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Instructed by Julia Campbell.

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  • Pinterest for Business

    1. 1. How to Use Pinterest for Business Julia Campbell Social Media Specialist J Campbell Social Marketing
    2. 2. Today You Will Learn • Top 3 reasons why your business needs to be on Pinterest now • Why you need a Pinterest Business Account vs. a Personal Account • 5 ideas for great, shareable pins • How to get started, get found and get followers on Pinterest • BONUS: A list of 102 Things to Pin on Pinterest
    3. 3. About Me Julia Campbell has a long history of helping nonprofits and businesses find success online. After 10 years in the nonprofit sector as a development director and marketing coordinator, she founded J Campbell Social Marketing, a boutique digital marketing agency based in Beverly, MA. Julia received her degree in Journalism & Communications from Boston University and earned a Master in Public Administration from Old Dominion University as well as a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from Tidewater Community College. A Beverly native, a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, a mom of 1 and a social media marketing specialist, Julia helps businesses and nonprofits connect with constituents and customers by effectively harnessing the power and potential of online marketing and social media tools. Julia’s clients include small community-based nonprofits and large universities. She also offers one-on-one coaching sessions, group seminars and college courses. Her blog was named one of the Top 150 Nonprofit Blogs in the world: Julia has been featured on MarketWatch, Alltop, Salon, Social Media Today, Forbes and Business 2 Community.
    4. 4. What Is Pinterest? • “Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organizing things you love.” • People use it to make wish lists, plan trips, organize events, start collections, interior decorating, plan projects
    5. 5. Top 3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to be Interested in Pinterest 1) Pinterest is growing leaps and bounds. – Pinterest has almost caught up with Twitter in terms of adult U.S. Internet users (15% compared to Twitter’s 16%). – Pinterest has >25 million monthly unique visitors. – Nothing to sneeze at when you want more customers! All statistics taken from the Pew Internet & American Life Project (
    6. 6. Top 3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to be Interested in Pinterest 2) Pinterest is where women are, and women make purchase decisions. – As a general trend, women make up more of the population on most social net working sites – but they make up 82% of active users on Pinterest. – Desirable demographic of women 35-44 years old.
    7. 7. Top 3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to be Interested in Pinterest 3) Pinterest has a totally different culture than the other social networking sites. – Pinterest is aspirational, not of-the-moment. – It is also transactional, not relational like Facebook, Twitter.
    8. 8. Top 3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to be Interested in Pinterest – What we pin reflects what we covet, what moves us, what we desire, who we want to be. – Pinterest works more like a Vision Board, rather than an off-the-cuff, in-themoment statement of what we are eating or where we are hanging out.
    9. 9. BONUS REASON! Pinterest posts (pins) last much longer! – Pinterest pins have a shelf life of over one week! – A tweet is 5-25 minutes; 80 minutes for a Facebook post. – People pin photos on Pinterest to share with friends, to collect and to save for later. – You can’t easily “save” Facebook posts or tweets. In this way, Pinterest is unlike every other social network.
    10. 10. Getting Started • Pinterest Business Pages vs. Personal Profiles – New Pinterest TOS asks you to have a Business Page, if you are using it for work or promoting any type of commercial activity.
    11. 11. Getting Started • Pinterest Business Pages vs. Personal Profiles – You can convert your existing Personal Profile to a Business Page. – Must convert entire Profile; can’t do individual boards. – You can create a new account at
    12. 12. Getting Started • Main benefits of Business Pages – Account verification –check box in the bio! – You can sell stuff . – You can hold contests. – Insights! – Promoted Pins (coming soon)
    13. 13. Getting Started • Add Pin It bookmarklet to your browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla) for easy pinning from the web. • Add “Pin It” buttons to each page of your website and to each blog post (they should all have images, right?) –
    14. 14. Getting Started • Add a “Pin It” button to every single product if you have an online store.
    15. 15. Get Found On Pinterest • Strategically fill out the About Us section. – Use keywords, think of how people would search for you and your products. – Verify your website. – Link to Facebook (profile), Twitter. Go to Settings, Social Networks.
    16. 16. Get Followers On Pinterest • Pin interesting, visually compelling stuff! • Follow others. • Repin, Comment, Like – engage. • Share select pins on Twitter and Facebook. – Remember that you can only share pins on a Personal Facebook profile.
    17. 17. Get Followers On Pinterest • Go to: to get a free Pinterest tab for your Facebook Page!
