It was the right decision. If you are to This concept of shepherding audiences to assist in the something, our aim speak to anyone in the organization,sales process is gaining awareness, and has been constantly is to provide analysis C-Team on down, you will quickly seere-shaping itself in the last decade. CNET Content Solu- that enables vendors to that the growing interactive space istions bundles the syndication of brand owner content understand the impact focused around getting vendor contentwith CNET product information, collateral, correspond- of their content (in the out to where people care about it. It ising products, video and editorial review information channel) on a micro and absolutely one of the top three thingsto provide consumers with the most comprehensive macro level.” we have to get right as an organization.accurate product content on participating retail sites Addressing the wants TIE Kinetix has helped us to deliver ondynamically at the time of purchase. and needs for CNET that strategy and we need to continue customers can be a mov- to be focused on driving the best resultsWhat do you see as the primary ing target especially for for our customers. As we continue toneed in the channel today? an industry that’s only a execute, I am confident in our ability to “It’s hard to define one prevailing need. It feels like there decade or so old. The real build a leadership position and provideare three basic needs related to content. The need to have barometers of successful the right mix of products and serviceshigh quality content, the need for consumers to have ac- interactive campaigns to the market.”P6 ~ 2011 ~ TIE
  7. 7. By James M. Dorsey COLUMN More for Less O ne upside of an economic their company’s performance and establish perfor- down- turn is that it forces mance frameworks. non-value-adding functions such private and public sector as overly complex processing, double handling, waiting management to seek ways to do more times and errors. without human involvement. Major for less. The art of survival in a crisis is retailers like Walmart and JC Penny employ EDI to cut the ability to provide the same product delivery times substantially, reduce inventory and or service at a reduced cost by increasing increase sales. EDI is enabling European and US textile efficiencies and streamlining business processes that companies that are suffering from cheaper Asian have become too complex in times of mushrooming production to compete with superior service. Similarly, turnover, growth and focus on acquisitions. To erase US customs use EDI to accept electronic customs docu- unnecessary management layers, thus simplifying the mentation in advance of shipments to avoid port coordination and handling of information, a growing delays. Royal Malaysian Customs selected the TIE number of companies are employing electronic data Kinetix Business Integration Platform as their new interchange software. solution for all their EDI messaging, Theoretically, companies would want to control For companies big and small, the trick is to be able to costs and streamline efficiency in good as well as in sustain the enhanced performance achieved with EDI. bad times. The reality is that in That often involves far-reaching, good times the focus is on more for painful change such as redesigning more rather than more for less, performance measures and altering benefitting from customer job descriptions and incentive confidence to develop and market schemes that management too added-value features at increased frequently shies away from. As a prices. Organizationally, the result, many companies declare more-for-more focus involves victory too soon, only to be perpetuating outdated procedures, confounded when performance the emergence of incompatible IT starts slipping again. systems, and the development of While critics claim that EDI conflicting departmental policies requires investment and argue that beyond management’s purview. no two EDI applications are the For multi-product, multi-site same, even if the same specs are companies, the cost of these inefficiencies can be used, EDI has become an industry standard that is a key substantial. As a result, companies small and large are tool in good and bad times. The trick is to recognise making corporate efficiency and performance a core that, not only when the strategy is more for less, but activity independent of economic cycles. Larger also when it is more for more. Companies that do so corporations are introducing permanent performance “maintain their success by constantly examining and improvement or so-called six sigma teams. More improving the efficiency of their operations, leaving often, companies are employing electronic data them in a position of strength when the inevitable crises interchange software – the electronic transfer of arise. Theirs is a constant quest for efficiency, not a business documents through inter-company and reaction to current events,” says Alan Masterton, the application-to-application exchanges. “Software University of Sydney’s director of performance solutions that allow companies to have an overview operations. of their business processes with little need for maintenance and a clear cost profile are key in a continuously changing market,” says Jan Sundelin, James M. Dorsey was for more than CEO of TIE Holding, a market leader in supply chain 30 years a foreign correspondent for The integration software, whose recently launched Wall Street Journal and other publications. Business Integration SmartStart takes electronic data Today, Mr. Dorsey is a columnist, media interchange a step further by allowing TIE’s 1,500 entrepreneur and international affairs clients to communicate with each another. analyst who provides consultation services With management often struggling to identify the for strategic communications, water real cause of cost inefficiencies, providers like TIE and security companies and financial enable executives to pinpoint the major drivers of institutions. TIE ~ 2011 ~ P7
