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Spacial, Thalassa, ClimaSys Universal enclosures Briefing


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Discover more about Universal Enclosures and how to select the one you need.
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Spacial, Thalassa, ClimaSys Universal enclosures Briefing

  1. 1. Spacial, Thalassa, ClimaSys Universal enclosures briefing Property of Schneider Electric Simply reliable. Simply available. December 2017
  2. 2. • Introduction to the Enclosure offer • How to select an enclosure  Technical needs  Components and Accessories  Thermal • Range overview • How to understand our references • Where to find further details • Quiz Table of content Property of Schneider Electric | Page 2
  3. 3. Enclosure's role Page 3Property of Schneider Electric | Enclosure system = electrical devices conditioning solution Devices: Installation and cabling, thermal dissipation People: Operator control and maintenance, ergonomic and protection, and access Ambiance: Dust, water, temperature changes, sunlight, chemical agents, radio waves, vibrations, cleaning agents, vandalism, etc. & >< >< > > && & & && & && & &&&
  4. 4. Enclosure’s role Page 4Property of Schneider Electric | • Class II: Total insulation product • No sharp edges • Surface temperature • No penetration of object when IP > 4X & • Vandalism • Shock • Flame • Forced entry • Theft • Humidity and condensation • Thermal stress • Overheating • Corrosion • Chemicals • High temperature • UV rays • Air pollution • Snow • Dust • Support for HMI functions • Time saving on installation • Perfect fit of enclosure + device + thermal conditioning People protection Device protection Thermal management Harsh environment Human-machine interface (HMI) Best-in-class installation system
  5. 5. Enclosures are everywhere Page 5Property of Schneider Electric |
  6. 6. How to select the right enclosure and its accessories Page 6Property of Schneider Electric | In just 4 steps ... Think on ... • Indoor - Spacial — Steel for standard - Spacial — Stainless steel for harsh environment • Outdoor - Thalassa — Polyester for standard - Spacial and Thalassa — Heavy duty for harsh environment 1 • Tightness (IP) • Impact resistance (IK) • Size constraints (HxWxD) • Color • Mounting architecture (floor, wall, post) and its accessories (Plinth, etc.) 2 • Door system - Transparent/blind - Lock, earthing, raceways • Cable entry system and position • Mounting accessories - Mounting plate (plane, Telequick system, modular, 19” ) - Cabling accessories 3 Thermal calculation with ProClima software and Climasys offer selection • Ventilation • Cooling • Heating • Thermal measurement and control 4 Environment Technical needs Components and accessories Thermal
  7. 7. Technical needs Page 7Property of Schneider Electric | • According to IEC 60529 • Certification according to UL 50E • NEMA type according to NEMA 250 standard • Resistance to external mechanical impact IEC 62262 • Up to IK 10 • Dimensions of the enclosure: Height (H) x Width (W) x Depth (D) • Take into account the possibilities for modular enclosure associations Enclosures and accessories to fit centralized or distributed machine architecture • Boxes • Wall mounting • Floor standing • Post • HMI • Post fixing devices • Specific specs • Seismic • Vibration • Corrosion resistance • EMC • Steel RAL 7035 • Polyester RAL 7032 Accessories • Canopy • Plant • Eyebolts • Fixing lugs • Reinforcement for heavy devices IP IK 2 Tightness Impact resistance Size Architecture ColorAccessories and specific specs
  8. 8. Components and accessories Page 8Property of Schneider Electric | 3 • To see inside: Glazed door, acrylic windows, control protection frames • Lock: Inserts, keys, padlocks • For maintenance: Door stops, switches • Raceways door mounted: Cable-duct, door cross-rails, cable ties • HMI device installation accessories • Cable entry number and type selection • Cable glands or membranes: Tightness and cable supports • Earth connection: Electrical continuity by earthing braids or leads • Device mounting accessories • Power distribution • Equipment mounting plates - Plain for DIN devices - Telequick System for nonDIN device (micro-perforated or perforated) - Modular - 19” device installation system • Cable accessories - Cable ducts - Cross rails - Cable supports • HMI device accessories + Door Body or frame Mounting accessories
  9. 9. Optimization • Our experience: Customers either oversize or undersize thermal solutions • The same machine that is exported in different geographical zones normally needs and specs are different solutions (even indoors) (e.g., RU -15 … +30 ºC , UAE +20 … +55 ºC) What Reliability • One of the most sensitive aspects for getting the machine reliable; control panel conditioning ensures device lifetime and reliability Thermal Page 9Property of Schneider Electric | 4 The only way or action to validate the correct thermal installation is to use thermal calculation software
