cyber security information security it governance web defacement penetration testing variability assessment pci dss wireless security assessment application security assessment economics of security web application web security iso 27004 metrics iso 27004 isms measurement iso 27004 standard security metrics security iso 27004 information security management system cyber security policy rbi gopalakrishna committee report gopalakrishna committee rbi pcidss corporate governance spear phishing methodology bring your own device (byod) software as a service (saas) mobile device management source code theft cyber terrorism phishing and email scams credit card fraud email account hacking online share trading fraud cyber pornography it act 2000 digital rights management information rights management billion laughs (xml parser ddos) distributed reflected denial of service attack (dr peer-to-peer ddos attack redos (regular expressions dos attack) ddos distributed denial of service data indentification endpoint dlp ontent monitoring and filtering (cmf) data leakage information leak detection and prevention (idlp) storage dlp extrusion prevention system (eps) data loss information protection and control (ipc) network dlp information leak prevention (ilp) data leakage prevention operation aurora spear phishing advanced persistent threats reporting vulnerability scanning nessus reserve bank of india cyber fraud interop advanced persistent threat kk mookhey enterprise strategies application security desktop virtualization server virtualization malware nepenthes nepenthesfe honeypot dlp document leakage phishing baiting hacking social engineering
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