  8. 8. Text Jim Larkin ~ Photography Zippo BUSINESS INTEGRATION IgnitionFounded in 1932, Zippo celebrates more than 75 years as the the financial side with invoicing. We’ve seen the residual benefits that come outleading marketer of the refillable windproof lighter with an of our good working relationship andunparalleled lifetime guarantee. the skills that TIE provides.” TIE’s solution scalability provides Zippo and all customers with theB ased in Bradford, Pennsylva- Since introducing TIE’s EDI Managed identical software tools if the business nia, the company also markets Service On-Demand, Zippo has reallo- need outgrows that of an outsourced butane candle lighters; watches; cated staff and resources away from labor- solution. TIE uses its commerciallyfragrance and lifestyle accessories for intensive adjustment of their EDI system, available and fully supported Busi-men; and a robust line of heat and flame and added more value to the business by ness Integration Platform to connectproducts for outdoor enthusiasts in focusing on other key duties. TIE Kinetix customers to their business partnersmore than 160 countries worldwide. handles all EDI processes and integration as a service. As trading partner or ap- needs remotely, from Zippo’s Bradford, plication maps, profiles, and workflowsChallenge Zippo was looking for PA location. are created for your business-specifican affordable EDI solution, allowing Coming highly recommended from environment, they arethem to do business electronically, their new ERP supplier Epicor, Zippo always avail-which would bring more rapid and ef- found the price point, implementation and ableficient communication for their various resulting ease of transactions an immedi- to thecustomers, such as Wal-Mart. This ate benefit. “Looking at customerdirect link to their major supply chaintransactions necessitated a new under- the numbers, it was a no brainer to go with TIE.” “Looking to utilize internally. Additionally, the top-levelstanding of technology, services and Safran says from his customer support Zippo receivesin-house infrastructure for a successful Bradford, PA office, “TIE at the comes from TIE’s extensiverollout of this business-to-business in- made it easy for us to experience in providing EDItegration to be supported. Zippo found implement EDI for some numbers, since 1987. This is backedtheir internal resources were spending of the smaller players, and by a customer satisfac-an increasing amount of time on theirEDI transactions, growing from 5% to more orders are coming through as a result. We it was a no tion rate of 97.8% with all integration, support and25%, as the orders and trading partnerconnections increased. haven’t seen that with any other EDI company brainer to development teams based in St. Paul Minnesota, USA. Said Russel Safran Sr. SystemsAnalyst, “We won big accounts, big that we’ve dealt with in the past.” go with TIE’s support team has a ‘zero-voicemail’ policy.multi-chain retailers, all running EDIwith rollouts to thousands of stores. Results Zippo’s TIE” Any support requests are addressed immediately.We’re on the supply side so we’re at successful implementa- This fact is confirmedthe beck and call of the retailers, who tion of the TIE Kinetix by Safran, “You have an edge over yourall have their own labor-intensive pro- EDI Managed Service competition, and it’s in having that out-cesses and methodologies. It became on Demand has had standing support team. With other ser-too much to focus 25% of my time on a trickle-down effect vice providers you don’t receive the sameEDI.” influencing much more level of support that TIE brings. When than Zippo’s IT depart- I send an email or call, it’s responded toSolution Previously using Sterling ment. “Because we work quickly, and well before anything stickyCommerce, Zippo was in the process of so well together, we’ve comes up. It doesn’t disappear into aoverhauling their backend ERP system leveraged EDI to free up hole like some other support calls. That’sand had the opportunity to update the time and resources for a real value to Zippo.”their system to another EDI vendor. customer service, and onP8 ~ 2011 ~ TIE
  9. 9. By Patrick van Boom COLUMN TIE Kinetix Partner Program: A win-win for growth S ince 1987 TIE Kinetix has had a his- of TIE Kinetix successes in the past and present huge tory of proven world-class software potential in the future. Key to taking that to the next solutions for connecting all levels level is the intelligent and creative in the use of resources, of business. Its success is hinged on one knowledge, experience and proven technology. TIE key asset, understanding the true value Kinetix pairs well with companies that do not have the of long-term partnerships. TIE Kinetix, a knowledge, experience and technology, but do have the relatively small company, keeps a foothold strong relationships in specific markets and industries. globally. This is true because of the proven history of These alliance opportunities provide flexibility and allow providing