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  1. 1. LETTER
  2. 2. Dear diary, My name is Chiriac Andreea. I live in Romania. Romania is situated in the Central Europe. It is very beautiful and very interesting .The people here are very friendly. I live in the town Barlad. It is the very modest and small town. I learn at school number 11,,George Tutoveanu”. It is a very beautiful school. I am 13 years old. I am very fond of reading. I like reading for pleasure. Books cheer me up when I am sad. Sometimes they take me the other places and I imagine. I am the character in the book. My favorite book is ,,Alone in the World” written by Hector Malot. My favorite animals are cats and dog. My favorite food is chicken with sour cream and mushrooms. It is very good. Even if Barlad is a small town we all are very happy. My email address is [email_address]   Best wishes, Andreea
  3. 3. 2. Hi ! I live in Romania.My Town is Barlad. I like this town because it has atwo beatiful parks here you can take a walk and many other interesting places like the zoo. I`m thirteen years old and I have a brother. He just ten years old. I like very much to walk inte park with my friend or to draw.I like listening to music so much like to play football or basketball. At home at the weekends I watch films or stay whit my friends on Messenger or Skype. My messenger ID is :yo_the_kidd@yahoo.com I learn in a beatiful school. I like the art and math or history. I want to be an arhitect. That`s me Whit friendship, Alex
  4. 4. Dear friend, My name is Iulia and I'm a girl from Romania. I am thirteen years old and I'm in seventh grade. I live in Barlad, a beautiful town.I have brown eyes and brown hair.Romania is a beautiful country.It is located in Central Europe. The capital of Romania is Bucharest. The food is delicious. So, I'm happy to live here. My family...is a normal family...I have a sister and two usual parents. I learn at "George Tutoveanu" school, from Barlad.Here, the students wear a uniform and both boys and girls wear a tie.My favorites objects are Maths, Romanian, English and Music.I love to write stories about different things. I have a lot of hobbies.I like to play tennis and volleyboll.I love dancing and singing and I love animals, too. I hope to have a dog in the future..My favorite colour is pink, but I love purple and blue, too. I have a lot of friend and I spend a lot of time with them, but, I love to spend time with my family, too. On weekend I usually play a lot of games with my friends. I'm a sociable person and I hope that we will talk about our passions and maybe we will talk about our different lifes. My e-mail andress is: thepink.star@yahoo.com Well..That's me.I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Your e-mail friend, Iulia
  5. 5. Dear friend, My name is Diana. I am Romanian and I come from Barlad. This is a nice town. I live here in a flat with my parents. In Barlad you can visit some art museums, the Planetarium and the Zoo. I’m 13 years old. I was born on 31 August and I’m a virgo. In my spare time I like to walk with my friends, to read and to watch TV. I like to listen to music, too. My favourite books are “Ten little negroes” and “The Crime of Orient Express”. My favourite coulor is blue. I study at a school called “George Tutuveanu, number 11”,Barlad. It is one of the best schools from Barlad. It isn’t very big, but isn’t very small, either. I learn well and I like Mathemathics, Romanian, Biology and English. I study English at my school. I have studied English for seven years. I want to learn English for my future studies. My emai-l adress is: [email_address] LOVE, Diana
  6. 6. Dear friend, Hi! My name is Corciovă Roxana! I’m in my early teens and I’m very happy to write to you. I borned in Bârlad, the town where I live now. It’s a small town, but with more interesting places which you can visit in your free time. For example: museums, theatres, a cinema and others. I learn at” George Tutoveanu” school. Here, the students wear a special uniform which represents our school. We participated at maths and Romanian competition where we got great results. I’m proud to learn in this school. Now I’m going to tell you some things about me. I have shoulder-long brown hair and green eyes. I am tall and slim and I am determined person who finds it easy to relate to people. I am friendly, joyfull. I like to listen music (my favourite singer is Inna) , to dance, to sing, to play tennis, to walk with my friends, to take photos( If you are interested I have hi5: http://roxy-sweet-girl24.hi5.com) . I have the best parents in the world. They support me in everything I do. I have a sister, she is sixteen years old and her name is Alexandra. If I have a problem she always helps me and if it is necessary she gives me advice. I don’t have a pet. But you? Do you have sisters or brothers? What is your favourite singer? What do you like to do in your free time, what are your hobbies? I am really happy to write to you and I wish you could answer my letter! Your friend, Roxy
