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Zelio Time Electronic Relay Briefing


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In this briefing, we explore the Zelio time relay offer presentation and application samples.
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Zelio Time Electronic Relay Briefing

  1. 1. Timing Relays briefing Simply reliable. Simply available. December 2017 Page 1Property of Schneider Electric |
  2. 2. • Introduction to the Timers Relays • Timing relays – Positioning of product in family – Introduction and UVPs • Offer presentation – RE17, RE22, NFC, RE48, RSXL – Targeted applications – Associated offers – Key References • Where to find further details • Quiz Table of content Page 2Property of Schneider Electric |
  3. 3. Zelio Relays Range Control & Monitoring Interfaces ABR Electromechanical Relays Solid State Relays RXGRSL RSB SSM1 SSM3 SSP3SSP1 ABSSSL SSLM RUMRXM RPF RPM Timing RelaysControl Relays Counters Analog Converters XBKT5 RC87 XBKP5/6 XBKH7 RMTJ/K/P RMC RM22 RM17 RM35 RE48REXL RE22RE17 RENF Page 3Property of Schneider Electric |
  4. 4. Zelio Time Page 4Property of Schneider Electric | RE22RE17 RE48 REXL RENF
  5. 5. What is a timer? Timing setting: Clocks the time and outputs a signal to the output section at the specified time • Power supply • Supplies the applied voltage to the internal system • Control signal/control contact • Receives signals from input devices, and outputs the signals to the timing section • Relay/solid state output to control other equipment • Outputs signals to output devices e.g. set timing function to be A – delay on energization in delay starting of a fan to avoid current peak. There are many timing functions. You can find all available functions with their code letters in the appendix of this document. T R U Page 5Property of Schneider Electric |
  6. 6. Zelio Time The worldwide leading range – offer features • Panel mount or plug-in • Timing range 1.2 s to 300 h • 2C/O 5A relay output • Multifunction  A1, A2, H1, H2  A, B, C, Di • Dual function  L, Li • Single function  A • IP64 protective cover from dust and water spray Zelio RE48 • Modular and Din rail mount • Timing ranges 0.05s to 300h | RENF: up to 999h • 1C/O and 2C/O 8A relay outputs or 0.7A solid state relay output • Multifunction  A, At, B, C, H, Ht, D, Di, Ac, Bw  Ad, Ah, N, O, P, Pt, T, Tt, W  A, At, B, C, H, Ht, D, Di • Dual function  A, At/H, Ht/L, Li • Single function  A/B/C/H • RENF: digital setting via APP with security Zelio RE17/22 | RENF • Plug-in • Timing ranges 0.1 s to 100 h • 2C/O 5A and 4C/O 5A relay output • Single function A Zelio REXL miniature Page 6Property of Schneider Electric |
  7. 7. Zelio Time Customer benefits • Mount on a front panel or plug in to Din rail- mounted socket • Easy to use (big knob for time adjustment) • Single/dual/multifunction (10) • IP64 protective cover from dust and water spray Zelio RE48 • Mount directly on Din rail • Compact design saves space 17.5/22.5 mm • Single/dual/multifunction (more than 30) • RENF: efficiency, simplicity, accuracy, security Zelio RE17/22 | RENF • Plug in to a Din rail mounted socket • Compact design 21 mm • Optimum device, single function dedicated for simple application Zelio REXL miniature All our timers are suitable for: Industrial applications – residential – electrical equipment Page 7Property of Schneider Electric |
  8. 8. Large legible scales Potentiometer for adjustment without tool Lead sealable cover LED indicator for power and relay output timing Only 17.5 mm in width, compact design GL Easy to set up Safer Space Saving International standards RE17 Electronic timing relay Simple – great features Page 8Property of Schneider Electric |
  9. 9. Time function selector • INST: instantaneous, when the arrow is pointed at INST position • TIMED: same time delay setting with R1, when the arrow is pointed at any part of the scale line R2 is with time delay Relays output R1 status LED Relays output R2 status LED • Optimized catalog • Surge immunity at Level 3 • IP50 front cover against dust • Operating temperature between -20 ºC and 60 ºC Easy to select Robust • Dial pointer LED to make setup easier at dark ambience • “Diagnostic button” to check downstream circuit immediately, shorten the commission and troubleshooting time Time saving Featured! The One and Only in the market Output R2 time delay selector RE22 Electronic timing relay Time delay range Page 9Property of Schneider Electric |