the longevity and balance necessary to help for focus on best resources, and development of solid so- partnerships develop and prosper with the TIE Kinetix lutions and great service/support. Market opportunities business integration, content syndication and e-com- for these services are often times driven by the partners merce solutions. Starting in mid 1999, TIE Kinetix has themselves. These win-win types of partnerships extend maintained a strong strategic partnership with Epicor, an the business for everyone involved. ERP software and retail software solutions provider with With a secure foundation in proven technology and so- a global presence in 150 countries, with over 20,000 lutions, TIE Kinetix continues to watch their partnerships customers. This relationship has served as a template grow in business integration, content syndication and for many of the strategic partnerships currently in play e-commerce solutions. This unique combination of solu- for TIE Kinetix. The Epicor association has provided tions creates lots of opportunities for companies to extend opportunity for all on a larger scale than could have been the reach of their business with TIE Kinetix’s solutions. achieved alone, year over year. Tiers within the TIE Kinetix Partner Program are struc- The e-Commerce and Content Syndication solu- tured to ensure the local and global partner community tions from TIE Kinetix have also benefitted from similar can extend their business with a clear Return on Invest- ventures. The global partnership with Cnet Content ment. Strategic Partnerships: Extend Your Horizon – Solutions (a division of CBS Interactive) for Content Partners within this group reap the benefits of a full-scale Syndication solutions resulted in projects with industry white labeled / OEM solution paired with support from leaders such as Lenovo, Cisco, Hitachi and Microsoft. the sales, marketing and customer care departments of The strategic partnership with The Online Company TIE Kinetix. At this level, organizations are also provided for our E-commerce solutions resulted in projects with with a dedicated partner account team and sales manager companies such as KPN and T-Mobile. These key part- who will help qualify leads and work through the sales nerships are perfect examples of how growth with con- cycle to successfully close deals. trolled expansion, featuring custom tailored solutions for specific verticals, are the main strengths brought to light by TIE Kinetix Partnership Program. Patrick van Boom is Director Worldwide Marketing & Longstanding partnerships have been the cornerstone Sales of TIE Kinetix Strategic Partnerships: Channel Partner: Value Added Partner: Referral Partner: Extend Your Horizon Extend Your Business Extend Your Portfolio Extend Your Revenue Partners within this group This group sells the Value Added Partners Referral partners are reap the benefits of a “powered by TIE Kinetix” include TIE Kinetix solutions compensated for each lead full-scale white labeled / solutions within a specific to their portfolio alongside that results in a closed deal. OEM solution paired with market or industry vertical. their existing offerings. They They receive an onboard support from the sales, The channel partner team benefit from over 20 years package including marketing and customer helps define and build a of proven technology, but marketing collateral to help care departments of TIE business model to maximize also gains the TIE Kinetix educate and qualify Kinetix. They are provided opportunity within the customer care department potential suspects and with a dedicated partner specific segment. Members to ensure longevity of the prospects. account team and sales of this tier also benefit from solution. Organizations at manager who will help the sales, marketing and this level are provided with a More info? qualify leads and work customer care departments dedicated partner account www.tiekinetix.com/ through the sales cycle to of TIE Kinetix to ensure manager who facilitates partners or successfully close deals. qualified leads, healthy sales any needs from enablement partnership@tiekinetix.com. cycles and happy customers. to support. TIE ~ 2011 ~ P9
  10. 10. Text Cees Steijger ~ Photography Marcel R. Bakker Online dishes from Newco Food Retail Bon Appetit Culinaire Versmarkt is the online fresh-food shop for amateur cooks and bon-viveurs who want to taste the rich flavour of genuine seasonal products and fresh ingredients. What will it be tomorrow? Stuffed fillet of plaice with oyster mushrooms or Wagyu beef in red wine sauce?“O r would you rather have residential and working area in a similar menu-driven: just tell us what you want truffles, spelt or scallops? way to the Docklands in London. A to eat and for how many people and we’ll With our online specialist number of historic docklands buildings ensure that you get the right products inshop Culinaire Versmarkt, we offer still stand between the new develop- the right quantities in your shoppingcooking enthusiasts these quality ments and mostly accommodate basket. The quantity isingredients in package form so that creative companies, trendy night clubs very important becausethey can cook a complete gastronomicmenu,” says entrepreneur Frank van and restaurants like Fifteen, which is owned by the English TV cook Jamie ‘In order 30 per cent of the fresh food that is bought inOirschot of Newco Food Retail, whodeveloped this fresh-food shop Oliver. It was in this inspiring, former trading environment that the online