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Get a deeper understanding of who TIE Kinetix is and how we help our customers and partners to market, sell, deliver and analyze online

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TIE Kinetix Overview

  1. 1. INTEGRATION BUSINESS INTELLIGENCEE-COMMERCECONTENT SYNDICATION “TIE Kinetix is absolutely important to our whole channel strategy.” Unify “TIE Kinetix enabled us to streamline process, offer richer content and helped us generate more online revenue.” T-Mobile
  2. 2. About TIE Kinetix TIE Kinetix transforms the digital supply chain by providing total integrated e-commerce solutions. These integrated e-commerce solutions maximize revenue opportunities by minimizing the energy needed to market, sell, deliver and analyze online. Customers and partners utilizing TIE Kinetix consistently benefit from innovative, field tested technology and are able to remain focused on their core business. TIE Kinetix develops cloud and license based solutions, and is backed with over 25 years of proven technology and awards. TIE Kinetix is a publicly traded company on the NYSE Euronext, and has offices in the United States, The Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom and Australia.
  3. 3. Your Business Customers and Partners Market, Sell, Deliver and Analyze through the supply chain.
  4. 4. INTEGRATION BUSINESS INTELLIGENCEE-COMMERCECONTENT SYNDICATION Solutions Results Retail Channel Marketing VAR Channel Marketing Content Monetization CONTROL TRACK Rich Content Experiences on 3rd Party Websites BOOST Online Sales Through E-tailers MAXIMIZE Lead Generation and Brand Control Through Partners INCREASE Bottom Line by Monetizing Your Content Market with Content Syndication Solutions
  5. 5. Results B2B and B2C Web Shops Full Back Office Integration Multi-channel and White- label E-Commerce Solutions INCREASED Flexibility, Efficiency and Profitability FASTER Time to Market with New Products Marketing Sales IN CONTROL of the Business, not IT Sell with E-Commerce Solutions Solutions INTEGRATION BUSINESS INTELLIGENCEE-COMMERCECONTENT SYNDICATION
  6. 6. Results Managed Service for EDI Remote Managed Services B2B Integration Software (XML, EDI, VAN E-Invoicing) PREDICTABLE Lower Costs 24/7 Managed Solution QUICK and TANGIBLE ROI Deliver with Integration Solutions Solutions INTEGRATION BUSINESS INTELLIGENCEE-COMMERCECONTENT SYNDICATION
  7. 7. Results Corporate Management Scorecard Finance Reporting and Forecasting Procurement Reporting and Forecasting Sales Discovery Planning Increased Conversion, Sales Higher ROI Greater Visibility More Control Faster Time to Market Analyze with Business Intelligence Solutions Solutions INTEGRATION BUSINESS INTELLIGENCEE-COMMERCECONTENT SYNDICATION
  8. 8. Spotlight Customers We make technology perform so our customers can focus on their core business.
  9. 9. Spotlight Partners We help strategic partners achieve global success with a local presence.
  10. 10. Source: TIE Kinetix Customer Satisfaction Survey99.1% Customer Satisfaction Sanjay Kumar, Vice President Communications Media Industry Progress Software Michael Zahner, IT Director Streamlight Martijn van der Neut, Online Publisher Sanoma Media “As a company, TIE Kinetix has been great with rapid response to many activities. Very little red tape, with a great commitment to making things happen, which is critical.” “I often find myself saying ‘thank goodness for TIE Kinetix’. The solutions just work, which is one of the highest compliments you can pay to a vendor.” “It enriches our online portfolio and allows us to provide an even better experience for the customer at the right moment with the right information.”
  11. 11. Over 25 Years of Proven Technology “TIE Kinetix enabled us to streamline process, offer richer content and helped us generate more online revenue.” “You have an edge over your competition, and it’s in having that outstanding support team. With other service providers you don’t receive the same level of support that TIE brings. That’s a real value to Zippo.” “The fact that TIE Kinetix can directly communicate with our customers in the local language is worth its weight in gold.” Tessel Jarigsma, Director of Internet New Media T-Mobile David Webb Business Analyst WD-40 Russel Safran, Sr. Systems Analyst Zippo
  12. 12. Robin Pilcher Global Channel Marketing Manager Unify Formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications “TIE Kinetix’s content syndication solutions have become an absolutely critical vehicle for launching Unify’s campaigns and new solutions in the channel.”
  13. 13. In 2001, Unify introduced the TIE Kinetix Content Syndication and Channel Marketing solutions in the Netherlands. After receiving multiple awards and seeing the success of the solution, Unify globalized their channel marketing and partner programs with TIE Kinetix in 2008. Unify is still a strong customer and continues to use the solution today. Content Syndication Reference Case Unify Formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications Challenge Channel partners needed a better way to generate leads, nurture prospects and increase sales. Enablement of marketing materials and time-to-market through channel partners was too slow. Unify had very limited control of branding and solution information throughout partners. Channel partners did not have the time and resources to stay up-to-date with the latest solutions and campaigns in the market.
