Southern Romance


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South Carolina, a place that represents the best of the South in Southern Romance. Visit for more.

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Southern Romance

  1. 1. Southern Romance Today, I’m in South Carolina, near the border of Georgia and South Carolina. In a place that represents the best of the South in Southern Romance. As a Southerner, he was born in the South. He was raised in the South. Everytime I come home to the South there are few things that just make my heart open, make my body relax and make me feel the essence of romance, of elegance and of etiquette that is truly Southern. And so, I’d like to share those elements of Southern romance with you. So, one is the sensuality of the weather. This is a subtropical area and so in the warmer months you have very warm days and then balmy nights and it’s a wonderful temperature to play with your mate and all kinds of fun outdoor activities. It’s also a wonderful way to stay up late at night and dine outside and take long walks, holding hands in a romantic setting.
  2. 2. The nature is actually very essential. There are beautiful oak trees with moss hanging on the oak trees. It has a very beautiful essence. There is wonderful azaleas and flowers blooming and crickets talking and dolphins swimming and even alligators approaching on the sides of the banks of the rivers. All these natural elements of temperature and natural species leaned itself to romantic excursions. Secondly, what I love what I fall in love with again and again in the South is etiquette. When I come to the South, I just take it for granted that someone will be opening my door, someone will be pulling out my chair at the table, and that people will speak kindly to you, speak with you with respect, miss or misses or mister. And it is just feeling that there is a law of respect and respected behavior that is engrained in the culture and that’s quite romantic, that’s quite chivalrous and it’s true for men and women. Women enjoy the etiquette of a gentleman and men enjoy the way a woman relaxes in true femininity and sweetness and flirtatiousness. Lastly, what I love about the South is its elegance and where I am right now in South Carolina is a beautiful elegant spot near Hilton Head and Savannah Georgia. People dress for being out during the day and doing sports. And people also dress for dinner. They go home and changed their clothes out of their business attire and out of their casual clothes and put on something that represent s that I am shifting gears. I’m shifting into a romantic or a social energy that I’m going to come alive in a new way to. The elegance is represented in the way people arrange flowers, give gifts and stuff and ask you if you need help and wear a jacket, a dinner jacket to dinner. While you don’t want to do this every single day, it’s really nice to have this as an element of romance, of relaxation, of partnership that brings alive new qualities of respectfulness, honoring each other, loving the moment and loving love. You can utilize some of this customs in your hometown wherever it is to add a little more flavor and charm to your lovelife. Karinna Kittles-Karsten, The Love Educator, is the founder of an online dating and fun couples membership site. She is also an internationally recognized relationship expert, speaker, author of the best-selling book, Intimate Wisdom, The Sacred Art of Love, and the creator/host of the popular DVD Sacred Love-Making. Visit