to realise normally ends up in the rubbish bin. If you put itinitiative together with Mick Walvischof product development agency fresh-food shop took shape in 2010. our idea, that way, it seems simple but it isn’t. What seems we optedULURU/Beagle. Newco Food Retail Restaurant The webshop of simple at face value,chose TIE Kinetix’ MamboFive Culinaire Versmarkt (www.cu- turns out to be compli-Commerce Suite to roll out their online linaireversmarkt.nl) can be best cated.”plans in the Netherlands compared with a normal restaurant. for TIE Here too, the guest chooses from a Complex He sketchesA trading environment Wespoke to Frank van Oirschot in his menu of different dishes. The differ- ence is that you can only buy the Kinetix’ out everything that’s involved and the flowoffice on the Piet Hein Kade in ingredients for the menu from the diagram gets graduallyAmsterdam. We found ourselves in an webshop. You do the cooking yourself. And it’s more complicated. Afterarea where the Oostelijk Havengebied catching on, because the Culinair Versmarkt is fresh, all, these are not(Eastern Docklands) was constructed healthy and delicious. And it takes less than two days ready-made, off-the-shelfin the 19th century in order to provide for the fresh products to reach the consumer. “We products. They workmore space for the increasing trade skip links in the chain and we’re not bound to with day-fresh seasonalwith the East Indies. From here historical patterns,” explains Frank. “In addition to products and changingpassenger ships set sail for the East, this, we work with profiles, which offer more than menus. And to make itparticularly to the Dutch East Indies. In the standard shopping lists. Based on your profile even more complicated,the last decade of the 20th century, the with preferences, your eating plan is filled with they use user preferencesarea was developed into a modern suggestions every week. So the way we help people is and profiles, whichP10 ~ 2011 ~ TIE
  11. 11. E-COMMERCEmeans that almost no menus are webshop operational. nl lends itself very well to a shop-in-identical – the quantities, and the prices, “Now that we’re up and running, shop approach. Culinary specialities arechange from user to user. If you add to we can focus our attention on further one thing but I wouldn’t rule out thatthis their own distribution formula ‘De development, conversion and more shops-in-shops will come, suchVersbezorger’ (literally, the fresh functional expansion. Moreover, the as a cheese shop or a specialised fruitdeliverer) for home deliveries through- MamboFive Commerce Suite must be shop, for example. Based on the TIEout the Netherlands, and the plan to set the platform for all e-commerce Kinetix e-commerce software, and theup 3,000 refrigerated takeaway point initiatives that Newco Food Retail still same logistics and purchasing channels,nationwide, the picture of a pretty has in store.” Frank van Oirschot lifts a we will also develop B2B formulas forcomplex online solution is complete. corner of the veil: ‘‘Culinaireversmarkt. catering, healthcare and horeca.”A tailor-made solution “Inorder to realise our idea, we opted forTIE Kinetix software,” says Frank.“We were most of all interested in theMamboFive Commerce Suite as atailor-made solution because we workwith a complicated ordering system– all the quantities of ingredients differfrom order to order and are geared tothe wishes of the customer. Besides, atCulinaire Versmarkt we will eventuallywork with fifty menus from which thevisitor can choose. This sets highrequirements for the customer focus ofthe webshop. What we like about theMamboFive Commerce Suite is theflexibility of its approach to e-com- Frank van Oirschot,merce,” says Frank, who admits that it Newco Food Retail.was still a pretty tough task to get the TIE ~ 2011 ~ P11
  12. 12. Text Cees Steijger ~ Photography Marcel R. Bakker “In the retail trade, the biggest sin is to say ‘no’ to customers”P12 ~ 2011 ~ TIE
  13. 13. Business IntegrationCapgemini choosesTIE EDI platformexclusively for retailers“Capgemini has opted for TIE Kinetix’ EDI Messaging Portal because ourexperience with the previous version was so good that we saw no reason tochange. With TIE, we chose a risk-free upgrade; the match is great and theknowledge and experience also correspond exactly to our requirements.”S peaking is Frank Huiskes, Global CTO from many other businesses. The bakery operates Infractructure Transformation Services at during the night and the morning; the distribution Capgemini, the worldwide leader in consult- centre is geared to this and even in the weekend thereing, technology and outsourcing. Capgemini’s is always somewhere open or operating somewhere.headquarters is in Paris, from where it directs This doesn’t usually happen in big governmentactivities in more than thirty countries. Originally institutions, which tend to keep regular office hours.French, the multinational now employs 100,000 You might say that the retail trade is closed frompeople worldwide, mostly in North America, Europe mid-November to the New Year. At that time you stayand the Asia-Pacific region. Capgemini has nine away from the IT systems – no planned maintenanceoffices in the Netherlands, including two in Amster- – and everything has to continue working perfectly.”dam. We spoke to Frank Huiskes and his colleague In Capgemini’s retail approach, all retail messag-Tobias Titus in the Atlas office complex in Amster- ing is via a main messaging broker based on TIEdam Zuid-Oost, next to the Amsterdam