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Pinning for Profit - Maria Harrison
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Pinning for Profit - Maria Harrison


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Pinning for Profit …

Pinning for Profit
Maria Harrison, Partner & Owner, BullsEye Strategy

Social media's new darling, Pinterest, is capturing the attention of users worldwide. This virtual interactive bulletin board where individuals and businesses alike can pin interests and drive user's to their site has taken off like wildfire but most companies haven't figured out their Pinterest strategy yet. Come to this session to figure out whether Pinterest is right for your company, and best practices to leverage it. We'll look at real world case studies for large and small to medium sized businesses to see how they're using Pinterest, discuss best practices for setting up a Pinterest presence, how to engage your audience on Pinterest and more. You'll leave these sessions with answers to your biggest burning questions about Pinterest including:

What is Pinterest?
Who's using Pinterest?
Is it right for my business?
How do I get started?
How do I measure my success on Pinterest?

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  • 1. Pinning  for  Profit   SFIMA  Summit,  2012   Presented  by     Maria  A.  Harrison   Partner  and  Owner  
  • 2. Today  you’ll  learn…  !  What is Pinterest!  Who’s Pinning!  How Users are Engaging with Pinterest!  How Companies are Using It To: ü  Drive Direct Traffic ü  Extend the Shelf Life Of Content ü  Drive Brand Engagement & Loyalty ü  Drive Revenue! 
  • 3. About Bullseye Strategy  !  Experienced interactive marketing and business development firm!  Deep roots in interactive and partnership marketing
  • 4. What We Do  
  • 5. Who  Are  YOU?    •  B2B Marketer?•  B2C Marketer?•  Personal Pinterest account?•  Business Pinterest account?•  Been to
  • 6. What’s  All  the  Fuss  About?  !    Hit  10  million  unique  visitors  faster  than  ANY  site  in  US  history  !  Over  100  top  brands  use  it  !  31  employees;  was  only  16  in  Feb.    !  Backed  by  some  seriously  successful  folks  !  Daily  users  have  increased  over  145%  since  beginning  of  2012  !  Genera6ng  more  referral  traffic  to  web  sites  than  Google+,  YouTube,  and  LinkedIn,  COMBINED!  ✖ LINKS  =  NO  SEO  VALUE!  
  • 7. What is Pinterest?  !  Pinterest  is  a  virtual  pinboard;  collect  links  to  things  you  love,  and  pin  their  images  on  Pinterest.    !  When  you   pin  something  you  share  an  image  and  link  to  the  original  content  you  found  online.  !  You  can  also  create  related  collecSons  of  things  called   Pinboards  or   Boards .    !  Visitors  to  the  site,  and  of  course,  followers  of  your  pinning  acSvity,  can  discover  new  things  grouped  into  a  variety  of  categories.  
  • 8. Who’s  Pinning?   68%  of  Users  are  WOMEN   50%  Have  Kids    
  • 9. Who’s  Pinning?  28%  AHHI  of  $100,000+   27%                        25-­‐34   22%                          35-­‐44    
  • 10. Who  liked  biology  class?    
  • 11. !  Create  a  buzz/feels  exclusive  !  Aaempt  to  have  only  humans  and  not  bots  registering  !  P  sends  you  a  liale  email  to  acknowledge  you  signed  up  !  Send  you  an  invite  in  2-­‐3  days  anyway  !  Personal  invites  seem  to  get  fulfilled  faster    
  • 12. Elements  of   Twiaer  of   Facebook  
  • 13. Pinterest Buttons    
  • 14. Why Use Pinterest?  !   Pinterest s  Push  Mentality  -­‐  brands  are  able  to  push  out  content  on  their  own  Sme  without  a  brand  page  to  constantly  update.    !    Niche  Value  -­‐  Leverage  Pinterest s   pin  what  you  know  and  love  mentality  by  creaSng  industry-­‐specific  boards  and  using  specific  keyword  searches  to  find  like-­‐minded  pins,  boards  and  users.    !    
  • 15. Why Use Pinterest?    !    Expert  Posi6oning  -­‐  USlize  Pinterest s   open  boards ,  which  allow  mulSple  users  to  pin  to  one  board,  to  collaborate.    !    Real  6me  trending  -­‐    Keep  tabs  on  what s  about  to  get  hot.  Anyone  designing  anything  would  be  wise  to  dig  in  and  search  Pinterest  for  related  elements  and  cues.      