  10. 10. Installation for outdoors • Private or public installation • Geographical location of the installation to set thermal working conditions using the global ProClima built-in weather database - Sun radiation value (W/m2) - Temperature and humidity data Installation for indoor and outdoor • Mounting position of the enclosure (on wall, etc.) • Enclosure material and RAL color • Dimensions of the machine control panel • Watts dissipated by the installed devices (if customer doesn't know, ProClima will help) Thermal Page 10Property of Schneider Electric | 4 Knowing all these variables in advance, ProClima software suggests thermal solutions for your customer. How Thermal calculation with minimum customer data to start
  11. 11. General overview of enclosures Page 11Property of Schneider Electric | Outdoor Spacial steel Indoor Spacial stainless steel Thalassa polyester Thalassa PHD heavy duty polyester Spacial SFHD/S3DHD heavy duty steel Standard environment Harsh environment Standard environment Harsh environment Material architecture accessories + All offers are ready for thermal conditioning solutions
  12. 12. General overview of enclosures Page 12Property of Schneider Electric | Indoor standard environment Indoor harsh environment Outdoor harsh environment Spacial steel Spacial stainless steel Spacial in steel: Boxes, wall mounting, monobloc, and suitable floor standing Key benefits • Protection of electric and electronic devices against dust, splashing with oil, and impacts • Safe access of people to devices Performance • Universal range for industry • E.M.C. range against electromagnetic disturbances (treated with Aluzing) • ATEX version available Spacial in stainless steel: Wall mounting, monobloc, and suitable floor standing Key benefits (additional to steel) • Suitable to demands from F&B, Life Sciences, and infrastructure industries • Hygiene and corrosion-resistant properties Performance • 304 L stainless steel resistant to corrosion and suitable for cleaning and disinfection • 316 L stainless steel (“marine stainless steel”) high resistance to corrosion • ATEX version available
  13. 13. General overview of enclosures Page 13Property of Schneider Electric | Outdoor Standard Environment Thalassa polyesterhalassa polyester Thalassa in polyester or plastic (ABS, polycarbonate): Boxes, wall mounting, and floor standing Key benefits • Outdoor infrastructures and electrical installations protection to sunlight, rain, saline mist, extreme temperatures, oil splashes, and chemical and corrosive agents • Safe protection for those in contact with public • Insulated (to be Class II according to IEC 61439-1:2011) Performance • Universal range for industry and infrastructure • ATEX version available • Lightweight • Fire resistant
  14. 14. General overview of enclosures Page 14Property of Schneider Electric | Outdoor Standard Environment Spacial SFHD/S3DHD heavy duty steel Spacial heavy duty made from carbon steel protected against corrosion (certified C4H ISO 12944) • IP55 floor standing Thalassa PHD heavy duty polyester Thalassa heavy duty polyester reinforced with a double layer of fiberglass that is ultra-resistant to vandalism • Enclosure includes heavy duty canopy and Plinth, locking system with 1242E key and padlock, aluminum cable gland plate • Anti-posting door Key benefits (additional to steel and polyester) • For severe outdoor environments • Tested, certified for outdoor compliance standards • Active/passive thermal management engineering right in • Resistant to chemicals Performance • Dedicated accessories pre-installed for outdoor conditions • -45 °C up to +80 °C resistance • Pressure and shock resistant IEC 61439-5:2010 • IP66 wall mounting
  15. 15. ClimaSys: Thermal management overview Page 15Property of Schneider Electric | Thermal management software Enclosures offer Passive thermal solutions Mechatronic devices Small thermal offer Big thermal offer Airing Ventilation from 38 to 850 m3/h Control Heaters from 10 W to 550 W Cooling units from 0.3 kW to 15 kW Exchangers air water from 1 kW to 15 kW Exchangers air from 22 W/K to 80 W/K
  16. 16. Thermal management should guarantee suitable control of the temperature and humidity conditions inside the enclosure to guarantee optimal operation of the components installed in the inside. What is thermal management? Page 16Property of Schneider Electric | Thermal management software
  17. 17. Airing Property of Schneider Electric | Page 17 • Using natural convection - Useful in technical rooms - Clean and filtered ambients - Only for low dissipate powers - And good external temperatures Filterless grill Filter can be removed for filtered ambients
