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  • Naresh – Introduces Balganesh and sets up the topics for conversation – IT environments have become complicated with multiple one-off and redundant solutions. It’s a patchwork. We are talking to architects to discuss how they simplified their deployments.
  • Questions for Balganesh Balganesh you have had a very long career. Were you always with Agilent … how did you get started in IT ?Tell us about your current role at Agilent ?Why are you passionate about Identity management ?As an architect how is your job role changing based on increasing compliance and identity challenges ?
  • Questions for Balganesh ?What was the Identity infrastructure like when you started the role of Lead architect ?What were the drivers for Agilent’s Identity Management deployment ?Focusing in on help desk volume – what were the largest volume trouble tickets ?Talk about workflow – what workflows were the most urgent ?
  • Questions for Balganesh ?Having lots of application owner requirements is always difficult to reconcile, how did you do it ?When you analyzed your current SSO and your next state requirements what did you find ?Password management was a big opportunity for you – what was the most urgent driver ?Having an organization wide perspective and mandate – how did you get the support to simplify the architecture ?
  • Lets discuss Learning Experiences Questions for Balganesh ?If you could provide advice to other architects out there – what guidance would you give ?
  • Based on your experiences in deployment I want to drill down on what you learned here Questions for Balganesh ?What order did you deploy the Oracle offerings ?How are you using Oracle Internet Directory ?How did you start your OID deployment ? What did you learn from doing it ?Discuss your access management deployment and some of your learning experiences ?With provisioning, were you replacing any current systems ?
  • I know having a single IT Service portal and common look and feel was important too you Questions for Balganesh ?Provide some background on how you extended the Oracle identity Platform to fit your environment ?
  • Questions for Balganesh ? Provide some details on the results and how did you measure them ? What about user satisfaction and service level – how were they impacted ? How did this set the foundation for an organization wide deployment ?
  • Naresh discussing the Aberdeen report
  • Talk to me about why you chose Oracle ?Questions for Balganesh ?What were some of the reasons you chose Oracle and why was Oracle a good fit ?
  • Naresh slide invite people to attend the aberdeen event series
  • As mentioned before we have a unique online opportunity to learn from and get questions answered by our customers. These are live webcasts but they will also be available on demand as well.On Marc 14th - Cisco discusses their unique approach to consolidate their identity program into a platform On April 11th – ING Bank - discussed how a platform with integrated administration and governance reduced cost and improved complianceOn May 30th – Toyota Motors -
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  • Agilent webcast bestpractices-platformv2

    1. 1. <Insert Picture Here>Agilent TechnologiesGetting Started with a Platform ApproachBalganesh Krishnamurthy, Lead Architect, AgilentNaresh Persaud, Director Product Marketing, Oracle
    2. 2. This document is for informational purposes. It is not a commitmentto deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be reliedupon in making purchasing decisions. Thedevelopment, release, and timing of any features or functionalitydescribed in this document remains at the sole discretion ofOracle. This document in any form, software or printedmatter, contains proprietary information that is the exclusive propertyof Oracle. This document and information contained herein may notbe disclosed, copied, reproduced or distributed to anyone outsideOracle without prior written consent of Oracle. This document is notpart of your license agreement nor can it be incorporated into anycontractual agreement with Oracle or its subsidiaries or affiliates.
    3. 3. Speakers Balganesh Krishnamurthy Naresh Persaud Lead Identity Architect Director Product Marketing
    4. 4. Agenda • About the Architect • Building The Roadmap • Deploying Technology • Learning Experiences • Results
    5. 5. About The Architect• 15 Years in IT• Started on CRM• Lead Architect• Solution Delivery• Focus:Enterprise Applications
    6. 6. Drivers for AgilentOptimize Resources and Reduce Cost Efficiency Reduce Trouble Password Tickets Management Day One Simplify User Account Provisioning Workflow Provisioning
    7. 7. On-going Considerations• Application • Gap analyze • Enforcing • Audit group • Big picture owner the current strong reporting architecture requirements SSO passwords requirements across internal framework regular user and external password reset apps Password Audit OrganizationalStakeholders Assessment Aging Requirements Perspective • Reducing the manual steps for each process • Automating as much as possible • Reducing the number of redundant one-off solutions
    8. 8. The Agilent Roadmap Prioritize Based on Drivers and ROIHIGH External ExtendMED- SSO toHIGH SSO Apps Identity Control CertificationMED-LOW Web Access User Management Internal apps first – extendLOW Provisioning to external apps Directory Complexity HIG LOW H
    9. 9. Learning Experiences: Building the Roadmap • Understand your drivers • Find the resources • Prioritize the features • Proactive vs. reactive • Measurable results
    10. 10. Deployment Drill Down Oracle Identity Oracle Access Manager Manager Oracle Internet Directory
    11. 11. Extending the Oracle identity Platform • ADF UI Customization • Workflow Configuration • Weblogic Platform • Single IT Services Portal • Simplify Reporting
    12. 12. Results• Reduced day one on-boarding• Efficiency with faster provisioning• Reduced help desk volume• Modernized look and feel• Organization wide solution
    13. 13. Platform Reduces Cost vs. Point Solutions Oracle IAM Suite Benefits Advantage48% Cost Savings Increased End- User Productivity Reduced Risk • Emergency Access • End-user Self Service • 11% faster • 30% faster • Suspend/revoke/de- • 46% faster46% More Responsive Enhanced Agility provision end user access • Integrate a new app faster with the IAM infrastructure • 64% faster • Integrate a new end user • 73% faster35% Fewer Audit Deficiencies Enhanced role faster into the solution • Reduces unauthorized • 14% fewer Security and access Compliance • 35% fewer • Reduces audit deficiencies Reduced Total • Reduces total cost of IAM • 48% lower Cost initiatives Source: Aberdeen “Analyzing point solutions vs. platform” 2011
    14. 14. Why Oracle ?• Strategic vs. Tactical• Platform Synergies• Platform Volume Purchase• Ease of Partnering
    15. 15. Aberdeen Group Event SeriesFeaturing Analyst Derek Brink Chicago New York April 10th April 12th San Francisco March 27th Toronto Boston April 17th April 19th
    16. 16. Live Platform Webcast SeriesCustomers Discussing Results of Platform Approach Platform Best Practices Cisco’s Platform Approach Agilent Technologies Cisco Systems February 15th 2012 March 14th 2012 Platform for Compliance Platform Business Enabler ING Bank Toyota Motors April 11th 2012 May 30th 2012 Register at:
    17. 17.