Who am i newspaper from Sweden


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This newspaper prepared by Stockholm city children for Indian Children.

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Who am i newspaper from Sweden

  1. 1. Hello fromStockholm!
  2. 2. Hanin Zuhair, 15 years oldHello!My name is Hanin Zuhair. I live in the capital of Sweden. I`m 15 years old and I live with my mum,brother and sister. I was born in Sweden but my roots are from Iraq and Pakistan. I`m in the 9thgrade.My favourite subjects are history, geography, economics and chemistry. I spend my spare timeWatching movies and football with my older brother. I also like playing football, reading books,listening to music and cooking. I listen to singers like The Wanted, Olly Murs, Lana Del Rey, ChristinaAgiulera and Eminem.I can cook Indian and Italian food. I`ve always loved Indian food because its spicy and very delicious.I`d love to vistit India, I`ve always wanted too. My biggest dream is to travel around the whole world andsee different cultures and learn different languages. It`d be really exciting to get to know you all inperson.I’d like to know your names, ages and your intrests. We may get the chance to speak to you throughskype!Sincerly yours,Hanin Zuhair
  3. 3. Umida, 17 years oldHello!My name is Umida. I am 17 years old. I live in Sweden with my family. I have onebrother. He is 30 years old. He is married. He has two children. My favourite colours areblack, white and blue. I enjoy reading books and cooking during my spare time. I alsoenjoy cleaning the house.Good bye!
  4. 4. Arsen, 15 years oldMy name is Arsen. I’m fifteen years old and currently doing 9-th grade at BetaSchool. I havedark hair and brown eyes.I live in Tumba, a suburb of Stockholm. I have two brothers. My elder brother Armen is 22, andthe middle brother Karen is 20. By the way, we have one more member of our family, theparrot (we all have a different name for him, so we call him what we want) we love him verymuch.My Mum is 39 or maybe 40; she is half Armenian and half Georgian. My Dad is 50+, he is anArmenian. I have only one Grandma, I love her, but she lives in Georgia, so I haven’t seen herfor 2,5 years.I have many friends. But I have two true friends, and both are in Armenia their names is Annaand Hayk. We were always together and meet each other every day. Anna and Hayk aresiblings.On my first day at school, when I was in grade 1, Hayks mother come to me and said to me"Do you want to take picture with my child?" i said ok , after that we become to be friends andthen best friends.
  5. 5. Even now while I’m in Sweden and he is in Armenia, we still contact each other regularly,either with Skype or through Facebook.My hobbies include making videos or animations which I enjoy very much. Soon I will graduatefrom junior high school and I have to choose a profession. However, I have not a lot ofdifferent interests, for example, dance, music, animating and do some videos so it’s not soeasy to choose an occupation. My parents want me to be a doctor, but I don’t really want to,although I wouldn’t mind seeing an operation being performed by a skilled surgeon.But my dream is to be a director of music videos or make horror movies and i really hope mydream will come true!Regards,Arsen
  6. 6. Zahra, 16 years oldHi!!My name is Zahra and Im 16 years old, my family is from Iraq but I live in Sweden and was born inStockholm. I have three sibilings, one sister and two brothers. I like my big brother becuse he helpsme with English and math homework everyday.My favorite food is Italian food, especially macaroni, and my favourite color is pink becuse I think itsfor girls and cute. I like reading books before go to sleep becuse its nice!I’m a shy and quite person but Im also a honest person. You can really trust me so (dont worry aboutleaving your money with me). My best friend is Fatma and she is also my cousin. We are actually likesisters, we love each other, we like the same things and have the same clothes. We also help eachother if we have any problems.I’m in the ninth grade at Beta school, my favourite lesson is Math becuse Im good at it. I waswondering if you have any favourite subjects, friends,or food?I would appreciate if you could help me to become better in (english) this subject.Yours sincerely,ZAHRA MOHAMED
  7. 7. Jennifer, 14 years oldHello!My name is Jennifer, I am 14 years old. I live in Stockholm, Sweden with my mom andbrother. My brother is 16 years old and my mom is 42 years old. I have a rabbit and hisname is Dante.My favorite colors are pink, blue and white. During spare time I usually go ice- skatingand bake cakes. My hobbies are drawing and playing hockey. My favorite band is OneDirection and favorite song is "Irresistible "Goodbye!Jennifer Bergman
  8. 8. Maftuna, 16 years oldHello!My name is Maftuna. I am 16 years old. I come from Uzbekistan. I love my family.I like to play volleyboll, tennis, bowling and I would like to be able to ice – skate but I mnot very good at it just now. I like fantasi films. I hate spiders.I cannot speak English very vell at the moment. I can speak Tajik, Uzbek and swedish.My dream job is to be a nurse. My favorite subjects are Maths, English, Swedish, Biology,Chemistry, History and geography.