ArenA Kinetix. “We always attach great importance tostadium – the home of AFC Ajax. reliability”, says Frank Huiskes. “Based on our Until recently, Frank and Tobias operated out of experience with TIE Kinetix, we chose the TIECapgemini Retail Solutions, which was taken over Kinetix Messaging Portal to replace our messagingalmost 3 years ago and focuses specifically on (large) system. It allows us to integrate business processesretail customers. “We’ve worked in this area for more and manage them optimally. Our clients have a greatthan 10 years,” says Frank. “In other words, from the deal of EDI traffic with their suppliers, and a hugetime that the retail trade started to outsource messag- amount of messages go over the TIE system – manying. Over the years it has grown into the network we millions of messages a year such as orders, packingknow today: CAPnet, our own VPN with three slip files and invoices. Apart from reliability and highdedicated data centres and fast fibre-optic connections performance, everything revolves around savingthat convey international messages from 2,200 costs, of course. That’s the bottom line. Our clientslocations for large retailers in a dozen countries.” At think that is important and so do we.”the beginning of 2011, Retail Solutions became part of Big ERP applications and everything sent out inOutsourcing Solutions, marking a logical step for the form of EDI goes via TIE messaging. “You mightCapgemini in the direction of horizontal integration. call TIE our plug into the outside world,” says Tobias.“However, the focus continues to be on retail,” says “Most internal retail systems and processes are alsoFrank. “80-85% of the outsourcing concerns general linked to it. That says a lot about the requirementsbusiness services while 15-20% differentiates retailers that have to be set for availability and reliability.from other commercial companies.” These are critical applications between the checkout Tobias Titus explains the differences in dynamics and the back-office systems at head office. TIE fits thisand thus in IT approach. “With retail we’re looking at perfectly because, in the retail trade, the biggest sin toa 24/7 business, which means that it differs radically say ‘no’ to customers!” TIE ~ 2011 ~ P13
  14. 14. Text Cees Steijger ~ Photography TWZ BUSINESS INTEGRATION Further growth for EDI in Austria ‘In modern business, the automated exchange of messages – Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) – has become an indispensable link. Only flexible software solutions that are stable and reliable are good enough for this.´S o says Florian Winkler, the Christian, who founded TWZ in 1987. From the very valued by our custom- managing director of TWZ start, TWZ focused on EDI, and later on e-commerce. ers,” says Florian. The Vertriebsgesellschaft m.b.H, At that time, electronic data interchange was already TIE Messaging Portal isthe fast-growing EDI specialist based pretty well established but it really took flight with used mostly by TWZ’sin Seekirchen in Austria. EDI has now the advent of the Internet in the nineteen-nineties. larger customers. “Thebeen TWZ’s core business for more That Christian Winkler was ahead of his time shows Messaging Portal is athan twenty years. At TWZ, a small in the rapid growth of the company, which also now very stable EDI productteam of five specialists serves no less does business with customers in Germany as well as with a programmablethan 300 customers throughout the with small and large customers in Austria itself. “Our browser interface andentire country, including familiar strength lies in specialisation,” says Christian fully enables you to usenames such as Unilever Austria, Sony Winkler. “We offer the entire range of electronic data the EDI application as aDADC Austria, Boehringer Ingelheim, interchange, including the implementation of server application.”Porsche Infromatik and many others. conversion and communication software, developingTWZ works out of a futuristic, interfaces between existing Enterprise Resource Plan- Extra require-inspiring office - an architectural ning (ERP) systems and, of course, ments TWZ sees ‘Flexibilitylandmark that looks out over the valley cooperating with the ERP supplier. the EDI market inof the beautiful Salzburger Seenland Because of our 100% specialisation in Austria continuing toand is only fifteen minutes by car from EDI, we have built up considerable grow. In order toSalzburg, the city of Mozart. The knowledge and experience over the is the basis maintain its leadingcontrast between this natural decor years and we’re now generally seen as position in this growthof tranquillity and space and TWZ’shigh-tech business could not be greater. the EDI leader in Austria.” TWZ’s specialisation in EDI has of our market, TWZ has focused mainly onAhead of his time We spoke to also resulted in an excellent reputation as a partner with suppliers of ERP cooperation innovation. And this is also a necessary moveFlorian Winkler and his father systems. “We invest a lot in the relationship with ERP software with TIE’ because the market is developing rapidly. The suppliers that now want to carry out way of doing business large-scale projects in collaboration and the method of operating are changing, with us,” says Florian Winkler. “We mostly due to the influence of the Internet. can do that because we are able to For example, take electronic invoicing, implement state-of-the-art EDI which is also making rapid advances in software that’s tailored exactly to Austria. The