  7. 7. Dear e-mai friend, My name is Poenescu Vlad.I am a student at George Tutoveanu school. I’m in seventh grade.My favourite subjects at school are Biology,Physical education,Maths and History. I like to spend my time with my friends and my family.My favourites sports are football, bascketball, handball and table tennis.I like to ride the bike,play football with my friends and most of all to play with roller skates.Also, I like to meet new people and I love to have a lot of friends. Anyway,I have an Facebook account where I have a lot of pictures with and my e-mail is poenescu_vlad@yahoo.com.My favourite colour is red but I also like green and blue,because is the colur of the sky.I like very much cats and that is the reason two years ago I had one. This is me and I will love to have friends from another countries. With friendship, Vlad
  8. 8. Dear friend, I’m glad cauze I have the opportunity to get to know you. My name is Morea Alexandra and I am from Romania. I go to school NO. 11 George Tutoveanu Barlad. It is s very nice school with good teachers I am 13 years old. I like to go cycling and dancing. I have got also a pet, Lucky. He is a very funny hamster. His fur is white and he’s got blue eyes. I am an only child, but I have good friends who always help me.My favorite subject is biology. I’m in seventh grade. I love other subject to such as Englidh, geography, music etc. My dream for the futur isn-t already set. I have many friends and if you want we could become friends. I like to make new friends. I will wait your answer.   With love, your new friends Alexandra
  9. 9. Dear friend,   Hi ! My name is Alexandra.I was born is September and I`m 13 years old. I live in Romania Barlad town. I am a seventh grade student at school number 11 “George Tutoveanu “. My favourite subjects are:Romanian,French and English. I love to sing and dance , I am a big fan of music. I like to meet new children , I like to stay whit my friends , to walk and have fun . I am a very cheerful and friendly nature that`s why I make friends very quichly. My favourite flowers are orchids , roses .I favourite colour is blue. My favourite animals are dogs and hamsters. I like traveling , in orderto meet new people and new things.I also like to watch Tv and talk on messenger whith my friends and classmates. All these things I characterize myself and wath I enjoy doig. My address is : [email_address] .   Whit friendship Alexandra
  10. 10. Dear friend, My name is Bargau Alexandra, I am 13 old years old. I am from Romania and I live in a town Barlad . Barlad is a small town but beautiful places to visit. I like playing handball, volleyball and tennis. My favorite animals are cats, hamsters and puppies. I had a cat and a hamster and I want to have a puppy but not everything is possible. I go to school "George Tutoveanu " . I love going to school, my favorite subject music, history and more.        I hope you like my letter.                                                                                 You friend ,   Alexandra
  11. 11. Dear friends, My name is Beciu Raluca Oana. I am 13 years old and my friends call me Raluca. I live in Barlad, Romania and I study at number 11 School, “George Tutoveanu”, I am in the seventh grade. It is a great school with great accomplishments due to our devoted teachers. My family has 5 members. We are 3 sisters and I am the youngest one. One of them is Andreea, 20 years old and Laura 24 years old, both of them studied at the same school as myself and now they have a successful career. I want to be like them when I grow up. I like taking evening walks, to have long conversations with other people, to spend my free time having fun with my friends. I love to see them happy with me around them. My greatest hobby is handball and I try to play as much as I can at school. What I don’t like is when people yell at me. I cannot understand why they can’t calm down and tell what they have to say nicely. That is why I like my friends to be sociable, bold, funny, loyal. Although I like school, the marks I get are not that great because I’m not interested in all the subjects so I have to work harder, but when I succeed, I'm proud of myself. My favorite subjects are geography, biology, history and civic culture. This is the way I am and I would like to know you better as well. I’m looking forward to receving your reply. Yours friend, Raluca
  12. 12. Dear e-mail friend, My name is Burghelea Raluca Andreea and I’m 13 years old. I’m a student in 7 th form, at School “George Tutoveanu”, number 11 from Barlad, Romania. I am friendly, sincere and simpathic because I have very many friends. I love music and I love to dance. I sometimes like to roller bloke or ride my bike and I like to ski. I spend my time with friends and family and I hate liers. I like to play on the computer and I love to walk in rain and I like to swim. Since I was little I wanted to visit another country and this year my dream came true. I was amazed of what I saw and visited. I have a wonderful family but it is not too large. I am an only child but I’m not sad. I enjoy helping my mother than I have time. At school I like English and Biology. Hopefully I have the opportunity to speak with you in the e-mail. My e-mail is [email_address] .
