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Prezentacja comenius team 1

  1. 1. At the beginning of the school year we starteda Comenius Team at our school. Students from the 5th and 6th grades meet every Thursday to learn about your countries and your traditional meals, to practice English and prepare themselves for visits abroad, to prepare nice activities for your stay in Poland and prepare themselves for lifelong international friendships.
  2. 2. It wouldn’t have been so easy but for our English teacher and our Comenius Team Leader Ania.
  3. 3. Hello my name is Natalia. Im from Poland. SEE YOUIN SPAIN Im 12 years old. I live in a small town Stryków, which is located about 20 km from Łódź, one of the biggest cities in Poland. My favourite hobby is dancing. I like pets am. ool fo otball te week. very much. I like taking care of them. Im in a sch nings once a t trai W eve go I dont really like eating m eat and eggs. My house is quite small but very cosy. Ive got a sister ( 9 years old ). I live with my grandparents. I look forward to meeting you!!!!!!!!
  4. 4. Hi! My name is Oliwia Karpińska Im 13 years old. I’m in the 6th class of a primary school. I live in a small village near Lodz, in Lipa. Unfortunately, Im an only child. I live in a single family house with my parents. I have three cats and three dogs. Two of the cats and one of the dogs live inside my house. ht. edium heig I’ve got green-b I am of m lue eyes. rown hair. Ihave long, straight, b My hobby is modern dance and theatre. I take part in extra classes to make use of my hobbies. I practice modern dance in a group called Agat. I have been in this group for six years. Earlier I used to practise ballroom dancing but I gave up. I like learning. Especially English.I am very sociable and friendly. I often smile and I like helping people. I am very happy when I can get to know new people! SEE YOU IN SPAIN
  5. 5. Hello my name is Wiktoria. Im from Poland. Im 12 years old. I live in Tymianka, which is a village located about 25 km from Łódź. My favourite hobby is horse riding. I like pets very much. I like taking care of them. Im in a school football team weve got trainings once a week however I dont really like eating meat, eggs, fish and salads.My house is very, very big but you can’ t get lost in it. Ive got a sister (3 years old ) and brother (14 years old ).I go to a primary school. I can’ t wait to see you!
  6. 6. SEE YOU IN SPAIN Hi! Im Alice BalcerekI am 12 years old. I live in a small town Strykow, Poland, which is about 20 kilometres from a big city - Lodz. I like spending time cycling and taking care of animals. I like eating pizza, French fries and fruit. I do not like eating mushrooms and meat. I also don’t like eggs. Love, Alice
  7. 7. Hi, my name is Aleksandra Figura. I am 12 years old. I am tall and slim. I go to the 5th class. I live in a little and beautiful town Stryków. My favourite colour is purple, black and green. I am a funny and bright girl. My favourite hobby is ballroom dancing. I like animals very much. My favourite animals are spidesr and snakes. I like pizza, salad, sweets, fruit but I don’t like chips, pasta and potatoes.My favourite band is ONE DIRECTION. I love it. In my free time I read books and listen to music.I have got a younger brother Michał. My parents are very nice.Their names are Violetta and Czesław.I’m looking forward to meeting you in Poland!!!  LOVE, OLCIA 
  8. 8. Hi, my name is Magda Giemza.I’m 11 years old. I live in a small village Rokitnica. I am a funny and bright girl. My hobby is reading books. My favourite food is fruit. I don’t like meat. I like animals very much. My favourite animals are dogs, cats, parrots, fish and hamsters. My favourite colour is blue. I love listening to music. My favourite band is One Direction. I love my family. My sister’s name is Natalia. She is 13 years old. In my free time I take part in drama classes.
  9. 9. Hello, My name is Ola. Im twelve years old and I live in a smalltown in the centre of Poland - Stryków.Im quite tall and slim, Ive got long ,straight, dark hair and brown eyes. Im friendly, sensitive and a bit crazy. Im interested in football andanimals. Ive got two hamsters and two dogs. I also write poems and take photos. I like cleaning my house, too!
  10. 10. … and gentlemen
  11. 11. My name is Damian Szulczewski I am 12 years old. I live in a small town in Poland - Stryków. ol ment ary scho grad e of ele of Polan d- 5th i n gs Ig o to the ne of the k ing atron is o I like learn whose p łło. an. ysła w Jagie nd Germ Wład lish a atics , Eng Mathem all I am interested in footb h spend free time witand comp uter games. I oftenmy a velling and visiting classmates. I like tr interesting places.
  12. 12. o n t like a ll b u t I d d basketb l an playin g footbalMy h ob b y is t e n n i s. d o g s. tti.Ia ma llergic to is spaghe food nly child. d. My favourite Im an o SEE YOU rents ar e divorce he 2nd fl oor. IN SPAIN My pa ts on t bl ock of fla y ou . I live in a o h ea ring from I look forward t
  13. 13. Hello, My name is Kuba. I from Poland. I’m 12 years old. My favourite sport is football and tennis. My favourite football club is Real Madrid, United and Malaga FC. I live with my brother and my parents. I have a big house. My favourite food is pizza, kebab and chips.I don’t like fishand mushrooms.
  14. 14. Hello,My name is Dawid. I live in Stryków in Poland. I’m 12 years old.I don’t have any pets. My favourite sport is football, table tennis and volleyball. My favouritefootball club is : Real Madrid, Manchester United and Malaga FC. I go to an elementary school in Stryków. My favourite food is: potatoeswith cutlet and kebab but I don’t like black pudding, fish or mushroomsoup.I have a younger sister. She is 8 years old.After school I play football or video games and meet my girlfriends.  My favourite games are: World of Tanks, Spore, Fifa 12 and Call of Duty.I have an Xbox 360. 
  16. 16. SE SPA IN Hi E YO N U My n I am e I am is S im 12 ye o I com ars o n. e fro ld I live m Po . in the land. It’s n ext to countrys I l i ke a big ide, i c h ili, city L n Tym I do n pizza odz. ianka ot lik and o . and b e tom ra lue c ato ju nge juice My h hees ic e , s . obbie e. andwMy fa s ar e ic h e s vorit footb withMy fa e ath a ll a n salam vouri lete i d dan i te fo s Cris otba tiano cing. ll club Rona is R e ldo. al Ma drid.
  17. 17. Hello, I’m Maciek and I’m 12 years old. My birthday is on 7th of March. I’m going to Spain in May. I can’t waitto meet you! I live in Stryków, It’s a small town about20kilometers from one of biggest cities of Poland. In Stryków there is a intersection of motorways, so you can quickly get to us from the airport.  I go to an elementary school in Stryków. I haven’t got any pets , but I want to buy a snake. I like snakes. I like pets, especially cats. I used to have a cat, but we’ve moved house and the cat stayed with my grandparents. I live with my parents, and my olderbrother, he is 18. My favourite sport is football. In my free time I watch matches and play football on a SEE YOU football pitch. My favourite football clubs are IN SPAIN Manchester United, Bayern Munchen and Real Madrid. My favourite football players are Robin VanPersie and Wayne Rooney. At school I learn Englishand German, but I can say some words in Spanish.I like English, it’s my favourite language. I like eating De’Vollie, chicken soup, chips and pizza, but I don’t like fish, mushrooms and black pudding. After school, I play football, and video games and meet girlfriends. I like video games, I have about 20 video games. My favourite is Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and Fifa 13.
  18. 18. There are more of us.  We are all very eager to meet you!!!!!!
  19. 19. !THAT’S ALL FALKES!  !!!SEE YOU SOON!!!