Austrian Tax Department is specific ERP projects. This flexibility imposing extra requirements for this is also the basis of our cooperation method of invoicing. For example, a closed with TIE Kinetix, which dates back network must be used for EDI and the to 1994.” invoice must have an advanced electronic Originally TWZ exclusively used signature or other way of guaranteeing the TIE Quickstart solution for all that the invoice is authentic. The EDI small and medium-sized customers. provider must supply this. “We have to Since the beginning of 2010, all TWZ’s continue to innovate,” says Florian. “And customers have received TIE’s new we’re happy that our partner TIE actively SmartStart solution. “This EDI anticipates changes and enables us to be software is very advanced and provides always ready to satisfy the requirements a fantastic user interface that is highly set for modern EDI.”P14 ~ 2011 ~ TIE
  15. 15. Text Cees Steijger – Illustration Remco Baars E-COMMERCE Behind the button A webshop is a whole lot more than a ‘buy’ button. TIE has identified three phases in the online purchasing process. These phases constitute the backbone of the TIE MamboFive eCommerce solution. In this second part of Behind the Button we look at attracting customers. Because there’s no point in an empty shop. PART TWO: Orientation PlayingT he first phase of the online pur- STIMULATING Google way of boosting sales. Special software chasing process is the orienta- Adwords is a popular traces the website from which the tion phase. Consumers searchthe web. They orientate themselves, hide and way of attracting traffic but this can be expensive visitor has come and logs the results so that the affiliate can see his reward.searching for bargains or the decisivereview. Moreover, they can choose seek in in a competitive market. The greater the number The most common forms of reward are Pay Per Lead (PPL) and Pay Per Salefrom an almost endless range of offers. reverse: of clickers, the higher the cost. Affiliate marketing (PPS), also known as PPA (Pay Per Action), in which payment is made forHIDE AND SEEK “It’s about playinghide and seek in reverse: standing out standing is an online marketing method in which the a potential or paying customer. There are also Pay Per View (PPV) and out andand being found,” says Frank van webshop (the advertiser Pay Per Click (PPC). Another effectiveDoorn, Managing Director TIE or merchant) pays the way of stimulating online sales is whiteMamboFive. Naturally, all the affiliate (publisher/ labelling. In this, a product or servicepossibilities afforded by SEO (Search being webmaster) for every from one webshop is rebranded byEngine Optimization) are used and the visitor, lead or sale another webshop so that it acquires awebshop is constructed according tothe latest, smart SEO principles. found generated. Having your own affiliate program is a new authenticity.ATTRACTING VISITORS After all,the first phase of the purchasingprocess is about attracting as many Syndicationvisitors to the webshop as possible. In recent years, affiliate marketing and automatically. Companies such as MicrosoftAnd, most of all, visitors who are white labelling have given a tremendous and Siemens use this form of distribution inactually going to buy something. But boost to so-called content syndication. their sales channels with great success.optimizing the conversion rate is not This is the (re-)use of content and Siemens has used the TIE Kinetix Contentjust a question of appealing to the right functionality on sites other than your own Syndication Platform to firmly establishtarget group. “The operation and webshop. Syndication means that content itself in China while Microsoft has usedprocesses of the webshop also have to from a central source can be shared with an online conversion (converting site visits tobe so intuitive that it’s almost auto- unlimited number of partner websites and orders) to increase sales of its office articlesmatic. The customer must be able to displayed in the style and approach of the with selected retailers. You can read morebuy goods – double-click on the buy partner website. The syndication system about conversion in part three of Behindbutton – via as few logical steps as can also apply price differentiation entirely the Button.possible,” says Van Doorn. TIE ~ 2011 ~ P15
  16. 16. Text Jim Larkin ~ Photography ANP CONTENT SYNDICATIONSiemens Championsthe ‘Little Guy’ Online active partners globally, Adrian had a “For me, the TIE Kinetix solution is aCompany A has the audience and need to get Siemens’s core messaging marketing department substitute for thecompany B has the product. By out in a reliable, trustworthy and smaller partners within our Global consistent manner to partners who are program. It’s a fantastic toolset for ourworking together more product is often understaffed, and also sell the partners with limited resources,”sold, and on a larger scope than competing products. Said Adrian respon-ded Honey when asked about Honey, “What we would typically see the strength of the platform. Since thewould be possible by working alone. is inconsistent use of our brand and release of the program 24 months ago, well meaning webmasters using bits of the Siemens Digital Channel partner Siemens graphics and mocking them program is now enrolled in 33 countriesT his is especially true when large up to their sites without pulling the and 11 languages. “I think we’ve done a companies have partnered with value content over. Partners would take lot of good