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Meet us 2010


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Meet us 2010

  1. 1. Hello, dear friends Best greetings from Lithuania
  2. 2. She is bossy a little She is optimistic She is hard working She is a good friend Her best friend is her family The question of her life – how to park her car in a small parking place Her advice to us – go shopping if you feel terribly Her worst nightmare - empty credit cards She has two huge diamonds – her daughter and son She loves animals and has got two dogs and three cats at home This is our teacher Jurga Kvietkauskienė
  3. 3. This is our school And now we would like to present ourselves
  4. 4. Vilda • My name is Vilda. • I live in a small city of Lithuania – Kazlų Rūda. • My favourite film is “If only”. • I like taking photos of nature, writing different stories and sometimes I like dancing. • My favourite food – pizza. But I don’t like soups. • My favourite book – “The boy in the stripped pyjamas”.
  5. 5. I   Name : Ugnė  Year : 13  Eyes color : Gray  Hair color : Brown  Town : Kazlų Rūda  Family : Mum, dad, brother  Hobby : Playing the guitar, singing  Best pet : Dog  Favorite color : Purple, green, pink, gray  Favorite food : Pizza, salad  Favorite music : Pop
  6. 6. << My picture!!<< My picture!! Hey! MHey! Myy name is is Rytis. I like listenI like listening toing to music and playmusic and playinging computer games very games very much. I like havI like havinging free time with my time with my friends. My favoMy favouurite and lucky number is 6.rite and lucky number is 6. My favoMy favouurite group is Showtek.rite group is Showtek. My favoMy favouuriterite kindkind music is Trance/ is Trance/techno.
  7. 7. I am Milda Ulevičiūtė. I am 14 years old and I am from Lithuania. Lithuania is a country in Europe. I really enjoy living here. My family is big: I, my father, my stepmother, my sister and my brother. I live in a big house in a small town Jūrė. My room is on the second floor and has a great view of the forest. I am good at music, because I go to the music school and play the piano. In my spare time I play with friends, go camping with scouts, play the piano and sing at the concerts.
  8. 8. About me • Name : Mantas • Age: 13 • Birthday: the 10th of July • Town: Kazlu Ruda • Hair color: Brown • Eyes color: Blue • Family: Mum, Dad and Sister • Favorite lesson: Sport • Favorite country: Los Angel • Hobbies: Judo, Box, Friends • Favourite sport: Judo • Pets: Dogs Bartas, Šeira, Džiulė, Taira • Favourite season: Summer
  9. 9. Laimis IžganaitisSome information about me: Name: Laimis Weight: 45 kg Height: classified Phone number: unknown Town: Kazlų Rūda School: Kazlų Rūda Basic School Form: 7a Hobbies: Guitar Drums
  10. 10. Name : Juste Age: 13 Birthday: 04.23 Live in: Kazlu Ruda Hair color: Brown Eyes color: Blue Family: Mum, Dad and Sister Favorite lesson: Art Favorite country: New York Favorite film: Vampire Diaries! Hobbies: Friends, music, photography Favorite sport: Volleyball Pets: Dog – Billy Favorite season: Autumn
  11. 11. Gabriele Launikonyte • I’m 14 years old. • I’ve got one sister. • My birthday is on the 12th of August. • I’ve got one dog and one cat. • I live in Kazlu Ruda. • My favourite lessons are chemistry and English. • My favourite style of music is Hip-hop
  12. 12. About me I am Ernandas. My age is 14. I live in Lithuania. I like playing basketball. My favourite lesson is maths. My favourite food is potatoes.
  13. 13. About me: Name: Domantas Grigas Age:13 Eye colour: Blue Favourite food: Pizza Favourite kind of music: Electro Favourite color: Dark blue or black. Favorite animal: cat Favourite subject in school: IT and English. Hobies: Reading books or cycling My photo:
  14. 14. Mynameis Airinga. Ilive in Kazl R da. Kazl R daų ū ų ū is a very smallto wn and Iam to o energetic to such a smallto wn. My dream is to live in New Yo rk o r Lo ndo n! Ilo ve DANCING ! Only danc♥ ing makes me relax. Ilo ve hip ho p and street dance! It is so co o l!!! Ilo ve pho to graphy to o , because it is so interesting and yo u can sho w yo ur pho to s with pride later. Ihave very go o d friends. We have fun time to gether. Ilike travelling so I’ m a member o f o ur sco ut o rganizatio n! Soit’s aboutme: )♥
  15. 15. About Me Name-Gabrielius Last name-Mieldažis Age-14 Birthday -1996-08-14 Family – one brother Music-Alternative Free time-Computer games, Sports,Singing. Hair-Blonde Eyes-Blue
  16. 16. My name is Skirmantas. I live in Kazlų Rūda. Hobby: motorbikes I like basketball too. There are my dad, mum and brother in my family. My favourite pet is a dog. My favourite food is pizza.
  17. 17. Thank you for your attention! Are there any questions?