KwizKraft 2011 Prelims


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KwizKraft 2011 Prelims

  1. 3. Qn.01 (***) ‘ Out’ is a US-based gay men’s fashion and lifestyle magazine. Every year, it publishes Power 50, a list of the 50 Most Powerful Gay Men and Women in America. Who topped the list in 2011?
  2. 4. Ans.01 (***) Tim Cook He was recently named CEO of Apple Inc.
  3. 5. Qn.02 Some of the businesses he has dabbled in include antiques, car rentals, metal trading, export of rice, etc. Two of his companies listed in the Virgin Islands are Autumn Holdings and Paysons. Identify him.
  4. 6. Ans.02 Hasan Ali Khan
  5. 7. Qn.03 In 2010, Urs Holzle sent a memo warning that their company would be crushed if it didn’t figure out its social media strategy. A team started working on a project and codenamed it ‘Emerald Sea’ after this 1878 painting by Albert Bierstadt. What project?
  6. 8. Ans.03
  7. 9. Qn.04 After graduating as an engineer in 1924, Peter spent six months working in a radio factory in the United States. On his return to his native country, he teamed up with his friend Svend and officially started this company in 1925. Identify it.
  8. 10. Ans.04
  9. 11. Qn.05 (***) Born in 1956, this person was a part of the synchronised swimming team and won a bronze medal in the national championships. Joined the US law firm Baker & McKenzie and went on to become its global Chairman. Who?
  10. 12. Ans.05 (***)   Christine Lagarde She became the first ever female chief of IMF in July 2011.
  11. 13. Qn.06 This actress made her big screen debut in the 2002 Telugu film ‘Lahiri Lahiri Lahirilo’ . What was her first ever acting assignment?
  12. 14. Ans.06 Rasna Girl (Ankita Jhaveri)
  13. 15. Qn.07 The original concept was developed by Jaakko Iisalo and its mechanics is said to have been inspired from a previous game called Crush the Castle. Identify this game that Salman Rushdie claims to be a master at.
  14. 16. Ans.07
  15. 17. Qn.08 Original poster for…
  16. 18. Ans.08 Occupy Wall Street
  17. 19. Qn.09 (***) Some of the proposed names were Vectre, Verone, Calibre and Alexis. While Alexis became the front runner, concerns were raised that the name applied to people more than cars, and it being associated with the character of Alexis Carrington from the 80s TV show Dynasty . What name was finally chosen?
  18. 20. Ans.09 (***)
  19. 21. Qn.10 According to Tim Keck, his uncle suggested the name after seeing him and Christopher Johnson eat a particular sandwich. What?
  20. 22. Ans.10 The famous news satire organisation was named after the founders Tim Keck and Christopher Johnson were seen eating an onion sandwich by Tim’s uncle.
  21. 23. Qn.11 The idea was floated by a committee set up by the Indian Banks Association at the instance of RBI. The original name was discarded after it was found that two other companies (in the same domain) had applied for a similar name. The new name and logo was the brainchild of the ad agency RK Swamy BBDO. What?
  22. 24. Ans.11 Originally called IndiaPay, this domestic card payment network was set up by the National Payments Corporation of India.
  23. 25. Qn.12 Identify the duo.
  24. 26. Ans.12 Charles & Maurice Saatchi
  25. 27. Qn.13 (***) In Sep 2011, a certain range of furniture and other interior accessories were launched at a Paris trade show. Some of these items are named Radcliffe desk, Bodleian bookcase, Harry Potter dining table, etc. Critics were quick to label it as vulgar and that it cheapens its image. Whose business venture is being described?
  26. 28. Ans.13 (***) Products are named after famous Oxford alumni and landmarks.
  27. 29. Qn.14 Sholay viral video for
  28. 30. Qn.15 Identify this gentleman who passed away recently on June 21, 2011.
  29. 31. Ans.15 Suresh Tendulkar The Tendulkar Committee report had come up with the Rs.32 and Rs.26 cutoff to qualify as Below Poverty Line for urban and rural India.
  30. 32. Qn.16 In 2006, Couture Tech Ltd. had applied for a particular trademark. It was rejected for being ‘contrary to public policy or to accepted principles of morality’ . Its appeal was again dismissed by observing that it was a ‘symbol of despotism’ . What is being described?
  31. 33. Ans.16 Hammer & Sickle Symbol
  32. 34. Qn.17 (***) “ It might be inferred from the appendix of George Orwell’s 1984. Of the three segments of the fictional language Newspeak, the ‘__ vocabulary’ is dedicated to technical terms and jargon. ‘______’ is the superlative modifier for Newspeak adjectives. Thus, ‘_____’ might hold the meaning ‘most extremely technical or jargonous’ in Newspeak.” What is being referred to?
  33. 35. Ans.17 (***) C++
  34. 36. Qn.18 Appointed to the Board of Directors of ACC in 1968, he became its Chairman in 1969 and continued till 1997, excluding his tenure as India’s ambassador to the US from 1977-79. He was later appointed Chairman Emeritus for life. Who?
  35. 37. Ans.18 Nani Palkhivala
  36. 38. Qn.19 Identify this fashion designer.
  37. 39. Ans.19 Nina Ricci
  38. 40. Qn.20 Reed Hastings: “I had a big late fee for Apollo 13. It was six weeks late and I owed the video store $40. I had misplaced the cassette. It was all my fault. I didn’t want to tell my wife about it. And I said to myself, ‘I’m going to compromise the integrity of my marriage over a late fee?’” What resulted?
  39. 41. Ans.20
  40. 42. Qn.21 (***) Resulting from an article written by Stanley Morison, it was created by Victor Lardent, and is said to have been based on an earlier work by William Burgess. It made its debut on Oct 3, 1932. What?
  41. 43. Ans.21 (***) Times New Roman
  42. 44. Qn.22 Identify this character from The Simpsons. (In the actual quiz, a video clip was played.)
  43. 45. Ans.22 Muhammad Yunus
  44. 46. Qn.23 What are bonds denominated in Chinese yuan and issued in Hong Kong known as?
  45. 47. Ans.23 Dim Sum Bonds
  46. 48. Qn.24 Designed by Atkins Studio of Dubai, it is being developed by Jaguar Buildcon. With a height of 300 metres, the exterior of the building will represent the mehendi patterns. What is being described?
  47. 49. Ans.24 Namaste Towers Being built at Lower Parel (Mumbai), it is expected to be completed in 2014 and will be the tallest building in India.
  48. 50. Qn.25 (***) X met Y at a railway station during the early 1960s. A few years later, X offered Y a job at his company at a monthly salary of Rs.800. Y remained with this company till 1993, after being elevated to the position of Art Advisor in 1986. Identify the duo.
  49. 51. Ans.25 (***) X – KP Singh; Y – MF Hussain
  50. 52. THANK YOU
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