work together, and I’d say other large companies. Each parallel some of our technical content and paste it’s been a very cooperative relation-department knows the drill, the requisite it on their site; it would be out of date ship. That closeness that we’ve had andonline/offline collateral, and the urgency very quickly and of little value.” the openness that we’ve had in thatthat comes with getting your message to Getting the right message out relationship have been excellent. Imarket and with the familiar voice that through the sales channel is a common think it allowed us to get to where wewill attract the right buyers. struggle for many companies especially are in terms of the product,” beams However, what happens when a large when the companies rely on working Honey. “Overall we’ve had a fantasticcompany isn’t necessarily partnering closely with partners that have limited working relationship with TIE, fromdirectly with large companies? What bandwidth. “We were not in control of the beginning right through.”happens when these partnerships follow what content our partners were using,the long tail, with multitudes of midsize nor how often, or if it was on message.and smaller ‘mom and Additionally, large numbers of partners “We nee-pop’ sized partners who featured no Siemens content on theiras a whole make up just site, even with us being their predomi-as large of a value of the nant vendor partnership,” confessedpartnership of many of ded a single Honey. “Our program needed a singlethe big guys? source of information to be pushed Will the needed source of easily to all of our partners, in aresources multiply? multitude of ways. TIE Kinetix providedHow many languages areneeded to make this a information that solution, with more than enough flexibility to meet our needs internallysuccess globally? Howcan we get these smaller to be push- as well as the needs of our partners.” Siemens deployed the TIE Kinetixpartnerships to get ourcontent live on their site ed easily Content Syndication Platform rolled out with a partner centric subscriptionon the proper dates,along with any resulting to all our program designed to make it easy for partners to enroll and receive only theupdates? Do these smallpartners even have partners” Siemens content that the partners requested. That, coupled with thewebmasters and means Channel Mailer software, an emailto make these timely marketing tool that allows companies to push fullyupdates quickly? formed dynamically co-branded marketing email These were the issues campaigns ‘through’ their partners to send out tofacing Adrian Honey, their customers and relations, gave Siemens theDirector of Marketing for toolset it needed to organize and unify its message toSiemens Enterprise the channel. “Channel Mailer is the thing that isCommunications. exciting, and that’s the thing that turns this into anWorking with over 2000 active business opportunity,” stated Honey.P16 ~ 2011 ~ TIE
  17. 17. NEWSTIE Kinetix winner Saas New EDI ManagedExcellence Award Services On-DemandTIE has received the SaaS Excellence Award with the TIE offering from EpicorMamboFive Commerce Suite, TIE Kinetix’ E-commercesolution. TIE Kinetix is happy to announce a new offering with strategic partner Epicor® Software Corpora- tion, a leading provider of enterprise business software solutions to midmarket and Global 1000 companies. EDI Managed Services On-Demand from TIE Kinetix is now available to Epicor custom- ers, allowing organizations to receive the full benefit of the TIE Kinetix powerful B2B solu- tions as a service. Outsourcing EDI to TIE Kinetix optimizes existing transactional data processes, and creates standardization for the way companies connect to customers and partners electronically.Frank van Doorn, managing director TIE MamboFive (centre), T-Mobile chooses TIEChris Larsen, senior vice president Global Field Operations of T-Mobile has implemented the MamboFiveProgress Software (left) and Progress Software CEO Richard Reidy. Commerce Suite for its new online phone shop. The project was carried out in cooperation with TIE’s partner and online specialist The OnlineThe company was awared during the Global Partner Conference of Company.Progress Software Corporation held earlier this year in Boca Raton, “We wanted a webshop that was easiest to use byFlorida. The SaaS Excellence Award honors those whose participa- our customers,” says Tessel Jarigsma, Director oftion in SaaS enablement programs has resulted in highly innovative Internet & New Media at T-Mobile. “The Mambo­offerings that achieve impressive commercial success within their Five Commerce suite has enabled us to minimizemarket. Jan Sundelin, CEO of TIE, said: “We are very honored that the number of steps for ordering. What’s more,we have won this SaaS Excellence Award, it is an acknowledgement we now offer richer content: customer reviews,of our superior technological strength in this growing market. The upsell opportunities, stock information and detailedTIE MamboFive E-commerce solution for over ten years has product descriptions. It’s partly due to this thatdemonstrated its unique capabilities in the SaaS environment.” we can increase conversion and generate more sales from our webshop.”TIE and software specialistMedius in strategic allianceTIE and the Swedish software outstanding orders. Thespecialist Medius have a solution can be implementedstrategic alliance which enables fast, has user friendly, intuitiveTIE to integrate and resell and role-based interfaces andMediusFlow™ as part of the TIE communicates and integratesKinetix Business Integration perfectly with the outside worldPlatform. MediusFLow™ is one as well as with many internalof the world’s leading purchase- financial and ERP systems. TIE,to-pay and invoice automation with over 20 years of experiencesoftware solutions, ensuring in this area , provides theoptimal automation of the connection between Medius-validation and matching process Flow™, the back officeof incoming invoices with applications and the outside TIE ~ 2011 ~ P17
