A Cop's Legacy: 2.4 Birthdays


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Carter and Sharon celebrate the birthdays of two sons and Sharon becomes a full fledged adu

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A Cop's Legacy: 2.4 Birthdays

  1. 1. I apologize for the long break guys! I got caught up with classes and such. But now summer is hereand I can devote some time to the Greene family once again. We reconvene our journey with youngDakota, who just celebrated his birthday.After his birthday, Dakota became obsessed with working out. He saw his father make use of their workout room and dreamed of the day when he could join him pumping iron. Instead, he made use of histime, following work outs on television.
  2. 2. On his first day of school, Dakota sat at the front of the bus. He silently wondered what it would be like tomake friends with other children his age besides his brothers. He was excited and nervous about theprospect.
  3. 3. After all of the boys had been put to bed, Carter and Elissa would sit at the chess table. Elissa enjoyed thetime spent with her youngest son, reminiscing about the “good ole’ days” and listening to Carter talkabout his cases with the police department.
  4. 4. The old woman knew her days were numbered. She could feel it in her joints. She spent her days lookingafter Elijah and Forrest, taking the occasional nap, not bothering to pull the sheets down. It was toomuch effort and the bed was just as comfortable above the comforter as it was below.
  5. 5. On the weekends, when both Carter and Sharon were home to take care of the children, she tried toenjoy the outdoors, walking to the lake behind the Greene family home. Never catching much, sherelished the fresh air and the youthful feeling a day outside gave her.
  6. 6. Carter was, once again, promoted. After what he thought would be a long haul in his position, a big casewas finally closed. His boss recognized the effort which Carter had attacked the case with and the overtime he’d put in to assure that the trial went smoothly. The promotion came with a big bonus which wasa welcome sight to the Greene family with three small mouths to feed.
  7. 7. Before they knew it, Forrest had joined Elijah in toddlerhood. He was a precious little thing, latchingonto the xylophone and showing immense talent for such a young boy.
  8. 8. Grandma Elissa was always a welcome sight. She spent lots of her time potty training Forrest, snugglinghim and reading to him during the day while his parents were off at work. He quickly became herfavorite of Carter’s children, though she would never admit that to anyone who asked her.
  9. 9. Sharon had gone back to work after Forrest’s birth. The transition from house wife to working mom wasrough for her. She often stumbled in after a long day writing articles for the paper to pass out on thecouch in the living room.
  10. 10. And rest assured, Shouji was not forgotten. Carter spent time, teaching the well-behaved dog some newtricks. He quickly learned shake and roll over.
  11. 11. timThough he’d made several friends at school, spending more time with his cousins and meeting newpeople along the way, Dakota preferred spending the evenings at home with his family. Carter quicklytook advantage of the opportunity to bond with his oldest son, teaching him the ways of a Chess Legend.
  12. 12. As always, time flew by and before the family knew it, it was time for a joint birthday celebration. Sharonand Elijah were growing older. The Greene family was starting to become famous for their pool partiesand chose to throw another one in celebration of the special day.
  13. 13. First up, little Elijah, who was more than eager to blow out the four candles which graced the top of hiscake. His parents and other guests enjoyed the little boys enthusiasm.
  14. 14. Sharon found herself wondering what the world of adulthood would hold for her. After having threebeautiful boys she had yet to lose the baby weight or reach her lifetime goal.
  15. 15. Watching her husband and Elijah, who’d grown into a fine young boy, she knew that what she’d alreadydone with her life was success enough. She was a happy woman with a loving family.
  16. 16. As she blew out her candles, Sharon wished for the success of her sons and herself despite what thefuture may hold for the family.
  17. 17. Again, Carter threw himself into his work. The basement gym was a regular hang out. Both Elijah andDakota would join hiTm there, talking to their father and wondering in amazement at his musclestrength.
  18. 18. Sharon felt that her youngest had been slightly neglected in the birthday celebrations. Therefore shespent her off hours teaching Forrest how to walk. The toddler was soon running around the home, or atleast the upstairs or downstairs depending on where Grandma and his parents were.
  19. 19. Elijah discovered a passion for fishing, quickly becoming a great Angler. He enjoyed spending time at thelakes around town, discovering new fishing spots and the perfect bait to catch the perfect fish.
  20. 20. On his first day of school, Elijah was even late for the school bus after fishing at the lake behind theGreene family house for too long. Running to catch the bus, he realized he was probably leaving a prettyterrible first impression to anyone on the bus.Again, thanks for coming back, guys! Comments are welcome. If anyone has any photographysuggestions I would greatly appreciate them. I’m always looking for ways to improve. And I can’t waitto get back to this little family.