  18. 18. Internal convection Property of Schneider Electric | Page 18 • Generating intense and continuous turbulences inside the enclosure. We homogenize and reduce internal temperature. - Useful in outdoors and technical rooms - High water-tightness - Only for low dissipate powers - And good external temperatures Ti1 > Ti2 Ti1 Ti2
  19. 19. Forced ventilation Property of Schneider Electric | Page 19 • Renews the air inside the enclosure with cold air from the outside using the necessary flow to achieve a suitable DT (Te -Ti ≤ 5 ºC) • Maintains the IP required in each case - Useful in technical rooms and outdoors - Up to IP55 - Depends on dT (Te -Ti ≤ 5 ºC) - Control equipment is required Ti ClimaSys forced ventilation Ti1 > Ti2 Te
  20. 20. Cooling: Cooling units Property of Schneider Electric | Page 20 • Cool and dehumidify • Watertightness is mandatory • ΔTneeded = inexistent • IPmax = IP55 ClimaSys cooling units TiTe Ti Te
  21. 21. Humidity and low temperatures: Heating Property of Schneider Electric | Page 21 • Avoid condensation, high humidity, and low temperatures • IPmax = IP66 Initial conditions Ti = 10 ºC RH = 63 % Ti = 20 ºC RH = 33 % Ti = 35 ºC RH = 14 % Heating units + Control Ti = 5 ºC RH = 90 %
  22. 22. Function control Property of Schneider Electric | Page 22 • TH thermostats, HY hygrostats, and HYT hygrotherm • Regulates and optimizes the working temperature conditions inside the enclosure • Prolongs the lifetime of thermal components installed ClimaSys thermal control L N + L N + L N +
  23. 23. Understand our references Page 23Property of Schneider Electric | Thalassa insulating enclosures Spacial metal enclosures ClimaSys Universal enclosures code Product family See the new names above Specifications Dimensions, power, type of function Composition Type of door, material, additional accessories N S Y S F T1 8 8 5 0 Spacial SF/steel floor-standing suitable – 1800x800x50 N S Y T B T2 4 1 9 8 Thalassa TBS/industrial boxes in ABS – 241x194x87S • Thalassa TBP Industrial boxes PC (UL) • Thalassa TBS Industrial boxes in ABS • Thalassa PLS Insulating modular boxes • Thalassa PLM Wall-mounting in polyester • Thalassa PLA Floor-standing in polyester • Thalassa PLD Floor-standing DIN in polyester • Spacial S44 – S57 – SDB Steel industrial boxes • Spacial S3D Steel wall-mounting • Spacial SF Steel floor-standing suitable • Spacial SM Steel floor-standing compact • Spacial SD Steel control desk • Spacial S3X Stainless-steel wall-mounting • Spacial SMX Stainless-steel floor-standing monoblock • Spacial SFX Stainless-steel floor-standing suitable • Spacial SDX Stainless-steel control desk • ClimaSys CV Ventilation system • ClimaSys CA Natural airing • ClimaSys CU Cooling units • ClimaSys CE Exchangers • ClimaSys CR Resistance heaters • ClimaSys CC Thermal controlc
  24. 24. Universal enclosures digital tools gateway Page 24Property of Schneider Electric | 2D/3D files On and by packages Eplan macros 2-D and 3-D format Catalog General catalog and technical guides Digital rules Selection software suite for enclosures and accessories ProClima Thermal calculation software for control panel Dimension sizer software for control panel Spacial.conf Quotation software for customized enclosures Spacial, Thalassa, ClimaSys Check for latest version online If links not active, please download
  25. 25. • IEC 62208: Standard for empty enclosures ‒ Standard used for enclosures prior to the installation of equipment, including: – IEC 60529: Degrees of protection provided by enclosure (IP) – IEC 62262: Degrees of protection provided by enclosure (IK) • IEC 61439: Low voltage switchgear and control gear assemblies • UL508A: Industrial control panels • Dedicated: Seismic, marine, nuclear, EMC, outdoor, etc. Main international standards Property of Schneider Electric | Page 25
  26. 26. • Click here to find info on • Click here to find Enclosures on • Click here to access our Digicat • Click here to access to CAD files • Click on the link below for FAQs (frequently asked question) Where to find details Property of Schneider Electric | Page 26
  27. 27. Property of Schneider Electric | Quiz Based on what you’ve learned so far, try to answer to this quiz ? Page 27 Q1 Give three enclosure’s role Q2 What are the two main ranges of enclosures? Q3 What is Climasys range? Q4 What is the software used for Climasys range? Q5 Is there ATEX version available in Enclosure range?
  28. 28. Property of Schneider Electric | Quiz answers Q1 Give three enclosure’s role People protection, Thermal management, Protect for Harsh environment Q2 What are the two main ranges of enclosures? Thalassa range (steel) and Spacial range (polyester) Q3 What is Climasys range? It’s Thermal management offer Q4 What is the software used for Climasys range? ProClima for thermal calculation and EffiClima for thermal tracking Q5 Is there ATEX version available in Enclosure range? Yes, ATEX version is available Answers Page 28
  29. 29. Property of Schneider Electric | Thank you Page 29