The Bollywod Quiz- NSIT Quiz Fest 2013


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The Bollywod Quiz- NSIT Quiz Fest 2013

  1. 1. BOLLYWOOD QUIZANSWERS“ Kyunki chote chote shehro me aise badebade quiz hote rehte h..”
  2. 2. 0.“If a tiger had sex with a tornado and then their tiger-nado baby got married to an earthquake, theiroffspring would be_________." - Grady Hendrix inSlate
  3. 3. 1.A few years before the release of Y, X had originallyrefused the movie, and returned the script. But thedirector was adamant on casting X in the lead role. Thesecond time, he and his team narrated the script withintense passion and animation, but to no avail. It wasonly when the script was enacted to X, that he acceptedthe offer.Inspired by a real life incident, this 2013 movie has anunapologetic tone, to which the director explains thatmovies like X do not glorify crime or make heroes out ofcriminals. Identify X and Y.
  4. 4. X – Akshay KumarY – Special 26
  5. 5. 2.Minimal Bollywood Posterfor?
  6. 6. 3.A village in Raigad district, Maharashtra in reality, thefilm makers fantasized X as an island, once in Goa andthen in Diu. X served as the setting for conflict betweenthe protagonist and the antagonist. It was close toMumbai, yet beyond the reach of law and was thusfavoured by antagonist for his shady business. IdentifyX.
  7. 7. Mandwa
  8. 8. 4.List of Filmfare awards for X:Winner1982: Filmfare Award for Best Dialogue for Meri Awaaz Suno1991: Filmfare Best Comedian Award for Y1993: Filmfare Award for Best Dialogue for AngaarNominated1984: Filmfare Best Comedian Award for Himmatwala1986: Filmfare Best Comedian Award for Aaj Ka Daur1990: Filmfare Best Comedian Award for Sikka1992: Filmfare Best Comedian Award for Hum1994: Filmfare Best Comedian Award for Aankhen1995: Filmfare Best Comedian Award for Main Khiladi Tu Anari1996: Filmfare Best Comedian Award for Coolie No. 11997: Filmfare Best Comedian Award for Saajan Chale Sasural1999: Filmfare Best Comedian Award for _______ID X and Y.
  9. 9. X - Kader KhanY - Baap Numbari beta das numbari
  10. 10. 5.X is a 2012 Telugu action film directed by Harish Shankar.The film is produced by Bandla Ganesh underParameswara Art productions banner and stars PawanKalyan and Shruti Haasan in lead roles. The film is anadaptation of the Hindi film Y, with Malaika Arora reprisingher role in the Telugu version of the movie. X, also thename of the protagonist is a special tribute to an iconicantagonist from a 1975 classic Hindi movie.ID X and Y.
  11. 11. X – Gabbar SinghY - Dabangg
  12. 12. 6. VIDEOIdentify the Bollywood song inspired from this singleand the movie as well, which featured this Bollywoodsong.
  13. 13. Song: Koi mil gayaMovie: Kuch Kuch hota hai
  14. 14. 7. Review for?The Guardian, Friday 22 June 2001 09.54 BST“Much touted as the most expensive Bollywood musicalever and the first to include British actors, this might just dofor the genre what Crouching Tiger did for the martial artsromance. X is a lavish epic, a gorgeous love story, and arollicking adventure yarn. Larger than life and outrageouslyenjoyable, its got a dash of spaghetti western, a hint ofKurosawa, with a bracing shot of Kipling.....The acting is abit broad-brush, …...., but __________’s film is virile,muscular storytelling, with rich musical dance numbers, andinspired touches like an Untouchable inventing off-spin......Go and see it.”
  15. 15. Lagaan
  16. 16. 8. *The director’s take on X in which movie?“He was a joy to work with. Throughout the film he woreone cap, trousers and jacket. There were no duplicateclothes. He actually wore only one set of clothesthroughout. The jacket was the hardest to find. We finallybought it from Chor Bazaar. It had to look ancient andtattered. X still has the jacket.”Give the movie only.
  17. 17. Mr. India
  18. 18. 9.X, a 95-year-old man, in 1967 was, besides finishing workon his autobiography, devoted much of his remaining timeto the struggle for peace and nuclear disarmament. To thatend, he sometimes made himself available to people hethought could help the cause. So when he was asked toappear in a movie called Aman, about a young Indian man,played by Rajendra Kumar, who has just received hismedical degree in London and wants to go to Japan to helpvictims of the atomic bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki,X said yes.ID X.
