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  • 1. © OECD AjointinitiativeoftheOECDandtheEuropeanUnion, principallyfinancedbytheEU Introduction to SIGMA (Support for Improvement in Governance and Management)
  • 2. © OECD AjointinitiativeoftheOECDandtheEuropeanUnion, principallyfinancedbytheEU A joint initiative funded by the OECD and the EU that helps governments to strengthen their public governance systems and capacities. We help countries in transition to: • Meet their aspirations for free-market economy • Achieve a stable democracy and the rule of law • Demonstrate their readiness to either join or to create a closer relationship with the EU through free movement and trade. As a part of the OECD Directorate for Public Governance and Territorial Development (GOV), it reports to the Public Governance Committee. 2 What is SIGMA?
  • 3. © OECD AjointinitiativeoftheOECDandtheEuropeanUnion, principallyfinancedbytheEU 3 Our areas of expertise
  • 4. © OECD AjointinitiativeoftheOECDandtheEuropeanUnion, principallyfinancedbytheEU 4 Activities and beneficiaries Our support focuses on five areas: • Civil service and public administration organisation and functioning • Policy making • Public finance and audit • Public procurement • Strategy and reform co-ordination and implementation. We work with: • Turkey and 7 Western Balkan countries, financed through the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) • 11 countries of the European Neighbourhood, financed through the European Neighbourhood (ENI).
  • 5. 5 AjointinitiativeoftheOECDandtheEuropeanUnion, principallyfinancedbytheEU Countries SIGMA works with European Union Croatia joined the EU in 2013
  • 6. © OECD AjointinitiativeoftheOECDandtheEuropeanUnion, principallyfinancedbytheEU 6 Our work We provide short-term technical assistance that complements other EU institution building instruments e.g. on: • The preparation of strategies and reform plans • The drafting and amendment of laws • The planning of larger technical assistance projects • Awareness raising events • Advice to key senior and middle managers • Practitioner-to-practitioner support • Peer review of specific systems or organisations • In the EU accession countries, annual assessments on governance systems and reforms. We also write policy papers and studies on public governance.
  • 7. © OECD AjointinitiativeoftheOECDandtheEuropeanUnion, principallyfinancedbytheEU 7 Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance Country-focused strategic approach: • Yearly assessments are evidence-based and directly linked to further assistance according to progress • Focus on strategy and reform co-ordination and policy making frameworks - helping countries from design to implementation • More bridging across horizontal areas (e.g. has budgeting been carried out for reforms and their implementation?). EU accession progress in 2013: • July - Croatia joined EU • October - Negotiations on a Stabilisation and Association Agreement launched with Kosovo* • December - Decision to launch accession negotiations with Serbia • Considerable progress in Montenegro’s accession negotiations.
  • 8. © OECD AjointinitiativeoftheOECDandtheEuropeanUnion, principallyfinancedbytheEU 8 European Neighbourhood Instrument SIGMA works with countries in both the East and South of the region. In countries with high levels of political instability, SIGMA retains a presence by providing assistance at the technical level. In other, more stable countries, SIGMA continues to provide support at both the technical and political level. SIGMA is developing annual work programmes for each country.
  • 9. © OECD AjointinitiativeoftheOECDandtheEuropeanUnion, principallyfinancedbytheEU 9 European Neighbourhood South Examples of our projects in the southern region: • Algeria Support to the Court of Accounts on its development as an Independent Supreme Audit Institution • Egypt Harmonisation and simplification of administrative procedures • Jordan Reform of the system for the financial control of public funds • Lebanon Support to the Parliament on improving its administrative capacity • Morocco Preparation of a Civil Service Statute and Public Service Charter • Tunisia Reform of the civil service salary system.
  • 10. © OECD AjointinitiativeoftheOECDandtheEuropeanUnion, principallyfinancedbytheEU 10 European Neighbourhood East Key development: In November 2013, Georgia and Moldova initiated Association Agreements with the EU. Examples of our projects in the eastern region: • Armenia Public procurement training • Azerbaijan Preparation of a civil service strategy • Georgia Amendment of various pieces of legislation (including the Constitution and civil service legislation) following constitutional reforms • Moldova Development of the financial inspection function • Ukraine Preparation of a Public Finance Management strategy.
  • 11. © OECD AjointinitiativeoftheOECDandtheEuropeanUnion, principallyfinancedbytheEU Website Publications E-mail *Kosovo: This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244/1999 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence. Find out more about us