TIE Magazine #4: ERIKS' B2B Motor


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SaaS based solution

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TIE Magazine #4: ERIKS' B2B Motor

  1. 1. SaaS based solution ERIKS’ B2B motor ERIKS is an industrial service provider with an extensive selection of mechanical components such as valves, caps, hoses, plastics, tools, etc. It has a dynamic range of products with more than 5,000,000 articles. In addition, ERIKS provides up-to-date product and usage information. The company also strives, together with its customers, to achieve a reduction in down time, cost and offer environmental and low-energy solutions.P8 ~ 2012 ~ TIE
  2. 2. xxxxxAuthor Suzanne Glorie ~ Photography ERIKS XXxx BUSINESS INTEGRATION Selection of ERIKS’ mechanical components such as valves, caps, tools, etc.E RIKS consists of more than Streamlining more than 25,000 EDI the Inside Sales, in order to enable sixty companies, with offices in Messages per month At first, the classic them to concentrate on providing 25 countries and conducts EDI solution was implemented. ERIKS Benelux product specific information.business worldwide with a wide range receives and sends more than 25,000 EDI messages Jacobs: “That is why we, togetherof customers, manufacturers and per month, whilst also continually acquiring new with TIE, established a directsuppliers. In the Benelux area alone, customers and suppliers. In order to ensure connection between our SAP ERPthis means an EDI message flow of business continuity, TIE sees to it that new contacts application and the TradCom MROaround 25,000 messages per month. are, nine out of ten times, processed within less portal guaranteeing that customers When Manager Corporate ICT than 5 working days. could check real time, 24/7 priceInfrastructure Jean-Paul Jacobs was After close cooperation, the Service Level conditions, the availability of stockconfronted with the end life of the Agreement has been set and, consequently, could orderSAP Business Connector, the up. There is monthly online immediately.”application ERIKS used for EDI, he reporting and the results “What the Each month ERIKS’s web shopdecided to look for a more flexible, are discussed with the receives around 100,000 visitors.reliable and balanced solution to deal Service Manager on a customer Thanks to this portal, the pressurewith the huge volume of EDI traffic. quarterly basis. Jacobs: on Inside Sales has been reducedThat’s when he found TIE Kinetix. “The EDI traffic runs orders and the service to the customer has smoothly. With an improved. Jacobs: “The customerNot a product, but a availability of 99.9%, TIE today, does not need to call us anymore.service Jacobs wanted a service, works even better than The information is always available,not a product. “ I did not want to be what we had agreed at the will be real time and it can be called uponpreoccupied with software and SLA. Needless to say we at any moment. And what thehardware specifications, neither are very happy with that.” delivered customer orders today, will bedid I want to have to think about delivered tomorrow. That is howimplementation and maintenance. Dynamic Request tomorrow.” we work.”I don’t care what happens behind portal guaranteesthe scenes, only whether the system 24x7 informationworks, that our customers can access service Previously,the correct information quickly and ERIKS’ Inside Saleseasily and that our EDI traffic runs department daily receivedsmoothly.” hundreds of questions TIE Kinetix understood Eriks’ concerning availabilityrequirements immediately. Jacobs: and pricing of their“We were one of the first ones buying products. Questions suchthe B2B messaging as a service, the as whether a particularTIE SaaS solution. It worked immedi- product was in stock and ifately because TIE understood the so, what was the net pricechallenges we face and knew how to and when could it betranslate them into a flexible and delivered? ERIKS wantedstable service.” to reduce the pressure on TIE ~ 2012 ~ P9