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Magnetic Sponsoring product review 2nd Edition
Magnetic Sponsoring product review 2nd Edition
Magnetic Sponsoring product review 2nd Edition
Magnetic Sponsoring product review 2nd Edition
Magnetic Sponsoring product review 2nd Edition
Magnetic Sponsoring product review 2nd Edition
Magnetic Sponsoring product review 2nd Edition
Magnetic Sponsoring product review 2nd Edition
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Magnetic Sponsoring product review 2nd Edition


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Here is Mike Dillard's course review called Magnetic Sponsoring. Here I review on the course and actual purchase and use of it.This is the man the myth the legend that started the whole Attraction …

Here is Mike Dillard's course review called Magnetic Sponsoring. Here I review on the course and actual purchase and use of it.This is the man the myth the legend that started the whole Attraction Marketing and forever changed the way we do business online.

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  • 1. Magnetic Sponsoring Product Review 2nd Edition Posted On : Sunday, August 18, 2013 Welcome to Version 2.0 of Magnetic Sponsoring (2nd edition) Click the picture above to see the video Magnetic Sponsoring Launched in 2007-08 with flagship product created by none other than Mike Dillard. I managed to pick op the original version when it first came out several years ago... This single product has to do with some of the industry’s largest success stories out there. I had the opportunity lately to go back and re-read the product and go through it all over again through
  • 2. the eyes of a marketer. I wanted to give a honest personal review. This is version number two as it was updated not too long ago.The main question that I am going to be answering by the of this blog post is does the information contained in the product still hold true today with all the changes with social media, Google updates and the passing of time? What is this Magnetic Sponsoring ? The course is ready for immediate download Essentially what Magnetic Sponsoring is a 78 page book of awesomeness utilizing the power of Attraction Marketing to generate more leads and or traffic! This is a necessity to anyone in network, internet, or affiliate marketing. This goes over (in detail) how to brand yourself and make you an authority figure? Why would you want to go around and just be another billboard trying to pitch someone’s deal? There is a science behind this that is absolutely awesome once you learn it. The product absolutely delivers as it gets you prepped and ready to receive the next course Black Belt Marketing. What do you get when you sign up? For an additional shipping charge you can get also the physical product sent to your house! That is the main question that everyone asks when you sign up with Mike Dillard. Value!! You get Videos 7 hard hitting raw and up front information that breaks it down plain and simple
  • 3. DAY 1 "How To Get Invited: Why Cold Prospecting Methods Are Dead, And What To Do Now..." 8min 30 sec DAY 2"How To Get Your Prospects To Buy Anything You Sell" 6min 49sec DAY 3"The Two Types Of People To Recruit For Your Business And How To Find Them?" 8min 44sec DAY 4"How Turn The People Who Said "No" Into Profit" 8min 27sec DAY 5"How To Get Paid To Prospect" 10min 54sec DAY 6"How To Write Effective Ads" 5min36sec DAY 7"How To Attract Wealth And Distributors To You" 11min 59sec A closed door MP3 Download interview with good friend Mark Wieser 57min 16sec A 19 Page book called Essential Reports ( downloadable reports ) PDF valuable lessons he has learned over the years Special Report #1: Creating Killer Advertising Special Report #2: Posture – A Career Changing Lesson Special Report #3: Developing a Magnetic Personality Special Report #4: Sorting Vs. Selling A 16 Page book called Domain Secrets (you may give this one away) PDF. All about domain names and then some A prospect Profile Sheet (downloadable) PDF. So you can keep track of your key players Other Special Bonus offers while you are checking out! When you go and purchase you will have the opportunity to purchase 2 dynamic products at that particular time (you cannot go back later to get those same deals) one is Black Belt Recruiting and the other is the Copywriters Guild. Black Belt recruiting is a Magnetic Sponsoring with a severe Kung Fu Punch! When you purchase the magnetic sponsoring course you will get the opportunity to purchase for 30% cheaper! Black Belt Recuiting Up Sell
  • 4. BLACK BELT RECRUITING But wait there is more Mark Wieser the same gentleman that was on the interview in Magnetic Sponsoring co-created Black Belt recruiting! 6 hard hitting in your gut punching audios that will make sponsoring prospects so much easier and faster before. This is how to get people to say yes to you when they have already said no. This course is literally showing you how to position yourself as a expert before you even sponsor one person. I would have to say that Black Belt Recruiting is the Jedi course to learning " the force " behind recruiting and sponsoring.
  • 5. Copywriters Guild Up sell COPYWRITER'S GUILD You get to purchase the copywriters Guild for half off and that is a steal! What is the number one thing that good markets need to sell their products or services to the masses? GREAT AD COPY.. Learning how to write ads and presenting that on a silver platter to your customers. That is absolutely a must for $147 for $97 dollars! Use it to write killer articles and emails that sell.
  • 6. This is a college course in copywriting. Learn how to create killer squeeze pages, capture pages which is an absolute must if you ever plan on being a 6 or 7 income earner in this industry. What Guarantee does Mike have? Mike Dillard is so sure that you will love his course that he wants your business and he is willing to give you a 10 day trial for $1 dollar! If you get to the sign up page and attempt to close out your browser you will get a chance to try it out for a limited time. The last chance offer
  • 7. RISK what Risk ! MIKE goes all out with this Ironclad Guarantee... Make Money as an affiliate! Mike Dillard goes to the next level through promotion of his products. Ask yourself a question what kind of person do you want in your business? Do you want someone who is actively seeking a way to actually increase their business. YES!!! If you position yourself correctly you should have no problem with people asking you the keys to the castle. If you cannot sponsor them into your primary you can offer the tools and training that will help them. Either way its a win win for everyone! YES ! You can still make money with the course even though it is almost 7 years old? YES!!! There is even a back office! You can see all the products that you have purchased. You can see all the leads that come in through your sales funnel and that are buying and allows you to connect will all of them. For all you people that say that it's to hard they have hold you by the hand steps to start earning commissions. There is customer support and even a links tab were you can promote sales letters, banners and squeeze pages. In Closing First I recommend you go pick yourself up a copy of Magnetic Sponsoring today! Second recommend every course Mike Dillard has to offer! If you are serious about building you business online then you need this. If you go ask any 6 or 7 figure money earner I am sure they
  • 8. will say Mike Dillard was a role model in their early career! This is a road map to your success and you deserve that! I have to say after reviewing the product and being around the as long as it has that this is one of the very few products I rate it : 5 start quality! It was just too good to put down when I first read it and it's still holds true even today! I also recommend you seriously look into if not get the following Mike Dillard Products: Pro Blog Academy Copywriters Guild Irresistable Info Marketing Blueprint Building On a Budget Whats Working Now MLM Traffic Formula II Black Belt Recuiting Ultimate Sales Funnel LTS ~ Learn... Train...Succeed