Freedom at Work - Globally - Phil Clothier at Worldblu Live 2013

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  • Results of values assessment
  • Results of values assessment
  • Results of values assessment
  • +25% return on assets vs -80% return on assestsSmall staff turnovervs 50%+ staff turnover
  • The story of a full spectrum organisation.1. Imagine a company that is conscious and fair in the way it sets prices and pay. Because it has moved beyond fear driven greed is it now profitable, financially stable and creates a good shareholder return. It also provides safe and comfortable working conditions for its people.2. When people walk into the office each day they smile and greet each other warmly. There is a healthy sense of respect and customers feel well looked after.3. The organisation invests in high performing systems. It trains it’s people to be excellent at doing their jobs and the staff are proud to tell others who they work for.4. This is an organisation that moves forward through innovation and continuous improvement. It has the adaptability and resilience to weather tough times. People feel empowered and have the courage to ask the tough questions, it is OK to make mistakes.5. People feel inspired by the vision and values. There are high levels of trust and a deep sense of purpose, fun and team spirit6. This is a collaborative working environment for staff, customers, suppliers and the community where people focus on win-win for all concerned. The investment in leadership development means that leaders are making a sustainable difference inside and outside the organisation.7. For this group, ethics is not about compliance but truly doing what they believe is right, deep down in their hearts. There is a knowing that by doing their jobs, people are serving society & future generations.
  • Results of values assessment


  • 1. Freedom at Work – GloballyPhil Clothier - Worldblu Live - Denver May 2013
  • 2. 2How do you transform awhole team or organisation?(or even a whole nation)?
  • 3. 5corruptionbureaucracyinequalitypovertyunemploymentcrime/violenceenvironmantal pollutionemphasis on materialityself interestdrug addictioncaring for the elderlyeconomic growthconcern for future generationsjob securityaffordable housingcaring for the disadvantagedenvironmental awarenesssocial justicechildrenmaterial wealthLatvia National Values - 2007familychildrenhealthhonestyhumour/funcaringadaptabilityfriendshipresponsibilitycompassionPersonal Values Desired CultureCurrent Culture
  • 4. title
  • 5. title
  • 6. The Value of Values
  • 7. economic growthcaring for elderlyaffordable housingconcern for future generationsjob securitysocial justicecaring for the disadvantagedenvironmental awarenesshuman rightsmaterial wealthcaring for elderlyeconomic growthconcern for future generationsjob securityenvironmental awarenesscaring for the disadvantagedaffordable housingeducationhonestyprosperityLatvianDesired CultureRussianDesired Culture
  • 8. 14Beliefs DivideValues Unite
  • 9. familycaringhonestyresponsibilityhumor/ funaccountabilityrespectpositive attitudeintegrityfriendshipcaringfamilyhumor/ funhonestyfriendshipresponsibilitycompassionrespectaccountabilitypositive attitudeDemocratPersonal ValuesRepublicanPersonal Values
  • 10. 16Organisation A Organisation BValueclient satisfactionmaking a differenceintegrityteamworkhumor/funqualityethicsfinancial stabilityLevel26545371Valueblameshort term focusinternal competitionbuck passingrisk aversecustomer satisfactioninformation hoardingprofitLevel21231221A Tale of Two CompaniesServiceMaking a DifferenceInternal CohesionTransformationSelf-EsteemRelationshipSurvival
  • 11. 17Maslow’s Needs to Barrett’s ConsciousnessKnow andUnderstandPhysiologicalSafetyLove & BelongingSelf-esteemAbraham MaslowKnow andUnderstandN e e d s C o n s c i o u s n e s sSelf-ActualizationRichard Barrett
  • 12. 18Story of a full spectrum organisationService to humanity and societal contributionExternal collaboration, community involvementSense of purpose & strong internal communityOngoing improvement and employee participationHigh performance systems, high quality outputPositive relationships that support organisation needsFinancial viability and employee safety
  • 13. 19Are your company core values lived?1. long hours (L)2. being the best3. cost reduction (L)4. poor communication (L)5. client collaboration6. bureaucracy (L)7. confusion (L)8. arrogance (L)9. hierarchy (L)10. silo mentality (L)1. accountability2. customer satisfaction3. being the best4. commitment5. compassion6. continuous improvement7. integrity8. teamwork9. cost effectiveness10. respectCore Valuesclient collaborationteamworkdeliverymeritocracyintegrityCore Values (I-Care)integritycompassionaccountabilityrespectexcellence
  • 14. 20How do you give employeesa democratic voice?
  • 15. cost reductionbureaucracyconfusionprofitinformation hoardingshort term focushierarchicalresults orientationclient satisfactionempire buildingclient satisfactionemployee fulfilmentcontinuous improvementeffective communicationteamworkfinancial stabilityadaptabilitytrustprofessionalismvisionCBT Technologyhonestycommitmenthumour/funreliabilityenthusiasmadaptabilityfamilyintegritytrustbalance home/workPersonal Values Desired CultureCurrent Culture
  • 16. 23What about values inwork and life globally?
  • 17. 24CTT National Assessments – Status May 2013Denmark2008Latvia2007Sweden *20122009, 2010, 2011,2012Iceland2008, 2010Belgium2010UK2012Finland2010, 2011Spain(Extremadura) 2010Macedonia(Skopje) 2009Switzerland2011France2012USA *20112009, 2010, 2011Australia2009Canada2010South Africa2011Bhutan2008Brazil2010Nigeria2012Argentina2001**EgyptT.B.D.Singapore2012BahamasT.B.D.IndiaT.B.D.United ArabEmiratesT.B.D.QatarT.B.D.South AmericaNorth AmericaAfricaAsiaOceaniaEuropeVenezuela2010 **TrinidadTobago2012* Community Assessments ** Not statistically validHungary2012 (Test)Slovakia2012 (Test).New ZeelandT.B.D.Italy2012
  • 18. 25Cultural Entropy Percentages by Nation8279 7973 726360 59 57 57 56 54 53 514842 42 42 413226211240102030405060708090HungarySlovakiaTrinidadItalyVenezuelaIcelandArgentinaUKNigeriaFranceUSALatviaBelgiumBrazilFinlandAustraliaSouthAfricaSwedenSingaporeCanadaSwitzerlandDenmarkUAEBhutanCultural entropy is a measure of dysfunctional, toxic or destructive energy in a system
  • 19. 26Evolution of DemocracyTrustTransparencyOpennessFairnessAccountabilityEqualityFreedom
  • 20. 27Freedom to expresswho I am andwhat is important to me.
  • 21. 28