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Facebook for Business


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Facebook for business, marketing, social media, how to set up a facebook business page and get likes and engagement.

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Facebook for Business

  1. 1. w: @jrconsultancy The Broadband East Riding Project Facebook for Business by Jonny Ross
  2. 2. w: @jrconsultancy Ask yourself questions Know your customers • Where do they spend their time online? • What products do they buy? • What services do they use? Know your products/services • Are they the kind people would discuss in a forum? • Are they suitable for a Facebook / Google Advert?
  3. 3. w: @jrconsultancy Why Facebook? • It may seem difficult as a small business to make waves in such a large pool as Facebook. • However, there are many tips and tricks which can be applied that can help you create a large impact. • The only thing you need to be prepared to input is a TIME.
  4. 4. w: @jrconsultancy Not convinced?
  5. 5. w: @jrconsultancy Back to the beginning Top tips… • When setting up your Facebook page, request your address to include your business name, for example, • Think about who you want to attract and what you want your page to say about your business • Complete all profile information • Choose a profile picture that makes sense, for example your business logo
  6. 6. w: @jrconsultancy
  7. 7. w: @jrconsultancy Back to the beginning Top tips… • Make use of the app thumbnails • Take your time to study Facebook • Facebook audiences often engage with posts more if there are images or links attached • Go for what works…but don’t be afraid to switch it up! • Track your Facebook from day 1 • Choose an engaging cover photo
  8. 8. w: @jrconsultancy Cover photos – which one to use?
  9. 9. w: @jrconsultancy Cover photos – which one to use?
  10. 10. w: @jrconsultancy Cover photos – which one to use?
  11. 11. w: @jrconsultancy Cover photos – which one to use?
  12. 12. w: @jrconsultancy How to get started and become an active business user 1. Start posting • This may seem obvious, but it is crucial that once you have made your page you begin posting – people will not interact with an empty profile! 2. Look at your other social media sites for help • Looking at your Twitter/Instagram/Google+/Blog can help you when starting your Facebook page. If you do not have other social media profiles, look at other small businesses and see what works for them.
  13. 13. w: @jrconsultancy 3. Network • Reach out out to other local businesses in your area, reliable clients, employees, look for every opportunity to make engagements with other business profiles – just make sure they are relevant! 4. Advertise your Facebook page • Put it on your website, use other social media profiles, write a blog – do whatever you can to inform audiences that you have a Facebook page and encourage them to like it. How to get started and become an active business user
  14. 14. w: @jrconsultancy 6. But most importantly create great content!
  15. 15. w: @jrconsultancy How to create an Editorial Calendar?
  16. 16. w: @jrconsultancy How to create an editorial calendar. It sounds complex…but it isn’t! • People think it needs to be fancy and detailed. • Two advantages; planning and accountability. • There are lots of ways to create an editorial calendar, but let’s keep it simple.
  17. 17. w: @jrconsultancy Step 1: Make a list of key dates for the year • Product launches • Events / trade shows • Marketing campaigns • Promotions • Holidays • Sporting events • Key milestones
  18. 18. w: @jrconsultancy Step 2: Add these to your Roadmap
  19. 19. w: @jrconsultancy Step 3: A comprehensive list of all your fundraising events/campaigns. • Do any of these fit in nicely with your roadmap so far? • Split them evenly throughout the year.
  20. 20. w: @jrconsultancy Step 4: Open a Google Spreadsheet • Sole Trader or maybe 4 staff..? • Use Google so it’s easy to share and update • Everyone with permission can have access • It’s a live spreadsheet
  21. 21. w: @jrconsultancy What to do with your content?
  22. 22. w: @jrconsultancy Facebook B2B Study What gets likes?
  23. 23. w: @jrconsultancy What gets comments?
  24. 24. w: @jrconsultancy What gets shared?
  25. 25. w: @jrconsultancy What should you share?
  26. 26. w: @jrconsultancy What should you share?
  27. 27. w: @jrconsultancy Who should you target?
  28. 28. w: @jrconsultancy Facebook Targeting UK
  29. 29. w: @jrconsultancy Creating a Facebook campaign…
  30. 30. w: @jrconsultancy Diesel brings Facebook to life
  31. 31. w: @jrconsultancy Corona Light
  32. 32. w: @jrconsultancy Dove Soap
  33. 33. w: @jrconsultancy Cadbury’s Chocolate
  34. 34. w: @jrconsultancy Heinz Beans
  35. 35. w: @jrconsultancy Oreo
  36. 36. w: @jrconsultancy Dollar Shave Club
  37. 37. w: @jrconsultancy Facebook for SME’s Simply Business • Link • Picture • Human interest • Customer Competition
  38. 38. w: @jrconsultancy Virgin Media Pioneers • Tag yourself CTA • Inspirational message • in a picture Facebook for SME’s
  39. 39. w: @jrconsultancy • CTA • Nostalgia • Images • Link Facebook for SME’s Caterpillar Inc.
  40. 40. w: @jrconsultancy UPS • Human interest story • Photo • Link • CTA • Competition Facebook for SME’s
  41. 41. w: @jrconsultancy Facebook for SME’s Screwfix • Brilliant use of humour to create engagement with their audiences
  42. 42. w: @jrconsultancy How to analyse your use of Facebook
  43. 43. w: @jrconsultancy Facebook Insights
  44. 44. w: @jrconsultancy Social Bakers
  45. 45. w: @jrconsultancy
  46. 46. w: @jrconsultancy
  47. 47. w: @jrconsultancy
  48. 48. w: @jrconsultancy
  49. 49. w: @jrconsultancy How to get more likes and engagement on Facebook?
  50. 50. w: @jrconsultancy • Understand the importance of engagement • Encourage audiences by using CTA – Call To Actions • Use images that are thought provoking or will strike a chord with your audience • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  51. 51. w: @jrconsultancy But most importantly…. • If something creates engagement, act upon it! >Was it the time you posted it? >Was it the image? >Was it the link that accompanied the post? >Was it the question that you asked?
  52. 52. w: @jrconsultancy Challenge Me? Does anyone want to challenge me, does anyone think this is all a load of nonsense? It’s time for questions • For Tips, Tricks and more free advice Subscribe to my blog at • Carry on the conversation with me on twitter @jrconsultancy