  13. 13. Hi, My name is Hangan Andrei, and I am 12 years, I live in Barlad, Romania. I'll introduce myself to you, from my life among friends and colleagues. I learn at school no.11, very close to my house. Every morning at 12 o'clock, I go to school and I begin a new day at school with my colleagues. When we get home we do our homework and talk to each other on the computer, but the first thing I at least do is to meet with my parents. On weekends I meet with some of my colleagues and friends to discuss things about both school and from our other occupations. For example, I like to draw cars on paper, and I want to become a car mechanic in the future. I like to known things that I share with others. My family life is little different from the others, because I do not have brothers and sisters, but also because my parents are always busy. When my parents are not at home, I want to stay with me pet animals : seven cats that we adopted recently, and a wolf dog, whom I raised since he was little. I am glad that I have made known to you through this letter and I expect you write to me. With friendship, your colleague from Romania, Andrei My ID: artegor_plus@yahoo.com
  14. 14. Dear friend , Hello, my name is Ionut Stratulat Cristian. I like school. My hobby is playing Counter-Strike on the computer to this server : fagars.zapto.org. Without cheates, with Steam. Whay is your hobby? And I like to parctise sports : tennis, foodball, pollo and table tennis. What sports do you like? I lear al school 11, Barlad, Vaslui, Romania. I am going to study at Cambrige. I’m in 7B class. Every day I have classes from 12 to 6 p.m. I like Need for Speed game exempl : NFS MW, NFS Undercover I’m happy to meet new people. In summer, I will go to Spaish and Frace. P.S. My facebook is Ionut Stratulat Cristian. My messenger id is : [email_address] . I wait you for playind Counter-Strike
  15. 15. Dear friend, Hello. My name is Cristina and I’m 13 years old. I was born in September 13 1997, in Barlad. I’m a cheerful, crazy and funny girl. I know people and I’d like to make new friend, try new things. I like walking with me friends, having fun and going to parties. I learn at school number 11 “George Tutoveanu”. It is a very beautiful school with good pupils. My favourite subjects are: Romanian, Music and English. My favourite colour is purple. My favourite animal is dog. I love to sing and dance. I love to watch cartoons on Disney Channel. They are my favourite cartoons. I have a brother. His name is Adrian and he studies at a University in Iasi. My best friend are: Alexandra, Patricia, Iulia, Raluca, Stefana, Raluca and Ioana. My address is: [email_address] .   Love, Cristina
  16. 16. Dear friends,   My name is Neagu Patricia, I live in Barlad, a town from Romania. I'm thirteen year old and I'm in seventh grade. I study at School No. 11, “George Tutoveanu” from Barlad. My school is not very big but not small. My favourite subjects are: Romanian language, Maths, Chemestry, Biology and English language. My least favourite subject are: Physics, French language and History. In my spare time I like to walk , I like to listen to music. I like to hang out with my friends and talk. I'm a shy person very honest. My favourite music is: Pop music, R&B. Band slow music. My favourite singers are: Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Kat DeLuna, Eminem, Jay-s, Justin Timberlake, Ke$ha and Timberland. My familly is compose of: my mather, my father, me and my brother. My parent are good people. My brother, Theodor is four years older than me. I can hordly wait to hear from you. I hope you will write to me soom. If you want you can cantact me by e-mail. My e-mail address: patri.patris15 @yahoo.com Your friend, Patricia
  17. 17. Dear friend, My name is Petcu Raluca and I’m 13 years old. I was born on 28 September 1997, at Barlad, Romania. I have a little brother, Vlad. He is the perfect brother. My grandmother is a doctor and I want to become a doctor, too. Now, I learn at “George Tutoveanu” school. It is a very big school with good results. The school has a lot of good teachers. My head master is Dascalu Paula. She is a great person. My favourite subjects are: English, maths and geography. Now, I want to write something about my preferences. My favourite colour is yellow and my favourite animals are: dogs and hamsters. I have a lot of friends, but I have some best friends, I can share everything with them. On holiday I like to walk with them and swim. I love to sit on front of the computer, especially on Facebook, Hi5 and Yahoo Messenger , I like to play basketball, volleyball and handball. I like films especially comedies, but I haven’t a favourite movie. My favourite foods are: pizza, chips and salad. I hate false people and the liers. I like to make new friends! I love fashion and shopping and I like sometimes to critiure people. I like to act. Sometimes I’m happy, sad, crazy, funny, nervous, but this I’m with all my strengths and weaknesses. My address is: [email_address]