    18. 18. What Should I Pin? • 80% of people on Pinterest are just repinning with no strategy! • What is your goal? • Drive traffic to the website? • Email sign ups? • Sales? • Determine your goal.
    19. 19. What Should I Pin? • To get results for your business, you must focus on original content that links back to your website. • To get ROI you must pin images that: – Link back to your website or blog – Link to your email opt-in page – Link to your product page – Link to your YouTube or Vimeo channel (videos are effective pins!)
    20. 20. What Should I Pin? • A list of 102 Things to Pin on Pinterest is at: – http://jcsocialmarketi
    21. 21. What Should I Pin? ROI IS IMPORTANT BUT… don’t just pin your own stuff! – It’s an interactive community. – Share and repin. – Good combination of original content and repinning or pinning content from others’ websites and blogs.
    22. 22. What Should I Pin? – No silver bullet. – No one size fits all, perfect formula. – It depends on your capacity, your knowledge, your interest and your time.
    23. 23. Ideas for Great Pins 1) Videos from YouTube/Vimeo – – – – – – – How-To use your product Testimonials & Success Stories Fun videos Behind-the-scenes Training videos Keep them short (15-20 seconds) Everyone can be a videographer with a smartphone!
    24. 24. Ideas for Great Pins 2) Images with text overlay – – – – Use your images and inlay text over them. Make sure they link directly to your blog posts or website!! PicMonkey (www.pickmonkey.c0m) to easily edit photos. Quozio ( to make quotes or text to go with a blog post.
    25. 25. Ideas for Great Pins 3) Infographics • Take valuable info and make it visual! • A great way to d build yourself as an expert who shares great resources. • Use ( • Re-pin others’ infographics – can search “Pinterest infographic”, “diy craft infographic”, “clothing infographic” #pinning4good @pinning4good
    26. 26. Ideas for Great Pins • Great resources for business infographics: – ess-infographics/ – aphics-business-/ – #pinning4good @pinning4good
    27. 27. Ideas for Great Pins 4) Your product catalog! – Add “$7.99” etc. in the caption of your pin. – Pinterest has a gift section on their home page and in order to be selected to you need to add a price. – Pins with prices get 36% MORE likes!
    28. 28. Ideas for Great Pins 5) DIY and How To Pins, Tutorials
    29. 29. Ideas for Great Pins
    30. 30. Successful Pins… • • • • • Are visually compelling. Are of interest to your online community. Have clever captions. Use hashtags #diy #Halloween Use keywords and links (they get hyperlinked). #pinning4good @pinning4good
    31. 31. Successful Pins… • • • • • Are vertical. Are colorful. Are eye-catching. Have words on them. Lead back to the blog or website for more info. #pinning4good @pinning4good
    32. 32. Successful Pinners… – Research what people are already pinning and go from there – find the community. – Clearly identify goals: • • • • Drive traffic to the website. Increase brand affinity. Grow online community. Drive sales of a specific product.
    33. 33. Successful Pinners… – Plan boards strategically. – Launch boards internally (with staff, VIPs, clients) then externally. – Draw on existing online cheerleaders to spread the word! – Have fun.
    34. 34. Pinterest Tools GROUP BOARDS • Great for getting in front of new people • Showcasing your customers • Companies you work with • Promotion – running a contest, acknowledging best customers, online ambassadors • Event committees • Volunteering • Another way to help establish authority
    35. 35. Pinterest Tools SECRET BOARDS • Use as an inter-office collaboration tool • Social media content development board • Event planning board (private) • Cultivate ideas that you do not want people to see just yet • Ideas for future presentations • Ideas for blog posts
    36. 36. Pinterest Resources • Analytics and Scheduling – check out: – Pinster – – Reachli (formerly Pinerly) – – Pingraphy – • Find out who’s pinning your stuff! – – #pinning4good @pinning4good
    37. 37. Pinterest Resources • Cynthia Sanchez: • Peg Fitzpatrick: • 30 Pinners to Follow, 2013 Edition (TIME)
    38. 38. Move The Needle
    39. 39. Homework Activity Go to Move The Needle
    40. 40. Homework Activity Go to Move The Needle
    41. 41. Key Takeaways Top 3 reasons why your business needs to be on Pinterest now Why you need a Pinterest Business Account vs. a Personal Account 5 ideas for great, shareable pins How to get started, get found and get followers on Pinterest BONUS: A list of 102 Things to Pin on Pinterest
    42. 42. Thank You! Learn more at