  14. 14. Solution Real-time content updates on partners’ websites in over 15 languages Automated co-branding of marketing content such as emails, brochures, datasheets and whitepapers for partners’ sales and marketing activities Web-based emailing system for partners to send out pre-built email campaigns tied directly to syndicated landing pages on partner websites Real-time reporting on partners’ content, campaigns, emails, leads, etc Automated lead generation campaigns Increased organic search engine ranking for an identified key phrase Integrated social media throughout partners
  15. 15. Source: Unify Results 100% Increase in Consistency of Branding and Messaging 30% Increase in Lead Generation with Channel Partners 55% Increase in Marketing Activities 20% Increase in Organic Search Ranking 98% Partners Did Not Need Campaign Assistance 50% Higher Chance of Closing Leads Increased
  16. 16. Tessel Jarigsma Director of Internet New Media T-Mobile “TIE Kinetix enabled us to streamline process, offer richer content and helped us generate more online revenue.”
  17. 17. T-Mobile has replaced its previous E-Commerce solution with TIE Kinetix. By outsourcing its entire platform, T-Mobile achieves an optimal balance between technological possibilities and the ever-changing demands of the business. The flexibility of the TIE Kinetix E-Commerce Solution enables a faster time-to-market, far more freedom with online marketing campaigns and the agility to maximize online sales. E-Commerce Reference Case T-Mobile Challenge “We needed a solution that offered the flexibility to quickly and easily meet the ever-changing, on–demand needs of the industry. Second, it no longer made sense for us to incur all of the development cost to customize a solution when there were excellent solutions on the market developed by vendors who knew far more about the subject than we do,” Tessel Jarigsma, Senior Vice President for Internet and New Media at T-Mobile.
  18. 18. Solution Cloud-based E-Commerce solution Simple frontend E-Commerce processes More streamlined backend E-Commerce processes Easier management of marketing campaigns Richer content experience (i.e. customer reviews, rich media) Cross selling capabilities Back office integration Seasoned E-Commerce team aided strategy before, during and after implementation
  19. 19. Source: T-Mobile Results Internal Costs Steps in the Shopping Cart Conversions Rates Online Sales Time-to-Market Customer Experience Competitive Edge Increased Improved Minimized
  20. 20. Carmel Hirth Director of IT Clopay “TIE Kinetix has years of experience in supporting E-Commerce requirements in the retail and manufacturing industry.”
  21. 21. Industrial door leader Clopay needed a more efficient way of managing their EDI applications. They found the day-to-day operation of an in-house EDI program intensive and expensive. Maintaining updated trading partner EDI versions, training and retaining qualified technical resources, and purchasing EDI software costly and unmanageable. Integration Reference Case Clopay Challenge Needed to outsource all of its EDI translation, mapping development and enhancements, new trading partner set ups, daily reconciliation, error troubleshooting and communications Needed a seamless implementation for their trading partners Needed to set up a reconciliation process ensuring the accuracy of all inbound and outbound transactions
  22. 22. Solution Complete managed service for EDI Predicable, cost effective solution Domestic customer service with a 99.1% customer satisfaction rating Fast migration from old solution to new managed service A scalable solution that shifts when Clopay’s demands fluctuate A seasoned team of integration experts constantly monitoring 24/7 An Integration Platform with 10 + years of quality and stability Global data centers with SAS 70 Type II certification
  23. 23. Source: Clopay Results Internal Costs Trading Partner Set Up by 75% $80,000 in cost saving the first year of service IT by Achieving More with Less Resources Internal Business Applications Thousand transactions per month Improved Reduced
  24. 24. Ingfried Mai Head of IT Group Sedus Stoll AG “We confirmed our earlier thoughts with smooth collaboration and, most importantly, a quick and successful end result. Everyone who uses the [business intelligence] system really enjoys it.”
  25. 25. Sedus Stoll AG is a leading European manufacturer that produces high quality office furniture. The organization develops and sells office furniture to Europe and Asia with approximately 900 employees. Business Intelligence Reference Case Sedus Challenge When Sedus first met with TIE Kinetix, they had SAP as their primary ERP system along with additional secondary systems. Sedus wanted to increase performance throughout the entire organization, break down data silos and create an easier user experience when accessing information.
  26. 26. Solution After reviewing all the key points of the project, Sedus selected to move forward with automated data processing, SAP integration, multi-language support and several analysis options for sales. The project’s success was based on three core essentials: data quality, speed of implementation and ease of use. Ingfried Mai, Head of IT Group, Sedus Stoll AG agrees all three of these were clearly met. “We felt very positive about ascention right from the beginning. After the proof-of- concept, we confirmed our earlier thoughts with smooth collaboration and, most importantly, a quick and successful end result. Everyone who uses the system really enjoys it.” After implementation, data from Sales, Finance, Marketing and Production were all centrally organized and available. Users can simply access data in an easy to use dashboard, or can also query the system to perform their own custom analysis.
  27. 27. Results Data Silos Manual Processing Time-to-Market Performance throughout the Entire Organization Transparency and Control User Experience when Access Information Data Quality Improved Reduced
  28. 28. Thank you for your interest in TIE Kinetix INTEGRATION BUSINESS INTELLIGENCEE-COMMERCECONTENT SYNDICATION North America + 1-800-624-6354 Europe + 31-88-369-8000 Asia + 61-41-185-8810 E-mail: info@TIEKinetix.com www.TIEKinetix.com