  10. 10. NFC timing relay – Hardware NFC timing relay Pairing indication LED (Green) No battery, LED will be lit up and powered by the NF energy transmitted from the phone while scanning R2 LED Output 2 indication (Amber) R1 LED Output 1 indication (Amber) Un LED Power supply indication (Green) Power supply A1,A2 Control signal Y1 Output Terminals: 15, 25/21, 18, 16, 28/24, 26/22 NFC antenna location Page 10Property of Schneider Electric |
  11. 11. Product Attributes • 1 Product reference: RENF22R2MMW • 28 timing functions • Power supply: 24~240Vdc/Vac ±10% • Timing range: 0.1s to 999hrs • Accuracy:  100 ms…1 s +/- 20 ms of set value at 25 °C  1 s…1 h +/- 2 % of set value at 25 °C  1…999 h +/- 1 % of set value at 25 °C • 2 Relay outputs @ 8A, 2nd output can be set instantaneous. • 22.5mm Width • Certification: CE, UL, CSA, KC, pending for CCC,EAC,RCM Hardware • Settings (Read, write and clone) • Diagnosis (Timing status, testing) • Protections (Password protection) • Only available for Android OS 4.1 above • Available languages: English, Spanish, Korean, French, Germany and Italian, Chinese (Mar’17) Mobile App Page 11Property of Schneider Electric |
  12. 12. Time base selector • Option 1: 0.2…12 • Option 2: 0.5…30 Time unit selector • 0.1 s • 1 sec • 10 s • 1 min • 10 m • 1 h • 10 h Large potentiometer dial for fine tuning Power supply LED Relay output LED Timing function selector Direct reading of time Easy to set up Clear indication RE48 Electronic timing relay Page 12Property of Schneider Electric |
  13. 13. Timing range selector (at bottom) Relay output LED Time-setting dial 2C/O and 4C/O relay output Time Function - A: Delay on energization Power supply LED REXL Electronic timing relay miniature plug-in T R U Page 13Property of Schneider Electric |
  14. 14. Where to install? Machines, process, HVAC, vending machines, WWW, electrical switchboards, lifts, escalators, GenSet, etc. Targeted applications The Zelio Time are used in the majority of automated processes, electrical process, and building controls. Operators can adjust machine cycles easily. Page 14Property of Schneider Electric |
  15. 15. Associated offers Relays is companion offers of TeSys D & PLC PLCTesys D Page 15Property of Schneider Electric |
  16. 16. Reference Timing Relay Reference Description RE17RAMU Single function timing relay, Power on delay, 1CO 8A RE22R2MYMR Multifunction timing relay, 2CO 8A REXL2TMP7 Miniature Plug-in Timer 2CO 240VAC Page 16Property of Schneider Electric |
  17. 17. Where to find details • Click here to find info on • Click here to find Timing relays on • Click here to access our Digicat • Click here to access to CAD files • Click on the link below for FAQs (frequently asked question) Page 17Property of Schneider Electric |
  18. 18. Quiz Q1 What are the mains family for timing relays range? Q2 What is the operating temperature for relay RM22? Q3 What are the solutions to mount RE48? Q4 How many timing functions are there in NFC timing relay? Q5 Do you need a socket to mount an REXL? ?Based on what you’ve learned so far, try to answer to this quiz Page 18Property of Schneider Electric |
  19. 19. Quiz answers Q1 What are the mains family for timing relays range? Q2 What is the operating temperature for relay RM22? Q3 What are the solutions to mount RE48? Q4 How many timing functions are there in NFC timing relay? Q5 Do you need a socket to mount an REXL? Answers Zelio RE17, RE22, RE48, REXL, RENF For RM22 operating temperature is between -20 ºC and 60 ºC 2 solutions: front panel-mounted or plug-in to Din rail-mounted socket There are 28 timing functions Yes, you must use a socket (RXZE2M114) Page 19Property of Schneider Electric |
  20. 20. Thank you Page 20Property of Schneider Electric |