  9. 9. Nuriddin, 13 years oldHi!My name is Nuriddin and I am 13 years old. I study at the 8th grade. I do a lot at mysparetime. I like ice-hockey so I go ice-skating a lot because I think that it is fun. I also likemartial arts and I have trained taekwondo for a year.I live in Södertälje but go to school in Hjuslta. It is a long way that takes me more than onehour so I have to wake up early at the morning. My mom drives me and my siblings to schoolevery morning and she is a teacher in my school. Her name is Jamila and she is 36(?) yearsold. Dad is a busdriver and he is a really hard working person. Sometimes he comes home at 3o’clock at the night. He is 49 years old and his name is Mukimjon.I have 5 siblings, the youngest is my little sweet sister Anisa who is three years old. Nafisa is 5years old and she is often quite and can sit and do her homework for hours. Muhammad is twoyears older than Nafisa and he trained taekwondo with me 1 year. My older brother’s name isShamsiddin and he is 15 years old. He also trained taekwondo with me and Muhammad. Heand me often gets in fights because we have a lot of brotherly – love.
  10. 10. I think I am quite positive as a person but a little impatient. I am a hard working personsometimes because I try to do my homework in time and do my chores at home andschool the best and the easier way because I am really lazy sometimes. Im a little bit shywhen I am at a new school or somewhere where I don’t know anyone. But when I get toknow a bit better they often see that I am not a shy person.Sincerly,Nuriddin Mahmudov
  11. 11. Sandra, 13 years oldHello,My name is Sandra and I am thirteen years old. I live in Stockholm with my family. I have twosiblings a sister and a brother. My favourite colours are blue and pink. I love activites such asgymnastics, weight lifting, boxing, martial arts and. I have an orange belt in karate eventhough I have only been doing karate for a year and a half. But i am going to practise martialarts soon. My favourite subjects in school are maths, science ( physics, chemistry ), englishand swedish. My idols are a group called One Direction whose music has helped me through alot of stuff, so which is why I really look up to them. I really do love them.it is five boys whoare singers.When I grow up I want to be a doctor or start my own hospital, but my dreamjob entailsbecoming famous or work for such as CIA or FBI and investigating dangerous cases. I like toplan my work or future because I like being organised and setting up different goals in my life.When it comes to work or other important things i am very strict and picky. I like to play gamesthat involve strategic thinking because they help me to think strategically.I am looking forward to talk to you over the coming months and I hope we will get along alongwith each other well.Yours sincerely,Sandra Faraj.
  12. 12. Shamsiddin, 15 years oldHi!My name is Shamsiddin but most of my friends call me Shams, Shamsi, or Shamse. I’mfifteen years now but soon, on the 11th april, I’ll be sixteen. I was born in Uzbekistan butwe escaped to neighboring Kyrgizistan. I started school there. I did first, second andthird grades there. We came to Sweden on the 8th November and I started school in the4th grade on the 4th of februari 2008. We lived in a village named Hällefors, 81km frombig City of Örebro. It’s about 250 km from Stockholm.My childhood has been very good, my parents have taken care of me and mybrothers even when their lives were at stake. My dad translated from Arabic toUzbek and from Russian to Uzbek. I remember how hard it was for him andhow it was for us and he did it just for us. He wanted us to study at a goodschool and half of his sallary went towards my and my younger brothers schoolfees.
  13. 13. We could have gone to an ordinary school were we wouldn’t have had to pay any fees but heknew we wouldn’t learn anything there, so we went to a private school. My mom she wasteacher for 10-15 kids in a house with 3 rooms! She taught them from the Holy Quran, arabic,english, russian and helped them with their homework. She took care of 17 kids just for us,just for the money, money that we could live on.Life became much easier when we arrived in Sweden. We received money from the goverment,while mum and dad studied SFI. Then mom started work as teacher. In the beginning she wasa home-language teacher but was then promoted to an assistant teacher for Uzbeks whocouldn’t speak Swedish. My dad studied to be a bus driver and passed his exams. He became abus driver as he wanted but could never find job in Hällefors so we moved on to Stockholm.Here he found a job where he still works. He loves his job and enjoys driving a bus. My mumhas taken many different jobs as an assistant teacher and home-language teacher. And amongthose jobs she started here at Betaschool. She loves, I mean really loves this school, which iswhy she is still here. I can never thank my parents enough. I have to make them proud of me,it’s my duty to them, That’s why I want them to see me make a success of my life.
  14. 14. When we lived in Hällefors i tried lots of sports, hockey, soccer, indoor-floorball etc. Iloved to be with Swedish guys and learn so much Swedish, it was like heaven for me. Ilearned swedish in less then 4 months. I could talk and understand pretty good at theend of spring. In june when I started to play soccer i could understand my coach and talkwith my friend very good. I learned the language so fast because of my parents, theyallways gave me papers to do and that i didn’t understood I asked my swedish friend andthey explain it very good and with lots of love. I estimated it. I can never forget myfriends from Hällefors, either my teachers who gave me lots of their time to me. I stillkeep contact with some of my teachers and with almostly all my friends. When we cameto Stockholm I started at Stockholms språkskola. I went there in one and half year andmoved my school to Betaschool. Now I have lots of friends in both Stockholm andHällefors. I love them very much, they did so much for me. In Stockholm I started toexercise martial arts as Aikido, taekwondo etc. I succeeded in Taekwondo, I have 2 goldmedals and one silver from my three competitions. I quit with Taekwondo last seasonand now I’m training to half marathon.Yours sincerly,Shams Mahmud.