Making the grid more efficient, flexible and secure

Making the grid more efficient, flexible and secure



An overview of Schneider Electric’s smart grid solutions to facilitate system interoperability and to ensure seamless long-term asset management.

An overview of Schneider Electric’s smart grid solutions to facilitate system interoperability and to ensure seamless long-term asset management.



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Making the grid more efficient, flexible and secure Making the grid more efficient, flexible and secure Document Transcript

  • Makingthegrid more flexible,efficient and secure Schneider Electric’s open solutions ensure the seamless long-term evolution of your grid assets
  • 2 The Global Specialist in Energy Management delivering innovative solutions and projects worldwide Make your grid smarter with easy migration to international standards How Schneider Electric smart grid-ready products and solutions help balance your grid equation Electricity markets are changing and becoming increasingly complex. And every day, end-users’ expectations increase in terms of reliability and quality, and they gain greater awareness of energy’s environmental impact. It’s an evolution. But as our reliance on electricity grows globally, the ways in which we produce, distribute, and use energy must also evolve. The solution will not only involve smarter demand, but also smarter supply — and as such, a smarter grid is at the heart of the issue. As The Global Specialist in Energy Management™, Schneider Electric™ is smart grid-ready, enabling the products and solutions that support and connect the five key domains of a smarter grid: > Flexible distribution > Smart Generation > Demand-side management > Efficient homes (including electric vehicles) > Efficient enterprise (buildings, industrial facilities, and data centres) Our vision isn’t just to connect our customers to the smart grid — but to also connect them with each other, facilitating smarter interactions and leading to increased energy management capabilities through seamless system interoperability. ¤24billion sales in 2012 41%of sales in new economies* creating access to safe and reliable energy 140000people in 100+ countries 4-5%of sales devoted to R&D *New economies include Africa and the Middle East, Eastern Europe (including Russia), Latin America and Mexico, and Asia without Japan.
  • 3 DNO Renewable • Energy efficiency • Carbon trading • Micro network management On-site storage Backup storage Residential Commercial Industrial Electric vehicles and energy storage Centralized Generationadapted todemandvariation Flexible Distribution Intelligent Transmission Active Consumers Smart MV/LV substations Smart MV/LV substations Smart MV/LV substations Smart MV/MV Communication and software at all levels of the smart grid New roles and contribution Intelligent control systems for HV/MV substations Transmission System Operators Distribution Network Operators Prosumers* Energy Suppliers Energy Traders and Aggregators Governments and Regulators Renewable EnergyGeneration (intermittent) Our smart grid solutions include: > Smart Medium Voltage (MV)/Low Voltage (LV) equipment: switchgear, transformers, capacitor banks, etc > IEC61850-compliant HV/MV/LV Substation Automation > MV Overhead & Underground Self-healing Networks > Advanced Distribution Management Systems > Microgrid Control > Volt/VAr Management > Smart Metering Services > Renewable Energy Management > Demand-side Management > Geographic Information Systems *Two-way energy exchange
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  • 5 Intelligent solutions for electric utilities Quality products, solutions, and services bringing guaranteed reliability x2The increase in electrical energy demand predicted by 2030 Source: IEA 2008 We’re all aware of the need to integrate renewable energies and electric vehicles, and at the same time become more energy efficient — but it’s the electric utilities that are on the front line, already navigating this complex landscape, and as such, shaping the smart grid. That’s why at Schneider Electric, we offer fully customizable, scalable solutions that enable utilities to operate their networks reliably and efficiently, with improved visibility and unprecedented control. An integrated offer for any application With our best-in-class products and renowned expertise in electrical distribution and control, Schneider Electric is a proven global player in the development, manufacturing, and installation of: > Integrated, customized solutions > Turnkey systems and equipment > A full range of stand-alone products and equipment > Locally deployed specific services But that’s just the beginning. With the help of our project management experts, you can guarantee the safety of your people and equipment, and take advantage of our turnkey grid connection solutions covering design, engineering, installation, and maintenance. 1/2The reduction in CO2 emissions necessary to avoid dramatic climate changes Source: IPCC 2007, figure (vs. 1990 level)
  • 6 HV/MV and MV/LV substations Indoor solutions for limited space, urban, and outdoor areas, as well as unmanned solutions for rural and remote landscapes, guaranteeing safety of people and assets with best-in-class products. 1 Substation automation (IEC 61850- compliant) and protection systems IEC61850-compliant solutions from single RTU to large industrial sites with engineering tools to facilitate integration and solution tests. 2 Renewable energy management Global solutions compliant with local regulations enabling uninterrupted connectivity of intermittent sources through energy-efficient wind turbines and end-to-end wind farm electrical operation (local MV network, connection to the grid, control, supervision, and security). 3 Advanced Distribution Management System Monitors, analyzes & controls distribution networks and provides operations, planning & optimization analytics. Capable of operating in both real-time and study modes, and CIM-compliant with an open architecture enabling seamless integration with other smart grid applications. 4 MV Overhead & Underground Self-healing Networks Remote monitoring and control solutions integrating fault passage indicators, communication devices and overhead automated switchgear to reduce both the duration and the number of power outages and to develop self healing networks. 5 1 3 6 Solutions for Electric Utilities
  • 7 Energy management services Preventive and predictive asset management based on maintenance and retrofitting solutions, system assessments, and uptime audits as well as network planning and consulting. Smart Metering Management Advanced Metering Infrastructures with to transform raw data into actionable, enterprise-level business intelligence. As such, real-time data delivery drives operational benefits and cost efficiencies. 6 7 1 2 3 3 4 5 5 7
  • Make the most of your energySM Schneider Electric Industries SAS Head Office 35 rue Joseph Monier 92506 Rueil-Malmaison Cedex- France Tel.: +33 (0)1 41 20 70 00 ©2013 Schneider Electric. All Rights Reserved. Schneider Electric, The global specialist in energy management, Make the most of your energy, and ECOFIT are trademarks owned by Schneider Electric Industries SAS or its affiliated companies. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners. Design: Global Marketing, Communications Strategy and Design 998-4162_GMA Learn more about our Utility solutions! Visit