  • 16. Pinterest Revenue    !  Started  to  do  it  quietly  but  the  word  is  out  !  Unheard  of  for  a  social  media  company  at  such  an  early  stage  !  Adding  affiliate  links  to  user  pins  (through  a  sofware  service  provider)  
  • 17. Pinterest and Google Analytics    !  Find  out  what  the  real  value  of  Pinterest  is  to  your  company    !  Using  Google  AnalyScs?    !  From  there,  if  you  don’t  see  (or  in  your  top  10  referrals,  search  “pinterest”  using  the  inline  filter  at  the  top  of  the  table.            
  • 18. Pinterest and Google Analytics       More  advanced  reporSng  via  segments  and   custom  filters:     hap://­‐track-­‐traffic/            
  • 19. Blogger  Success  Story  
  • 20.    
  • 21. Blogger  Success  Story  !  Blogging for 2 Years!  Started Pinning in end of Jan/February!  Pinterest is Has Surpassed Facebook and Twitter! ü  Tweets go dead in minutes ü  Facebook posts get pushed down in the news feed ü  People less likely to RT or Share (anecdotal)
  • 22. Blogger  Success  Story  !  Example Pin: ü  20 Hours ü  81 Repins ü  26 Likes!  Constant Repinning of Her Pins!  Constantly Showing Up in People’s Feeds!  Followed Other Fashionistas and Fashion Brands;Reciprocal Following
  • 23. Blogger  Success  Story  !  The Proof Is In Her Numbers ü  92% of Pinterest visitors are first-time visitors ü  Started pinning Jan/Feb Timeframe but not from her blog ü  Started pinning from her blog in April ü  Traffic Has Grown: Ø  January: 1% Ø  February: 3% Ø  March: 8% Ø  April: 12% Ø  May: 21% (already)- Facebook traffic is only 7%, Twitter is less than 1%. ü  Projects 25% of Her Traffic to be from P by end of May! 
  • 24. Blogger  Success  Story  !  P has brought her recognition from a national brand, JC Penney!  Pinterest Promotion: !   A Select Few Were Chosen !   Shop for Tribal/Tropical Themed Apparel and Accessories !   $100 Gift Card !   Bloggers are required to create a Tropical & Tribal pinboard with at least 2 pins from JC Penney items and anything else inspiring—sunsets, island photos, etc. to promote JCPenney for summer.!  Opportunity for JC Penney to leverage the popularity ofan already successful blogger with a following, forcing theirimages into people’s feeds who might not otherwise followJC Penney/see their fashion
  • 25. Blogger  Success  Story  !  P is also making her cash register ring!  BP (Before Pinterest): ü  Successful affiliate marketers needed Ø  Web sites Ø  Great SEO Ø  PPC budgets Ø  Great email lists!  After Pinterest: !   Strong P Account with a good following, and she’s making money every day !   Affiliate links on her pins
  • 26. B2C  Retailer  Success  Stories  
  • 27. !  One  of  the  earliest  brands  on  P,  started  in  2011  !  Curators  of  “content”  !  Few  links  to  their  own  products  !  Looking  for  exposure  to  new  markets,  new  customers    !  Paying  tribute  to  sustainability  bloggers  !  Driving  traffic  to  
  • 28. B2C  Retailer  Success  Stories  
  • 29. !  In  contrast  to  WF  !  Show  crafs  that  can  be  done  with  their  products  !  Links  to  their  site  where  you  can  learn  more  about  the  products  !  Follows  other  crafers  !  Exposure  to  new  audiences  !  Keeps  them  top  of  mind  
  • 30. Other  Success  Stories  !  MLB  using  it  for  each  team  !  Fashion  retailers  such  as  Nordstrom  and  JC  Penney  !  Food  publishers  such  as   Notably  missing  from  this  list  is  the  travel  industry   IMHO!     Where  are  the  cruise  lines,  hotels,  and  visitor   bureaus?  If  you’re  here,  I  have  ideas  for  you!      
  • 31. B2B  Success  Story  !  B2B  is  another  sleeper  area  for  P    !  Tips  for  success:     ü  Original  infographics   ü  Sample  work  product  –  e.g.  campaigns,  products,  screenshots  of  sofware   products   ü  “Birds  of  a  Feather”  rules  applies  to  P  also   ü  “Listening”  or  in  this  case  “Looking”  applies  to  P  also  
  • 32. Recap  –  Did  I  Deliver?    !  What is Pinterest!  Who’s Pinning!  How Users are Engaging with Pinterest!  How Companies are Using It To: ü  Drive Direct Traffic ü  Extend the Shelf Life Of Content ü  Drive Brand Engagement & Loyalty ü  Drive Revenue! 
  • 33. THANK  YOU   Maria  Harrison   Partner  and  Owner       h]p://     h]p://twi]!/bullseyestrat    h]p://