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A Cop's Legacy: 1.6 Proposals


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Madison and Elissa welcome two lovely ladies into their home and their sons' hearts.

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A Cop's Legacy: 1.6 Proposals

  1. 1. The more time Kerri Vogel spent with the Greene family, getting to know Bennett’s younger brother andparents, the more she fell in love with him. One afternoon, when Kerri didn’t have to work, Bennettdrove her to Central Park, the first place he’d confessed his love.Getting down on one knee, Bennett asked Kerri to make him the happiest man alive. “Kerri Vogel, youlight up my life even more brightly than this diamond. Having you next to me for the rest of my lifewould be an honor. Would you make me the happiest man alive and become my bride?”
  2. 2. Kerri gazed down at the giant rock before her. She had no idea how Bennett could afford such a ring. Butit wasn’t the ring that made her decision. Kerri had been in love with Bennett since the moment she firstlaid eyes on him in high school. She squealed her answer and could barely stand still long enough forBennett to slip the engagement ring on her finger.
  3. 3. The wedding was soon upon them. Kerri worried over her appearance in the bathroom mirror, carefullyhiding from her soon-to-be husband. Her future mother-in-law had helped her with her hair and Aly hadcarefully done her make-up for the ceremony.
  4. 4. Bennett couldn’t believe the day had finally arrived. He stared nervously into the mirror, reciting hisvows over and over in his head. He didn’t want to screw up this magical day.
  5. 5. The couple met their guests at Central Park. Kerri couldn’t think of a more perfect start to their officiallife together than to start it where their romance had begun. Bennett took the time to welcome his sister,rubbing her heavily pregnant belly.
  6. 6. Carter used the distraction of arriving guests to sneak off with Sharon. They’d been dating for a fewweeks and Carter finally had the courage to kiss her. It was only a quick peck, but Sharon’s face lit upwith a beautiful smile and she couldn’t wait to discover just what else her relationship with the youngestGreene held for her future.
  7. 7. Bennett and Kerri were married in front of the plaza fountain. It was a beautiful, sunny day, which thecouple was thankful for.“Kerri, my sweet, I could never imagine a more perfect day or a more beautiful bride. After coming to mysenses after graduating high school, I realized I did not want to live my life without you. Moreimportantly, I don’t think I could live my life without you. Kerri, you know just what to say to cheer meup on my darkest days. Your smile lights up my world. And I promise to love you every minute of everyhour of every day long after they’ve put me in the ground,” Bennett said, gazing into his bride’s eyes.
  8. 8. “Bennett Xavier, I couldn’t be happier to become a member of the Greene family today. I never thought Ihad a chance with Mister Popular, but amazingly you picked me. You love me. You swept me off my feetand I feel like a fairytale princess standing here right now. You’ll have my heart until the day I die,” Kerripromised, a tear rolling down her cheek.Bennett slipped a wedding band onto Kerri’s finger.
  9. 9. The audience (Madison and Elissa, Carter and Sharon, Aly and Emmett, and the Vogels) applauded asthe couple shared their first kiss as husband and wife.
  10. 10. And of course, Bennett and Kerri took full advantage of their honeymoon. Though it was not their firstnight together, it was more special than the rest, because Bennett knew the next morning he would bewaking up next to his wife.
  11. 11. A few months later, Kerri found herself extremely ill. Faint smells upset her stomach and her nose wassensitive to everything. She blamed it all on the flu, but deep down she hoped for more exciting things.
  12. 12. Madison had become forgetful in his old age. One evening he left a pot of stew boiling on the stove.Quickly a fire had started in the Greenes’ newly renovated kitchen.Thankfully, Kerri was home and heard the alarm from the second floor. She raced down andextinguished the fire, while her father-in-law stood by.
  13. 13. Carter tried to spend as much time with his father as he could. They were very close friends and even inhis teen years, Carter wanted to keep that relationship alive. Even when tired, he’d ask his father for helpwith calculus or astronomy before heading to bed.
  14. 14. Since Madison spent most of his time at home, he decided to take up painting. The old man wasn’t verygood at the new hobby, but it kept him from going stir crazy while his wife, sons and daughter-in-lawwere out of the house.
  15. 15. He also maxed out the Athletic trait, a lifelong goal for him after retiring.
  16. 16. Finally, Carter was a young adult. Done with high school, he’d finally decided what he wanted to do withhis life. As his brother had once overheard his mother say, Carter chose Forensic Specialist: DynamicDNA Profiler as his lifetime wish. He also gained the absent minded trait, which didn’t seem to affect theyoungest Greene child on a regular basis.
  17. 17. Immediately after aging, Carter called up Sharon. He’d found that his longtime girlfriend had also agedup and he couldn’t be more overjoyed.
  18. 18. After running inside the police station to fill out an application, Carter made a snap decision. He’dbought a fairly inexpensive ring and been carrying it around since before graduation. He knelt down infront of Sharon who immediately covered her face in surprise.“Sweet Sharon, you’ve been the greatest high school sweetheart a boy could ask for. Now we’re bothyoung adults and, well…I was just wondering…would you do me the honor of becoming my bride?”Carter stuttered.
  19. 19. Sharon had only hoped for the proposal to come and quickly said yes. She proceeded to make out withCarter in front of the police department and also accepted Carter’s invitation to move in to the Greenefamily home.
  20. 20. The two young couples got along extremely well. They’d eat breakfast together before going off to work,chatting and joking with one another. Still, in the back of Kerri and Sharon’s mind was the question ofwhich woman would soon bear another generation of the legacy. That’s it for now! Return for the final chapter of Generation One.