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Oracle_Cisco identity platform approach_webcast


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Oracle_Cisco identity platform approach_webcast

  1. 1. <Insert Picture Here>CiscoBest Practices for a Platform ApproachRanjan Jain, IT Architect (IAM), Cisco Systems, Inc.Michael Neuenschwander, Senior Director, Oracle
  2. 2. This document is for informational purposes. It is not a commitmentto deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be reliedupon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release,and timing of any features or functionality described in this documentremains at the sole discretion of Oracle. This document in any form,software or printed matter, contains proprietary information that is theexclusive property of Oracle. This document and informationcontained herein may not be disclosed, copied, reproduced ordistributed to anyone outside Oracle without prior written consent ofOracle. This document is not part of your license agreement nor canit be incorporated into any contractual agreement with Oracle or itssubsidiaries or affiliates.
  3. 3. Speakers Ranjan Jain Michael Neuenschwander Security Architect Senior Director Product Management
  4. 4. Agenda • Business Drivers • Building The Roadmap • Deploying Technology • Learning Experiences • Results
  5. 5. Business Drivers for CiscoFoster Growth and Reduce Cost Streamline M&A Regulatory Operations Compliance Operational Personalized Efficiency End-User Experience Risk Mitigation EIAM Program
  6. 6. Rationale for the Platform Approach • Stakeholders • Existing Infrastructure • Streamlined Operations • Centralized Security • Full Auditability
  7. 7. EIAM Vision • Declarative Security Oracle Access • Externalized & Centralized Access Mgmt Manager • Apps, Devices, Resources • Virtualization of Identity & Policy Data • Centralized Reporting • User Self Service
  8. 8. Implementation Roadmap Strategy Prioritize Based on Drivers and ROIHIGH Cloud Strong enablement Today Authentication Identity Control Certification Tomorrow Web Access Management User Provisioning Both internal and externalLOW apps integrated Directory Complexity LOW HIGH
  9. 9. Solution Deployment Oracle Access Oracle Identity Oracle Internet Manager Manager Directory• Web SSO (external + • Timely identity • Central identity internal users) attribute updates policy store• Global Logout • Reconciliation based • Full Auditability on SoRs• Complete Auditability • Rules-driven auto prov/deprov • Compliance Reporting
  10. 10. Deployment Synergies Oracle Identity Password Manager Central Management Identity Policy Store Full Auditability Oracle Access Oracle Internet Manager Directory Platform Security
  11. 11. Enterprise Platform: The Bigger Picture • ADF UI Customization • Workflow Configuration • Weblogic Platform • Single IT Services Portal • Simplify Reporting
  12. 12. Down The Road: Future Plans & Drivers • Mobile platform • Cloud • PaaS • NextGen Authentication
  13. 13. Results• Reduced Access integration from 4 hours to 15 minutes – going for near Zero time integration• Better Time-to-Market for business• Pro-active monitoring of systems – reduced downtime• Improved User Experience• Enterprise wide single platform
  14. 14. Lessons Learnt: Top Recommendations • Understand your drivers • Have a clear mapping of what you want and what product can deliver • Perform PoC with the right tools and skilled resources • Involve vendor during deployment • Proactive vs. reactive monitoring • Keep tuning till product matures in your environment
  15. 15. Platform Reduces Cost vs. Point Solutions Oracle IAM Suite Benefits Advantage48% Cost Savings Increased End- User Productivity Reduced Risk • Emergency Access • End-user Self Service • 11% faster • 30% faster • Suspend/revoke/de- • 46% faster46% More Responsive Enhanced Agility provision end user access • Integrate a new app faster with the IAM infrastructure • 64% faster • Integrate a new end user • 73% faster35% Fewer Audit Deficiencies Enhanced role faster into the solution • Reduces unauthorized • 14% fewer Security and access Compliance • 35% fewer • Reduces audit deficiencies Reduced Total • Reduces total cost of IAM • 48% lower Cost initiatives Source: Aberdeen “Analyzing point solutions vs. platform” 2011
  16. 16. Building an Identity Roadmap • Current Infrastructure, Identity Data, Stores • Low hanging fruit, immediate needs/quick Assess ROI wins • Business vs. IT requirements • Seamless Interoperability Address • Audit Requirements • Results from Implementation • Upcoming business needs – cloud, social, Audit mobile…to align with the roadmap
  17. 17. Why Oracle ?• Strategic Partner• Platform Synergies• Comprehensive, Best-in-Class• Proven Solutions, Team
  18. 18. Aberdeen Group Event SeriesFeaturing Analyst Derek Brink Chicago New York April 10th April 12th San Francisco May 22nd Toronto Boston April 17th April 19th
  19. 19. Live Platform Webcast SeriesCustomers Discussing Results of Platform Approach Platform Best Practices Cisco’s Platform Approach Agilent Technologies Cisco Systems February 15th 2012 March 14th 2012 (Replay available) Platform for Compliance Platform Business Enabler ING Bank Toyota Motors April 11th 2012 May 30th 2012 Register at:
  20. 20. Identity Management at COLLABORATE 12Deep Dive, User-Driven Sessions, and More• April 22 – 26, Las Vegas• Sunday, Apr 22, 9 am – 3 pm Security and Compliance for your Oracle Systems• Multiple Security, Identity Management sessions(Keyword search: Identity Management) Register at:
  21. 21.
  22. 22. Q&A Ranjan Jain Michael Neuenschwander Security Architect Senior Director Product Management