  19. 19. Bertrand Russell
  20. 20. Border
  21. 21. 11. *X was involved in a controversy over Ys entry in theGuinness Book of World Records. In a letter dated June11, 1977 to the Guinness Book of World Records, X hadchallenged the claim that Y has recorded the maximumnumber of songs ("not less than 25,000" according toGuinness). After receiving a reply from Guinness, in a letterdated November 20, 1979, X wrote, "I am disappointedthat my request for a reassessment vis-a-vis Ys reportedworld record has gone unheeded." In an interview to BBCrecorded in November 1977, X claimed to have sung25,000 to 26,000 songs till then. Who are X and Y?
  22. 22. X - Mohammed RafiY – Lata Mangeshkar
  23. 23. 12.This song that was rewritten 105 times by the lyricistbefore being approved. It alone costed 10 million at thattime while the entire movie was made under 1 million. Thesinger sang the song in a studio bathroom because therewas no facility available to provide reverberation of sound.Identify the song and the singer.
  24. 24. Pyar kiya to darna kyaLata Mangeshkar
  25. 25. 13.ID the BollyCats!(For the given Hollywood movies, ID the “inspired”Bollywood movies)
  26. 26. Agneepath
  27. 27. Black
  28. 28. Peepli Live
  29. 29. Chocolate
  30. 30. 14.*“Mona, darling”“Lilly, dont be silly”“Sara shehar mujhe Loyan (Lion) ke naam se janata hai”“Whats your problem?”“I lost my glasses”“Smart Boy”“How very interesting...”“O Come on”“London mein log mujhe Loyan (Lion) ke naam se jantehain, aur bharat mein black jackal...”“Raabert ise liquid oxygen mein daal do, X”Z, the original version of X is also a classic dialogue,before it was modified as a joke by Y, the man who madethe above dialogues popular catch-phrases. ID X and Z
  31. 31. X-liquid ise jeene nahin dega, oxygen ise marne nahin dega.Y-Ajit Khan(Hamid Ali Khan)Z- Salim tujhe marne nahi dega aur hum, Anarkali, tujhe jeenenahi denge
  32. 32. 15.During the 1st week of release of Y, the producer X of themovie, adding novelty to marketing gimmicks, planned aunique free show of Y for anyone who has the same nameas the lead character in Y. Thus if one had the same name,he and a friend could watch Y for free. ID X,Y.
  33. 33. X – Karan JoharY – Wake up Sid
  34. 34. 16. VIDEOAt this point, the actress says the name of anotherBollywood movie released in 2002 under the banner ofYRF. Name the movie.
  35. 35. Mujhse Dosti Karoge
  36. 36. 17.The pretty girls dancing with the lead actress in a colourfulsong of the movie X (released in 2007) were professionaldancers from the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts(TIPA) who specialized in the folk dance of Tibet. Y, thedirector of X and Z, suggested to call the same dancersagain for Z(released in 2011). ID X and Z.
  37. 37. X – Jab We MetZ - Rockstar
  38. 38. 18.* Connect:Pyaar hua ikraar huaJeena yahan marna yahanBol radha bol sangam hoga ke nahinDil ka bhanwar kare pukaarjiya o jiya kuch bol doek ghar banaunga tere ghar ke saamnepal bhar ke liye koi hame pyaar karleOh haseena zulfon walichahe koi mujhe jungli kahebadan pe sitareJai jai shiv shankarMeere Sapno Ki RaaniKuch To Log Kahe GeChain Aaye Mere Dil Ko Dua Ki JiyeDard-E-Dil Dar De JigarHum kisi se kam nahiOh Meri Chandni
  39. 39. Hum hai rahi pyaar ke, phir milenge chalte chalte (Rab nebana di jodi)
  40. 40. 19.This sound track is an Inspiration for which Bollywoodsong?
  41. 41. Babuji Dhire Chalna
  42. 42. 20.*Complete and give the connect:•KAL – Yesterday and Tomorrow (2005)•Go(2007)•Sarkar Raj(2008)•Oye Lucky Lucky Oye(2008)•____________(2012)
  43. 43. Sneha KhanwalkarGangs of Wasseypur Part I and II
  44. 44. 21.Its director was a Sindhi, while its lyricist and one male leadwere Punjabi. Other male leads were from Uttar Pradesh,Gujarat and North-West Frontier Province respectively. Ofthe two female leads, one was a Tamil, the other was aBengali domiciled in Madhya Pradesh.Which film am I talking about?
  45. 45. Sholay
  46. 46. 22.Based on Ramayana, Ram Rajya was directed in 1943 byVijay Bhatt, and had Prem Adib and Shobhna Samarth inthe lead roles.It was a major success, and the third highest grossingIndian film of 1943.What unique distinction does it hold?
  47. 47. The only Indian film to be seen by Mahatma Gandhi.However, Mission to Moscow (1943), a Hollywood movie, wasthe first one he ever saw.
  48. 48. 23.Give all the movies in the clip. (2 points)
  49. 49. 1. Baazigar2. Yes Boss3. Golmaal 34. Dulhe Raja