  18. 18. Dear penfriend,   Hi! My name is Caradinta Tudor, I am thirteen years old and I live in Romania, a very beautiful country from Europe. I am in the 7 th form and I like to go to school and learn many useful and interesting things. I’m writing to you to ask you for your friendship and I’m also writing to tell you a few things about me and my preferences. First of all, my physical appearance: I am a tall, thin, black-haired and brown-eyed boy. I like to wear clean, elegant clothes and I love cats. Like I have told you, I live in Romania in a very beautiful town called Barlad. It has many parks and museums and it is also very paceful and quiet. I don’t have a so-called “hobby”, but I like several things. I like reading adventure and police novels, I like to watch TV and I would prefer a walk in the park anytime. I like to spend time with my family whenever I can. My favourite food is pizza and roast chicken. My favourite school subject is English, but I get high marks at everything. **I think that’s everything I can tell you about me. I hope it’s enough for you to understand what kind of person I am. Finally, I would like to find out something about you. So, if you wants us to be friends and tell me about you, you can contact me, on my email adress: [email_address] . I am looking forward to hearing from you!  Best wishes, Tudor
  19. 19. Dear friend, My name is Rusu Diana Ioana and I am twelve years old. I live in Barlad, Romania and I am proud of my country. Romania is situated at the crossroads of Central and Southeastern Europe. Romania has one of the largest areas of forest in Europe. Bucharest is the capital and it is the largest city in Romania. There are a lot of monuments, museums, cathedrals and many shops. Barlad is a nice town. People here honest and kind. Most of them are hardworking and very sociable. I am a friendly girl. I think I am very pretty. My hair is brown, my eyes are green and I have a friendly smile. I like very much to stay with my friends. I agree with different opinions. On the other hand, I am very generous and sensible. I like very much to help people. In my spare time, I read books, I listen to music, I play outside or I play on the computer. I love books. I like to sing and to dance, too. My favorite sport is volleyball and tennis, but I like very much to swim in summer. I love to go shopping with my friends, but I don’t spend money on useless things. My favorite colors are purple, red, white and pink. I don’t have any sisters or brothers, but I will like one. I live in a flat with my parents. My birth day is on 25 th of January, that’s why my favorite season is winter, but I like summer, too. I would like to meet new friends and to talk about our lives. So, if you want us to be friends, my e-mail address is: [email_address] . All the best, Diana
  20. 20. Dear friend, I`m Adina Şolcă from Bârlad, Romania and I am 12 years old. I study at school no. eleven and I `m in seventh form. I spend my spare time reading, drawing, dancing, walking with my friend or doing everything I like. On the summer holiday I go on trips and when I am at home I like to swim in the pool in our town. At school, my favorite subjects are maths, physics and English. My favorite season is summer, and my favorite colors are violet and blue. My family is formed of my mother, my father, and my sister, Diana. She is nine years old and she is in the third form. A fifth member of my family is my pet, Doris. It is a hamster, very pretty and playful. I love him. If you want to talk more, my e-mail address is : [email_address]     Best wish, Adina