  18. 18. GADGETSDelivering LightHappiness my fireTony Hsieh, the36-year-old visonaryand founder and chiefexecutive of Zapposexplains in DeliveringHapiness how anemphasis on corporateculture can lead tounprecedented success.Founded in 1999, Zippo launched a new Outdoor Line offering a range of fireZappos reached $1 and heat solutions for the great outdoors. The line includesbillion in sales and three new products – Campfire Starter, Emergency Firedominated online shoe Starter Kit and the Flexible Neck Utility Lighter – along withsales. Amazon bought proven performers Hand Warmer, Outdoor Utility Lighter andthe company for $1.2 Windproof Pocket Lighter. Visit Zippo.com for more info.billion in 2009. InDelivering Happiness: APath to Profits, Passion,and Purpose, Mr. Hsiehtells his success story. Pocket- projector The MPro150 is the 3M’s latetest handheld, battery-oper- ated projector. The tiny pico projector Works with computers, cell phones, MP3 / MP4 Players, PDAs and more to project files, photos and movies almost anywhere there’s a surface e-Porsche Download and then project The Porsche 918 Spyder goes into production. The open without connections on-the-fly. two-seater is powered by a high-speed V8 developing more Project image sizes from 8” to than 500 BHP; in addition, electric motors on the front and 50”. Built-in speakers provide rear axles deliver a further 218 BHP. Result: CO2 emissions sound. The energy-saving LED of 70 g/km, fuel consumption 3.0 litres per 100 km (94.1 light lasts 20,000 hours. Best of mpg), 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 3.2 sec. and a top speed of all, it fits in your pocket. 320 km/h (198 mph). Wow! Express yourself Pentax allows camera users to express themself using theThe book covers both all-new Optio RS1000. In a world which is dominated byTony’s personal cameras that almost all look similar, the RS1000 allowsentrepreneurial story you to stand out from the rest. Reveal your personalityand that of his company, through RS1000′s interchangeableZappos. Delivering cosmetic skins, or better yet customize itHappiness offers a with your preferred personalizedfeel-good look at the faceplates or that from your own creativepassion, culture, and, design. Impressive features too: 14.1indeed, happiness that megapixels, 4X zoom, 3 inch LCD withcould drive the next gen- 230,000 dots of resolution and 720p HDeration of companies. video as well.P18 ~ 2011 ~ TIE
  19. 19. www.tiekinetix.com Would you like to have an entire team of professional EDI experts available 24/7? Now you can! Business Integration Platform Content Syndication Platform E-commerce Platform TIE Kinetix Business Integration: Expert EDI managed for you twenty four hours a day, with a customer satisfaction rate of 97.8%. Don’t settle for less. The TIE Kinetix Managed Service Platform is an extremely popular option for companies looking to conduct business electronically with any party, regardless of the service or solution their business partners use, with all EDI processes fully managed by TIE’s team of integration specialists. TIE Kinetix is an award winning, global leader of supply chain solutions. Our innovative content syndication, e-commerce and business integration technology allows our customers to minimize the energy needed to connect partners, deliver content and obtain profit faster and more efficiently. TIE Kinetix holds more than 23 years in business and continues to develop and implement international e-commerce and SaaS standards today. TIE is a listed company with offices in the United States, Australia, France and the Netherlands. For more information, visit www.tiekinetix.com.
  20. 20. www.tiekinetix.com Integrate, coordinate and synchronize e-commerce throughout your supply chain Fullfilment Supplier Orientation Fullfilment Vendor Distributor Fullfilment Orientation Reseller Orientation & Transaction Transaction End user TIE Kinetix Content Syndication Platform E-commerce Platform Business Integration Platform By combining the power of the Web, and the dynamic force of TIE Kinetix, organizations can now minimize their energy and maximize their results. For major processes like orientation, transaction and fulfillment, TIE Kinetix customers utilize a total integrated e-commerce foundation that allows them to streamline the exchange of content and commerce with our premiere SaaS platforms: Content Syndication, E-commerce and Business Integration – all with real-time analytics. TIE Kinetix is an award winning, global leader of supply chain solutions. Our innovative content syndication, e-commerce and business integration technology allows our customers to minimize the energy needed to connect partners, deliver content and obtain profit faster and more efficiently. TIE Kinetix holds more than 23 years in business and continues to develop and implement international e-commerce and SaaS standards today. TIE is a listed company with offices in the United States, Australia, France and the Netherlands. For more information, visit www.tiekinetix.com.