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  • Questions For Roger:0. roger – we use the word entitlements a lot – can you provide a definition ?Roger – Since you started your career developing Ebusiness security .. Set some context around what we mean by by application security ?Roger - When we say brittle access control what do we mean ?Roger – Can you provide some real world customer examples where this problem is happening perhaps from a couple verticals ?What’s changing that’s forcing customers to re-evaluate the way they secure apps ?( Hard coded business logic in one app – with thousands of apps )
  • Questions for VireshViresh - Now you are focused on governance and compliance – provide an overview ?Viresh - How are customers dealing with the problem today ?Viresh – speaking of scale can you discuss some of the highest scaling metrics?Viresh – can you provide some specific customer examples ?
  • So today Oracle’s answer to this problem is two product offerings Viresh – Can you provide an overview of Oracle Identity Analytics ?Viresh – What are some of the suite level integrations with Analytics ?Viresh - Can you describe how an organization get started with Analytics what’s involved in using the product ?Viresh – what types of apps are customers deploying analytics on first ?Roger – Can you provide an overview of Oracle entitlements server ?Roger – Can you discuss how oracle is applying Entitlements server to next gen fusion apps and fusion middleware?Roger – what are some of the main use cases Roger – How can a customer get started Roger – do these solutions only apply to the oracle stack or other apps as well.
  • Roger – Can you walk us through the chain.
  • Roger questions:Roger focusing on OES can you discuss how this operationally fits into an environment ?How are policies defined and how are they consumed ?Roger What systems does it connect to and what are the components that must be deployed ? What is configuration vs custom ?Roger Can you discuss how auditors use OES ? Roger - focusing on scale – can you share some scale data points ?Roger – can you talk about context aware security ?
  • Question for Neil-Talk to us about some of the benefits of leveraging OIA. Can you define what we mean by enterprise roles ?What does it mean to mine roles and what is involved ?What is the lifecycle of a role ?How does OIA handle risk ?What do we mean by closed loop ?What are the most important forensics that customers use ?
  • Roger:I know platform is very important to you can you describe what we mean by platform security services ?Can you talk about what components make up the oracle Identity platform ? -
  • Viresh why is the combination of these two solutions so powerful describe the synergies ?Viresh – where can a customer download the products or read more.
  • As mentioned before you have a unique opportunity to learn from and get questions answered by our customers. There are on demand webcasts that are available today at SaskTel discussed how they are leveraging Oracle IDM to offer cloud based services to their customersCisco discussed their unique approach to consolidate their identity program into a platform ING Bank - discussed how a platform with integrated administration and governance reduced cost and improved compliance
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  • Ioug webcast entitlements in check

    1. 1. <Insert Picture Here>Keeping Entitlements In CheckRoger Wigenstam, Sr. Director of Product Management, OracleVireshGarg, Director Product Management, Oracle
    2. 2. This document is for informational purposes. It is not a commitmentto deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be reliedupon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release,and timing of any features or functionality described in this documentremains at the sole discretion of Oracle. This document in any form,software or printed matter, contains proprietary information that is theexclusive property of Oracle. This document and informationcontained herein may not be disclosed, copied, reproduced ordistributed to anyone outside Oracle without prior written consent ofOracle. This document is not part of your license agreement nor canit be incorporated into any contractual agreement with Oracle or itssubsidiaries or affiliates.
    3. 3. Agenda • Application Security • Solution Overview • Authorization • Compliance • A Platform Approach
    4. 4. Application Security is Fragmented Non-Standard Brittle HardcodedEntitlement Catalogs Access Control Authorization Inflexible authorization increases complexity
    5. 5. The Challenge is Scale Focused on Reducing Risk • A Few App Administrators Driven to Reduce Cost Rolling or Monthly Attestation • Handful of Audit Staff
    6. 6. Solutions Oracle Identity Oracle Entitlements Analytics Server
    7. 7. The Approach Application Security Value Chain Define Access Monitor Secure Audit Catalog Request Enforce Data Certify Entitlements  Search  Context  Redact  Risk Policies  Provisioning  External Auth  Authorize  Remediation
    8. 8. Enforce and Monitor Context and Dynamic AuthorizationAudit & Risk Application Owners Developers Application Security Platform Location Time Device
    9. 9. Oracle Identity Analytics Enterprise Roles • Access Certification • Role Modeling Identity • Closed Loop Warehouse Remediation • Business-Friendly Reporting • Risk Aggregation
    10. 10. Platform Reduces Cost vs. Point Solutions Oracle IAM Suite Benefits Advantage48% Cost Savings Increased End- User Productivity Reduced Risk • Emergency Access • End-user Self Service • 11% faster • 30% faster • Suspend/revoke/de- • 46% faster46% More Responsive Enhanced Agility provision end user access • Integrate a new app faster with the IAM infrastructure • 64% faster • Integrate a new end user • 73% faster35% Fewer Audit Deficiencies Enhanced role faster into the solution • Reduces unauthorized • 14% fewer Security and access Compliance • 35% fewer • Reduces audit deficiencies Reduced Total • Reduces total cost of IAM • 48% lower Cost initiatives Source: Aberdeen “Analyzing point solutions vs. platform” 2011
    11. 11. Why Oracle ?• Complete, Open and Integrated• Actionable Compliance• Massively Scalable• Platform Synergies• Customer References
    12. 12. On-Demand Webcast SeriesCustomers Discussing Results of Platform Approach Building a Secure Cloud Cisco’s Platform Approach SaskTel Cisco Systems Platform for Compliance Platform Best Practices ING Bank Agilent Technologies Register To Watch at:
    13. 13.