  21. 21. My dear e-mail friend, My name is Radu. I’m from Romania. It’s a beautiful country, and the people are friendly. I live in Barlad, a town of Vaslui county. I learn at George Tutoveanu school and it’s a wonder school. The techers are very friendly and the children, too. I’m in the seventh form. The smartes children of the class are Cristi and Tudor. Tudor is Olympic at English and Cristi is Olympic at Maths and Romanian language and literature. I have a brother. He is at college in the second year. I have a small room. My favorite subjects are physical education, music, history and geography. I love cars. I wish a car like BMW, Audi, Volkswagen and Dodge. I’d like Dodge Charger of 1969. I love roller skates and bike. I love music very much. I listen all types of music out classical music. The summ erhit was “I like the trumpet” sing by Dj Sava and Raluka. My best friend is Teo. He is in the sixth form. I’m in the, scorpion zodiac. My e-mail address is [email_address] That’s me With friendship, Radu
  22. 22. Dear e-mail friend, Hello ! My name is Ichim Stefana-Laura and I am 13 years old. I was born on 27 September 1997 and I am in the sign Libra. I live in the town of Bârlad, Romania. I study at the school number 11 “George Tutoveanu” and I am a good student. I get good marks and I like to participate at different competitions. In this school the teachers are very nice and not too demanding. But I will tell you other things about me. I am a very sociable girl and hard-working. I like to make new friends and meet people with different characters. I usually spend my time with my friends and I love it. I like very much to read especially adventure books. I usually listen house music and pop music, but when I am sad I am listening to hip-hop music. I love to sing and I have a great voice. I am a very sporty person and I love playing handball, volleyball and bascketball. Also, I love to swim and play with my sister. My favourite colours are blue and green and my favourite food is pizza. I am still watching cartoons and my favourite is “Life with Louie”. Also, I like to watch movies and my favourite is “Letters to Juliet”. I love very much the pets and my favourite animals are dogs and cats. I love traveling and studying different landscapes. I have a beautiful family. My mother is very nice and she is an inspector. My father is a manager and he works hard. He has a tiring job. I have a little sister. Her name is Ana and she is 7 years old. She is very sweet and playful. This is all about me. I expect you to write to me.   Love, Stefana P.S : My e-mail is [email_address] !
  23. 23. Dear friend , My name is Mindrescu Ioana and I was born on January 23 , year 1997.I study at school number 11 'George Tutoveanu',Barlad. I have some good teachers . Is a very amazing school. I want told you something about me .What I like amd what I don't like. First ,I love to read .I like to read books of romance , magazines or books of adventure.I like English. Also I know speak in Greek and in French.I like playing tennis and I am good at it .I love funny people. They make me laugh. I have a lot of friends who make me happy every day. My favorite color is blue because is a soothing color. I don't have a favorite style of music and I haven't a favorit song. But , I like Stacie Oricco , Colbie Caillat , Justin Timberlake ,Ne-yo and others because is a list without end.I could say something about my favorite movies ,such as: 'My sassy girl' is a romantic film , 'Thirteen'is a dramatic film ,Letters to Juliet and many others. If you haven't seen a movie told me,I recommend you watch. I love to take pictures and I like to be original. I like to paint very much . Is one of my hobbies. 'Life with Louie' is my favorite cartoons. (My childhood cartoons) I think 'Life with Louie' is the most beautiful cartoon and not out of fashion . I have a sister who have 6 years old. My family are very interesting and amazing. I'm proud with my family. T he above is a part of my life.   P.S : I wait to respond to my letter.I really want to know something about you , dear friend, My e-mail is : ionika_angel_of_death@yahoo.com . With love, Ioana
  24. 24. Dear friend, I am looking forward to make friends from other countries. I am Ibanescu Lucian and I live in Barlad, Romania. Even if it is a small and pretty unknown town, there are a few things you can do. I am 13 years old. I spend here my time reading and watching TV, especially Discovery Channel. I also like playing PC and PSP games. I paint in oil and I have a few paints in Luxemburg. I also practice karate and I follow the Cambridge courses. This year I’ll have to pass the PET exam. My favorite school subject is Math, but I like the others too. I have a sister who now studies at Cluj-Napoca. My mother works at a public institution and my father is an engineer. In my family there is one more member, and it is a pet. It’s a very playful and lovely hamster. If you want to talk with me and find more about me, my e-mail address is [email_address] or [email_address] .   Best wishes, Lucian