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A Mendeley teaching presentation based on the Presentation made available by Mendeley for Advisors. …

A Mendeley teaching presentation based on the Presentation made available by Mendeley for Advisors.

Mendeley is a free to download reference management software. See

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  • We support academics, students and other professionals (or researchers) in their work with scientific literature. We provide scientific knowledge. We organize scientific knowledge. We help to explore and share scientific knowledge.
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    • 1. www.mendeley.comPrashanth NSFaculty, Institute of Public Health, BangaloreMendeley Advisor An Overview Institute of Tropical Medicine, Antwerp Department of Public Health June 1, 2012
    • 2. What is Mendeley?
    • 3. Based in London, Mendeley are 30+ researchers, graduates andsoftware developers from... Supported by: ...backed by co-founders and former executives of:
    • 4. What is Mendeley? Mendeley is free academic software (Win, Mac & Linux) to manage, share, read, annotate and cite your research papers......and a research network to manageyour papers online, discover researchtrends and statistics, and to connect tolike-minded researchers.
    • 5. Creating your library
    • 6. What is Mendeley? Set up and manage your reference groupsLibrary showing all your documents (citation or table view) Add tags & notes and edit document detailsFilter your papers by authors, keywords, tags, or publications
    • 7. Adding your papersYou have different options to set up your library:• Add single files or an entire folder• “Watch a folder” to automatically import PDF files• Drag and drop PDFs into Mendeley Desktop… and Mendeley will try to extract the document details automaticallyYou can also:• Add existing EndNote/BibTeX/RIS databases• Sync with other reference management webapps• Use Mendeley Web Importer to add from online databases• Add from the Mendeley Research Catalog
    • 8. Document details lookupEnter the DOI, PubMed, or ArXiv ID andclick on the magnifier glass to start lookupMissing info is added automatically
    • 9. Web To install the Web Importer, drag & drop the bookmarklet to your Favorites/Bookmarks in your internet browser Supported sites The Web Importer helps you grab citations off the web
    • 10. Using the Web ImporterOn the web page with …then click on “Import” to importthe reference(s) you the reference/paper to yourwant to capture: click on Mendeley library. Ifthe bookmarklet… possible/available, also the associated PDF will be imported.
    • 11. Synchronize and manage your library online You can also add references and edit & manage your library online
    • 12. Managing your documents & references
    • 13. Manage your library Open attached PDF files in integrated viewer Documents can be marked read/unread Star your favorite papersFilter by authors, tags, publications or keywords
    • 14. Search as you type
    • 15. Full text search in Mendeley’s PDF viewer
    • 16. Annotate and highlight
    • 17. Mendeley‘s File Organizer You can find the File Organizer in Tools > Options > File Organizer
    • 18. Citing and sharing references
    • 19. Citing in Word & Open OfficeClick on “Insert Citation” in Word Highlight the paper(s) you want to cite
    • 20. Citing in Word & Open Office Citation will show up based on selected style Generate a bibliography in one click! Cite into Google documents or other editors by copy & paste
    • 21. Share references with Mendeley Groups Groups can be private or public (invite only or open) View the group online –Public groups only have the reference details – no other users can request tofull text. Private groups contain the full text join or simply follow theincluding notes & annotations. activity of the group
    • 22. Create Groups in Mendeley Desktop Private groups contain the full text. Public groups share references only.
    • 23. Create Groups in Mendeley Desktop You can also create groups online.
    • 24. 2 – You can search…1 – Some statistics about your publication
    • 25. Create your professional research profile
    • 26. Search the Mendeley Research Catalog
    • 27. Get readership information on papers
    • 28.