How To Find a Job Through Social Media


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"How To Find a Job Through Social Media" - A presentation about finding a job through LinkedIn and other forms of social media by Freeman+Leonard for the Texas A&M University American Marketing Association Student Chapter on 2/21/2012.

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How To Find a Job Through Social Media

  1. 1. How to Find a Job Through Social Media
  2. 2. reinventing marketing services• Customized and flexible solutions• Over 3,500 talented professionals• Consultative approach• People you need, when you need them and not when you don’t
  3. 3. what I wish someone would’ve told me• Finding your first job out of school can take longer than you expect 6 to 1 - Ratio of unemployed people to every job opening in America via• Start your job search as early as possible, and do not get discouraged 7 months – Average time it takes to find a job for a college graduate via• More than half of college graduates’ first position after graduation is not aligned with their degree, and that’s OK
  4. 4. what I wish someone would’ve told me• Be prepared to accept a lower salary or take an unpaid internship for experience• Working your way up the corporate ladder and to the corner office will take some time• Find the work/life balance that works for you because you’ll most likely spend more time at your job with co-workers than with family and friends
  5. 5. it’s all about connections• Not only be involved in student organizations, but be a part of the leadership team• Start networking and CONTINUE to network throughout your career
  6. 6. why social media?
  7. 7. 14.4 million people used social media to find their last job in 2011 source:
  8. 8. 89% of companies plan to usesocial media this year for recruiting source:
  9. 9. 65% of companies havesuccessfully hired using social media source:
  10. 10. 1 of 3 employers rejectedcandidates based on something they found about them online source:
  11. 11. Percent of Hiring Managers that recruit via social networks: 86% use LinkedIn 60% use Facebook 50% use Twitter source:
  12. 12. • Considered a micro-blogging site• Tweets are composed of 140 characters• 200+ million users worldwide• Used by 50% of Hiring Managers via• 77% of Fortune 100 companies have a Twitter page via Burson-Marsteller
  13. 13. • Update profile description• Think before you “tweet”• Tweet that you are seeking either an internship or entry-level position – and don’t be afraid to ask questions
  14. 14. • Follow companies of interest
  15. 15. • Search for popular #hashtags using [] Definition: The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages. #internship #intern #entrylevel #job #jobalert
  16. 16. • 812+ million users worldwide, 155+ million in the U.S.• Used by 60% of Hiring Managers via• 61% of Fortune 100 companies have a Facebook page via Burson-Marsteller
  17. 17. • Follow companies of interests • Larger companies will have a separate page for career listings• “Like” or become a fan of professional organizations or industry news pages• Make your profile private OR clean it up• Post a status update to notify friends and family about your job search & sometimes it’s who you know• Do NOT accept friend requests from potential employers
  18. 18. • World’s largest professional network via• 200+ million users worldwide via• Used by 86% of Hiring Managers via• More than 2+ million companies have LinkedIn company pages via• Average household income is $100k+ via• All Fortune 500 company executives have a LinkedIn profile via
  19. 19. Optimizing• Sign Up for a LinkedIn account TODAY! • You do not have to have a job to have a LinkedIn profile• How to Build a professional LinkedIn profile 1. Start with an informative headline 2. Add an appropriate photo (no cropped party pics) 3. Add your education & list your activities and involvement 4. List current and past work experience 5. Write a professional summary statement 6. Fill in your “specialties” or skills 7. Create a unique URL 8. Ask past employers for recommendations Once complete, start building a network…
  20. 20. Building Connections on• Join groups• Continuously add new connections – 1st degree - person you are directly connected to – 2nd degree - a 1st degree connection of a 1st degree connection (friend of a friend in other words) – 3rd degree - a 1st degree connection of a 2nd degree connection (friend of a friend of a friend in other words)
  21. 21. Building Connections on• Be clear about what you are looking for – When asking someone to join your network, always state why in your message• Don’t just accept invites from anyone• Be inviting – Link with people you meet in person at networking events, career fairs, interviews, etc. • CardMunch iPhone application• Keep it professional
  22. 22. personal & professional branding• Claim your name • 79% of hiring managers review applicant’s online info via• Email address • is always better than• Update your status weekly• Share your work
  23. 23. questions?
  24. 24. follow us