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Tips on ways to build your profile and get noticed by recruiters and owners.

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  • Introduce myself for 3 minutes. Welcome, my name is Roxie Thomas. I’ve got a couple of questions.For the next hour, I’m going to talk to you about Linkedin. Hopefully you will get something out of this next hour. Is there anyone in the room who doesn’t know about Linkedin?Is there anyone in the room who has begun to use Linkedin?Show of hands – who is using linkedin?
  • Born and raised in Atlanta Area.
  • Anybody who has a computer. You’re welcome to google me sometime. I control the whole page and then some.
  • Any kind of businesses, writers, doctors, lawyers, recruiters, clergy, engineers, software, IT, marketers, teachers, sanitation engineers
  • Can anyone else name me other sites that have that many?Facebook is used by kids and anybody. But Linkedin is used by business people like us.
  • Recap slide: So what do we know so far.
  •, Career Builder
  • When recruiters use keywords to search for candidates.Is anybody in here a recruiter? Do you or do you not look on linkedin for candidates?
  • Went out on linkedin and did a people search and found out…
  • Does anyone know what is a professional? Picture, Value proposition, what you’re known for online.
  • Ask the class, what does this mean to you? Indeed
  • Who get recommendations? Did you know the power of your recommendations? People you’ve worked for. People you do favors for. Co-workers. Does anyone know anyone else here?
  • Iphone, android, mac photo booth, create a script
  • In a few moments, I’m going to reveal to you “how to expose you to millions of people who could help you get hired.
  • Start a targeted group. Pick name that targets your target audience.Join up to 50 main groups. You can start up to 10 groups and 20 subgroups.
  • Connect with former co-worker. They are on the site to network just like you.
  • 'Hey Mary, this is Tony, I understand you work with Leroy, and I'd like to get a hold of him. Can you tell me a little bit about him, or what's going on at your organization?'
  • An associate of mine the other day asked me for an introduction by phone.
  • Word Cloud
  • Along with a sample introduction letter
  • Along with a sample introduction letter
  • Along with a sample introduction letter
  • So earlier I stated I would give you away to increase you network by millions.
  • Recap
  • Get hired on linkedin

    1. 1. Secrets of Unleashed…
    2. 2. About the Speaker -Roxie Thomas•Born & Raised in Atlanta Area•Mother•Business woman
    3. 3. Speaker Background: 2003 Internet Marketing 2005 Web Master In conjunction with Greig Wells
    4. 4. What is ?• LinkedIn is the Facebook for business and business people
    5. 5. What is ?•Linkedin has 33.9 million visitors this year•Up 63% since last year
    6. 6. What is ?• As of 4 August 2011, 120 million registered users in more than 200 countries and territories
    7. 7. Why should Youcare about havinga Linkedin profile?
    8. 8. • charges $14,000 for a single license to post job openings
    9. 9. •Recruiters use Linkedin to find candidates
    10. 10. •Approximately 286,548 recruiters on Linkedin
    11. 11. •Increase your professional brand
    12. 12. How Recruiters Find YOU on Linkedin s&feature=feedf
    13. 13. How Do I get more exposure on Linkedin?
    14. 14. •Connect with Linkedin Super Users
    15. 15. •Join Your College Alumni Group
    16. 16. •Follow Target Companies
    17. 17. Find out Who islooking at your profile.
    18. 18. •Join Trade Association Groups•Ask for Recommendations
    19. 19. 3 Biggest Mistakes When Creating Linkedin Profile& How it could costyou the job of your dreams
    20. 20. Mistake #1• Weak profile description
    21. 21. Mistake #2• No picture or non professional picture
    22. 22. Mistake #3• Inappropriate pictures or content on facebook and other forums.
    23. 23. What are the MostImportant items on your Linkedin Profile?
    24. 24. •Write a great keyword rich profile
    25. 25. •Place strategic words or phrases with your industry skills
    26. 26. •Include the titles of the positions you are targeting
    27. 27. Create a short Video Resume•Video a short resume of yourself•Upload video to Youtube•Upload video into your Linkedin Profile
    28. 28. In a few moments… Reveal How to Expose YOU to Millions of peopleWho could help you get hired
    29. 29. Linkedin Tools
    30. 30. Integrate LinkedIn into Google Chrome and Firefox Plug-ins
    31. 31. With LinkedIn Plug-ins•Read LinkedIn Network updates
    32. 32. With LinkedIn Plug-ins•Like or post comments
    33. 33. With LinkedIn Plug-ins•Share ideas with your professional network
    34. 34. How Phone Apps help youstay connected with Linked? h?v=Q- VARh15ZJE&feature=feedf
    35. 35. How toShowcase Your Skills
    36. 36. •Ask and answer questions In Linkedin Answers
    37. 37. •Post updates on your profile
    38. 38. •Start and participate in discussions in groups
    39. 39. How to network with people on Linkedin•Connect through groups
    40. 40. •Get introduced to a contact
    41. 41. How to network with people on Linkedin• Ask for an informational interview• Be careful – 5 marks your out
    42. 42. How to effectively look for a job in Linkedin?• The whole point is to network• Don’t be shy
    43. 43. •Don’t be needy•Simply ask for a door opener• Keep connector off the hotseat in terms of theirinvolvement
    44. 44. •Not everyone checks Linkedin account•Take it off line and Call them
    45. 45. • When asking for an introduction• Contact by phone or email• Give a “Heads up”
    46. 46. • Make a good first impression• When using the Request an Introduction function on LinkedIn• Keep communication formal and professional• The end recipient will also get the message
    47. 47. • When researching companies• Finding the hiring manager• Job descriptions can show the hiring manager• Reach out to them directly• FirstName.LastName@companyX .com
    48. 48. • Look at who they hire• Types of people and backgrounds being hiring• Build rapport and make the initial approach warm by…• Look for potential Alumni connections• Looking for a common bond for connecting
    49. 49. Additional Training:Recommend•Word Cloud Tool –Identify your keywords•Linkedin Signal –Tool to help find jobs
    50. 50. Discover 3 New Strategies to use onLinkedIn to Get Hired Now…• Reveal LinkedIns newest secret weapon SIGNAL• How to overcome gaps in your employment using LinkedIn• Make your phone ring with calls from recruiters
    51. 51. I Want to Help
    52. 52. I Want to HelpProvide your name, email address, and phone number
    53. 53. •I will register you for Greig Wells FREE “Get Hired with Linkedin Insider Secrets”
    54. 54. Here it is…•I will email you info on How increase your network by millions
    55. 55. Questions ?
    56. 56. • RT 11-17-11